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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



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    Objectively the most based race of all: humans :dank: 

    For real, I love the niche humans hold in a lot of fantasy worlds.
    They don't live long and not as sturdy or magically attuned as other races. Alone they would almost always lose in a fight, but give them 1000 partners and a stage and they will move earth and sea to impose their will over anyone who dares challenging them. Enduring even the unendurable and pushing forward just to prove ones right. I love it.

    Hot new race idea: Underdogs
    Look like naked kobolds but inferior to them in every way. Their specialty is to endure anything and everything yet failing all the time, but they never give up so they progress beyond expectations. One is a nuisance but in groups they are a force to reckon with.
  • I thought they were "the best of both worlds" @CasualCow
  • @Noubi Best of both worlds, halfbreeds. Whatever you want to call them. That besides they're the most human like Race inside Urealms.
  • I would say lizardfolk. They just always seemed cool to me.
  • Skaven. just cuz.
  • Day 29:
    A while back Rawb said he was planning (or considering, I'm not 100% sure)  to bring back roleplay cards. What are some items you think would work well?

    You can never go wrong with a bag of rocks. It is the most functional tool you can have. Enemy? Throw a rock at it. Ally? Throw a rock at it!
  • Rope is always useful, you can use it in battle as well. Just run at people while 2 people are holding a rope!
  • Planning.

    Among some of the old Accessory cards I remember and would love to see again are Fake Gold Coins, Pocket Mirror, Sunglasses, Air Balloon, Silver Silk Collar, Map of the Area, the Spoon of Realities, food items like the Baby Berry Bush and Sandwich Making Kit,
    and good god Nikers Fontain you've got quite the kit there.

    You can't go wrong with essentials like containers and crafting materials, but sometimes you wanna go for the fun. Magical gag items like the kind Nisovin sold to the Sandbolds are always in high demand when it comes to this regard - but of course they won't be nearly as deadly to the victim.
  • adventurers should always use a 10 foot pole!

  • i will always be a fan of the shovel, can work as a weapon if you sharpen it well enough.
  • A perfectly normal staff.
  • Definitely Playbold Magazine. we need a definitive answer to the kobold question
  • Day 30:
    What is your opinion on believers?

    I like believers if the story is good and we know they are a believer (like roamin's porc-harpy) but I don't like that anyone could be a believer and we just don't know it until they die or someone uses time magic (which is why Bopen is NOT a believer. We saw the sandbolds use time magic when they took ghostblade and he stopped).
  • I think PLAYING as a believer is a lot of fun if you base your character around it, like Roamin's porc-harpy. I played a believer once who was a prince in a fairy tale and I basically just acted extremely naive in every combat we got into and it was just fun. 

    On the flip side, I absolutely HATE the fact that anyone can become believers from "diaries" because it ruins the intensity of seeing a character die, like JO Krystaal (or however you spell his name). I think believers would really be better if they could only inhabit fantasy books or something, but that would be kinda too complicated I suppose.
  • Believers are my favorite race in urealms,
    there are so many different types of characters you can make with 
    like Nisovin story is a great example of what you can do with Believers from a story point of view.
    if i won a divine decision i would ask Rob if i could be the first old god believer.
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    @LexderMob Believers can't be Sinned, though, so I think that Roberto would rule that attribute out. 'Tis a shame, because I had the same idea as you--there are so many ways that a Believer can bend Urealms canon as a character from what is essentially another world, and that's basically Old Gods, yeah?
  • I disagree with people thinking anyone can be a believer. Take Jo Krystal we seen him as a believer in Den of devils and the sandbolds. But we don’t know if he was a believer in new crew. And I think we can assume that he wasn’t an believer in new crew. All of the jo believer came from his diary. So think believers are used more as anyone can come back as a believer, instead of everyone can be a believer. Also believers don’t seem to act like normal characters. They act like characters in a story. So unless their book was made specifically with intention of seeming like a real character like nisovins I think we can safely assume most characters are not believers. And the only characters then end up being a believer will be more obvious ones like some of millbee’s characters. And characters like fetchthewater. Believers are mort interesting than anything else in my opinion so I think there awesome.
  • @kreeperkiller63 I mean, all Urealms characters act like they're in a story because..they are. By which I mean, if what they did wasn't interesting, we wouldn't be seeing it happen in a campaign.
    I do think that a character being a Believer doesn't detract from their importance, though.
  • I think that Believers are totally fine to see in the world, so long as they continue to show some of the telltale signs that they are in fact a book person. Like, I totally agree that it wouldn't be that good of a plot point to be like "Oh well they were a believer all along by the way".

    I very much do like the way they are right now.
  • Day 31:
    What would you rather be, an ageless thrall or a monkeyfish?

    Ageless thrall, because then I may be able to serve our lord Bopen the skeleton king and help claim the realms in the name of the ageless cause I mean what?
  • (sorry, have to make this joke)

    Monkeyfish, because then I may be able to server our lord Albert the Monkeyfish and help claim the realms in the name of the monkeyfish cause I mean what?
  • @TinyBomby forget the GPO, this is a war I want to fight in.
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    Carp.... I will serve the mighty lord, King Scratamantalis! All shall be defeated at our fins and we shall bring peace and prosperity to the waters in the chum of our enemies! I mean what?
  • Day 32:
    What would you rather see a campaign based on, Star Wars or Hunger Games?

    I'm just gonna let others answer this one.
  • @Razz
    A Urealms Battle Royale Campagin would probably last for 15 hours
  • When I think of Hunger Games I also think of that old Battle Royale movie, where they gave all the students a backpack (containing anything from a stick to a fully automatic Uzi) and sent them out onto an island to kill each other.

    Now I just imagine a campaign where we throw a bunch of people on an island, give each of them an adventurersbackpack, and see who survives.

    As for actually answering the question, I would love some Star Wars action.
  • Personally, I think it'd be really interesting to see a Star Wars styled campaign, of course with a URealms twist on it. 

    No real in depth reason why, I just like the idea of it.
  • While I think a Star Wars campaign would be cool, its kind of over done. Plus I think @knguy 's idea is just too good to pass up. 
  • Day 33:
    Let's get a week (or more?) of love. What is your favorite thing about Rob?

    I think it's amazing how dedicated Rob is. He's put so much work into not only his projects, but also allowing the community to be a part of everything and enjoy to the fullest extent.
    We love ya Rawb  :)
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