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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • Living Beenu on the moon in moonwelpass.
  • Lyn is a beenu too and just doesn't know it.
  • I'm just hoping that we will one day be able to meet Roamin the Rank 11 Paladin. I think his existence was already confirmed, but I'm still hoping we can encounter him one day
  • I'm pretty fond of the theory that Bopen is a Believer
  • Day 16:
    Who do you hope to see reappear in both Urealms the deadrealms most?

    In Urealms I wanna see more of Borracho and the murder bros, and in deadrealms I wanna see McCoy make a comeback.
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  • Chimera, we haven't actually seen much of him. We know a lot about him through the murder bros and his sister but he may have wildly different thoughts on those and I'm interested to find out what those are. I would also like to know if he escaped silvermine when it collapsed.
  • I really want to go back and see Neena Brando.

  • I really want to see Virgo. I want to see him just sorta break everything as a stupidly powerful mortal character, as he is often described as. Another one I want is Percy, from The Purge, as one of the few people to actually do something to Bopen.
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    Well depending on the actual process of becoming an ageless, I kinda want to see Bopen('s bodies) in the dead realms. Solely so they can meet up with Lance and Virgo in this awkward reunion.

    Edit: Actually, the person I would most want to see make a return in DeadRealms would without a doubt have to be King Scratamantalis. Long live the great carp lord, savior of the true waters and bringer of truth!
  • Day 17:
    If you could have any non-mercenary companion in real life, what would it be?

    Personally I love spirits. I'd say a water, arcane, or light spirit.
  • DragonDragonDragonDragonDragonMonkeyfishDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragon
    I think... I'd have to go with... Eaglebear, or 20 pot puppies.
  • funk! because i love some more inner voices to talk with, 
  • Oh I'd have to go for a gerrymander, they're just too cool.
  • Id want a spooky.

    "Good fire demon."
    *pets spooky skull*
  • @bl1ndn3rd u managed to make the flame spookies cute.
  • @Maris ;
    And it doesnt exactly have to be a human skull for the spooky.
    It could be like a kitty.
    A firey boney kitty.
  • Hmmmm.... I'm gonna have to say Blood Snake Queen. Because you can't beat the classics. Though a gemling could be pretty tempting too... Rastagem.
  • Day 18: 
    Have there been any Urealms moments that hit you right in the feels?

    Senate of Deadlantis: Roamins kids bite the dust. (Six you beautiful monster that we all love, why did it have to be so sad) 
  • Season 2 finale, I occasionally re-watch it just to relieve that feeling of awe.
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    A pet gumioh :3

    Hmm, as for feels.
    I enjoyed watching the beenu genocide, lyn and bei breakup, death of bei and ghostblade's fall from grace, death of nylis glisk's spouse, death of the families from deadlantis and the the letter to Galen.
    None really hit me in the feels except for maybe the letter  :\

    Maybe when we found out that the dwarven king was probably Quintara's brother Our'oras and how vengeful she was about it. That probably counts. 
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    The same moment for Me to @Razz ;
    have started to laugh at it now instead. think thats how my head deals with the trauma.
  • When it comes to feels, I would say Deadlantis. You know what.
    When it comes to shock and awe, definitely the whole "Lance Willikers is now an ageless" thing.
  • id say the end of silvermine mountains was the most excited ive been and the grand paladin order was the most feeling inducing one, though i didnt watch it fully
  • I'd have to agree with you @Razz that was completely devastating!

    But my second saddest moment in URealms would have to be when Vitali saw his wife turn into a ageless thrall with no mind of her own. And then later when his grandson sacrificed his life to try and save William the porc, only to have ended up dying in vein. Those moments were just so upsetting!
  • Day 19:
    Now that we know characters must "always be kind" to ascend to the level of divine, Who do you think is the most pure of heart character in Urealms? (not maelstrom as he's already divine) 

    I've gotta go with Jebediah, as he seemed like a good guy who only wanted to praise the light, and had little plans to do anything else besides help protect his companions.
  • I think Lunk was a pretty pure character 
  • i am gonna go with Unter. the purity of a child is pretty pure.
    don´t think he would fit any of the other requirements needed do.
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