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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • Warrior it's just so one dimensional and basic
  • Ehh.
    It feels boring.
    The only interesting thing in my opinion is the Personal Insigna passive but all of its abilities are just

    But i still play it regardless because i love all the classes

  • 1. cast a rune onto a crossbow bolt
    2. fire it at an enemy
    3. activate rune.
    mark of explosion, mark of summoning, mark of binding all make this interesting. Runemaster is a good class for the creative

  • Sorcerer.
     i don't feel the two different aspects of the sorcerer comes together that well, one half is about freezing and break the freeze with your Magefist and the other half is just kind of random stuff like blink flare and energy punchu.
  • Day 25:
    What is your favorite piece of Rob's work (series, projects, etc.) beside Urealms?

    I love the old Gmod series. It was always so silly and light hearted. I don't think there was a single video in those series that I didn't like.
  • Lords was my favourite as it really built a great community 
  • Lords because I spent way too much time on it and I met some of my best internet buddies on it.
  • Day 26: 
    Do you have a favorite forum post/thread? If so, what is it?

    I love the memes. It's just what every forum needs. Urealms Meme page is hands down my favorite.
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  • Either the meme page, the fanart page, or one of the many theorizing pages for me.
  • I always enjoy seeing what other people have made for Urealms, so it'd be something with fanart as well.
  • The meme page is definitely the best Urealms page.
  • It's obviously any and all Dice Roll Analysis threads.... ha, ha. Jokes.

    Seriously tho, I love any of the "Art a day" ones or just any "provide your art" threads. The impromptu artwork are consistently great, gotta say. I'm just a creepy lurker because I can't draw and don't have anything to add to the conversation...
  • crazy card combination thread. I like the ridiculous and intuitive card combos
  • meme thread or the card combo thread

    Some people really go above and beyond with the memes, man. It's amazing.
  • Cult of woven 
  • Day 27:
    If you could see Rob read any story other than Harry Potter, what would it be?

    I wanna see Rob mess around with the hunger games.
  • Percy Jackson would seem pretty fun to me :drunk: 

  • I think that Lord of the Rings would be nice.
  • @angeleyes They would have to stretch out Puppet Pals length to account for all the walking though :ughporc: 
  • A song of ice and fire. A Game of Thrones.
  • Clifford the big red dog
  • Can we get an overly dramatic reading of Green Eggs and Ham?
  • I'm curious to see them do Ender's Game. Mainly because I really want to see what crazy voice Rob would decide to use for Bean.
  • Dune by Frank Herbert. It is my favorite book of all time and its a ride
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It is my favorite trilogy with crazy characters that I would love to see Megan draw puppets for
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    Day 28: (man, I've been slacking here lately)
    If you could add any race from any other game/book/series/etc, what would it be?

    I wanna see something similar to tieflings from DnD added, just because I want horns and a tail. 
    (without being a horny kobold/porc that is)

    Actually now that I think about it, Shezaites are kinda like melee tieflings...
    Make bull elves a playable race! 
  • The hair trolls for Castle Crashers, and Pit people.
  •  i am a big D&D fan so mindflayer would be my chose.
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