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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • Two words:
    sexy engineer.
    It's one of my favorite classes I've made so far, since I wanted to make an 'engineer' type class that didn't totally revolve around the standard abilities of engineers, but still have plenty of the useful utility they're known for. Perhaps even you might enjoy playing this class after the first few glances.

    I even have the cards for this class, hidden in the spoiler below:
    I better start answering some of these questions when they show up next...
  • Day 11:
    Is there anything from seasons 1 or 2 you want back or things you feel should be changed in season 4?

    I miss accessories. I feel like just the small detail of having those roleplay cards added a lot of potential to characters. It gave more room for convoluted plans and ideas, so I hope they are brought back in some way.
  • @Razz then it's great for you to see that accessories are definitely making a return, if you take the glance at one of the 'UQ Reborn' threads which mentions Accessory Cards. I really liked them, too.

    Remember those cards that fucked up your character in some way or another in return for some extra gold? If they ever appear again, and with a load of extra variety in them, they'll be quite great especially alongside the 'junk' cards that were said to be implemented next season.
  • Gold should be in thousands instead of hundreds, changimg it so 100=10 is dumb and changing  it to 10=1 is even dumber, am I right or am I right 
  • I would very much like the purchasing of multiple attributes to return
  • Day 12:
    Let's share some love today. What is your favorite part of the Urealms community?

    I love the creativity of everyone on here. All the fan art, custom cards and RP's made and shared here.
  • The fun forums and awesome people on it 
  • edited July 2019
  • I like all the people who go out of their way to make tools, maps, assets,cards, etc, for the communtiy.

    I also love all of the artwork.
  • How can I pick one part?
  • My favorite part is all of the cults that occasionally show up. And the artwork. And the order of chaos. And the... actually, I agree with @Maris . 
  • It's really hard to say, honestly. I'd have to say that I really like how diverse the fanbase is. You have so many groups of people who do so many cool things, either with or without directly relating to other groups. Like the people who analyze the lore and create awesome plot predictions, or even something simple like the meme makers. There's just something here for everybody.
  • i would have to give the same answer as @sargentgrevious ; the diversity is something that i really appreciate. everything from artists and map creators to theorists and role players are nice to have and see in the community.
  • The openness of Rob and the other creators. As well as the communities general faith in whatever Rob has planned. I’ve seen several communities crucify there creator for doing one thing wrong. While I’m this community, we watched rob make a mistake and a big one, and most of not everyone forgave him for it 
  • Day 13: 
    What are your top 3 favorite spells and/or abilities? (although other amounts will be accepted)

    1. Grand Raven's Claw
    2. Solar Flare
    3. Aqueous Form
  • 1. Awaken
    2. Tranquilizer Rifle
    3. Sleep
  • Favorite Spells and Abilities.
    Aw jeez
    I gotta say
    1. Slamshock, had some cool slamshock moments
    2.The Cartel, everytime i get Cartel I name all 10 minions 
    3. Enrage Fate, who doesn't love a bit of RNG? 
  • 1. Dispel
    2. Coin of providence 
    3. Absolute Zero

    Dispel is by far my favourite spell for the sole reason that ypu can use it for so many things that can't be done with any other spell, locked in a magical cell? Dispel the magic on the door and walk out, someone threw a spell at you? Dispel it mid airp, you found a cool item but it's cursed? Just dispel it.

    coin if fun because it's just always a crit or crit fail, there are ways you can manipulate the circumstance to make it not matter if it's crits or crit fails, for example walk right up the enemy and cast pyroblast from point blank range and coin it.

    Makes any damaging attack 10x stronger with a small chance of having to Deathroll, ever wanted to punch through a wall with your bare hands? Now you can.

  • I dunno but
    1. Hourglass Sandstone
    2. Flame Tether
    3. Featherfye
  • 1. Large steeple hat (Don't know if it counts but I love it anyway)
    2. Enrage Fate (Because If I'm not GMing its fun to see the GM start going "Why?")
    3. And then either Damned or Image clone (Damned because of the role-play and Image Clone due to its versatility)
  • Day 14:
    In your opinion, who is the most powerful player character in Urealms so far? (based cards, influence, combos, etc.)

    I have to go with either Johnny Feo or Morton. Johnny had(has?) the OP all in, and generally had a lot of powerful abilities. Morton had the rat queen axe plus a bunch of other buffs that I can't remember at this moment, but I remember he was strong, as well as he "had" influence. 
  • Bopen, because I don't think he can die.
  • As far as player characters go, I have a hard time saying for sure. Though I am very confident that whoever it is was one of Justin's characters, because let's face it, Justin's pretty overpowered most of the time.
  • Rawb

    Okay fine... Rawb with Gherkin's Big Betty
  • If lunk still had sursurflame id have to say him but he doesn't so I won't 
  • when it comes to player characters i think Tania Grayson is one of the more powerful characters, but if i had to go with someone that still is alive, then maybe Johnny Feo or Lann McRoberts they are both pretty strong, 
  • While not being an original character on their own,I just couldn't get enough of Bearo, or most of Millbee's characters for that fact. Cracked me up a ton.
  • Day 15:
    What is a theory about the show that you believe to be true or really hope is?

    I'm gonna go with the act that harpies are related to beenu. That, and that in Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator the assassin who was going to kill a party memeber (the one Quintara killed) was Lemon Buckleberry! I DON'T TRUST THE LEMON! (insert cave johnson quote)
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