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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • Day 20:
    What is your favorite Urealms/Rawb meme? 

    I'm always gonna be a Danger Rat fan, just with how many situations it works with. Oh, and while I'm on this general topic, I'd just like to wish Coe a happy birthday.   :)
  • 25 year Fire 
  • Coestarfrienddotcom
  • Top Ten Numbers From 1 to 10!
  • Literally anything involving Coestar
  • Danger Rat is always just a good one. It works so often. Also, I'm not sure if it's a purely Rawb thing, but calling everyone who isn't up to snuff a "Jimmy" has always been funny to me.
  • Day: 21
    Time for a simple one. What is your favorite element?

    I'm an ice person myself. there are just a lot of ice spells that are fun and interesting, mainly aqueousform and icesculpture 
  • Arcane all day baby. For gameplay reasons it's mostly because going all Arcane for Elf spells tends to work out favorably, but c'mon it's the embodiment of chaos and magic and shit so it's going to have all the fun spells! If a spell looks relatively fun as hell, it is most likely having the element of Arcane.

    If we're talking 'elements of life' spells then I like Earth as well, because it's home to a variety of potent spells. Let's not forget how well it pairs with Arcane most of the time, too!
  • Yeah I agree Arcane had the best and most fun spells 
  • Arcane! Its so versatile, and chaotic, and also arguably the most fun to make some combos with 
  • i really like Earth and Dark so one of them. with one is a question i cant answer at this moment.
  • I like Ice Spells for the same reason you listed Razz.
  • I'm gonna go with arcane because CHAOS REIGNS SUPREME! But I also like fire quite a bit too because of it's sheer destructive madness.
  • Fire because of the amount of attack power you get.
  • Day 22:
    Are there any characters who we have heard of or met very briefly that you want to see?

    I want to meet the other dragon aspects. I want to know how each of them acts and what they do.
  • Bruce Willakers 
  • edited June 2018
    Thor, kallisto, and any of the highbears.
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  • for me it would be kallisto. are many things i would want to know about kallisto.
  • Bruce Willakers. We need to see the greatest of Dwarf warriors (or find out he's just a nutsoold man).
    Also, of course, the one and only Thor, creator of numerous races. I hope he's a party animal, like pre-Birth of Magic Golestandt.
  • The REAL Roamin the Paladin. I think Rob did say once that he may be present in the world (not counting Coe's Quest)
  • Day 23:
    Which do you prefer watching and/or doing? Combat or Roleplay?

    I'm more of an RP person myself, mainly because it can be a lot of fun to just mess around and often has less risk. I enjoy a nice and casual game, rather than action packed one.
  • Roleplay!
    Although combat is fun as well.
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  • Roleplay for both playing and watching.
  • I'm gonna go roleplay, because the pace can be managed much easier and you can have really funny moments without having to wait for a crazy random spell or broken combo. 

    Plus, it's through RP that you get to give your characters personality.
  • hmm id say rp, ive had more fun in games rping silly things with my friends and even in combat its heavy rp sillyness for us
  • A bit of both for me. I always like some roleplay, but sometimes it'll get a bit dragged out and becomes a little boring. I like combat with the same reasoning, if it doesn't get dragged out, I'm loving it  ;)
  • Day 24:
    Are there any classes you feel could use some work or just don't enjoy?

    Personally I can't get behind playing a berserker. I'm not much of a melee person anyways but I just feel like they don't have many utility. Berserker is just a killing class, when I like to have utility in my array.
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