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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • I think the scariest boss is one you can't see 
  • Day 7:
    What would you rather fight? One dragon-sized mokeyfish or a dozen monkeyfish-sized dragons? (and I mean big mama dragons, not whelplings)

    I'm gonna say one giant monkeyfish, just because I feel it'd be a better bar story. "Hey guys! Check out this massive monkeyfish I killed! I took it's head and keep it in my backyard!"
  • I think a dozen monkeyfish sized dragons It'll be more fun/cooler, but then again, A dragon-sized monkeyfish would be pretty funny... Aesoem would be proud
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    I'd fight a dozen monkey fish sized dragons, maybe I could tame one who knows
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    Dragon sized monky fish,
    don´t think i would stand a chance against That many dragons.
    Would be hard to fight one dragon, don´t think the size would make a dragon less powerful.
  • Dragon size monkeyfish due to I am assuming the dozen dragons will still have the powers of a dragon aspect 
  • Monkey Fish, same reason really. Also dragons are nearly unkillable, no matter the size.
  • Day 8: 
    Are there any storylines or arcs you want to see either explored or created? If so, what?

    Personally I want to see a revolution, aside from the whole GPO and ageless war. As my profile says, VIVA LA REVOLUTION! 
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  • @Razz
    Three realm of shadows. I don't remember all the lore on it but I want to know when it was created, why it exists, what exists within it other than dalfgan. Like, are there daemons within it.  :)

    And what are the other dragon aspects up to 
  • I wanna know the repercussions of Vlarunga creating Greater Pyroblast.
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    i would like a story line that explore one of the many different races that we know little of,
    like the gnoll shezaite or raskum
  • @Maris
    Hmmm.  :\
    Why is vlarunga creating dragons and why are the sigil of flame all about hunting those dragons.

    Is this just another test like the TOUW to find someone worthy of becoming a sun dragon god? (I think the TOUW part was based off a theory i read) 
  • I want to see how the TOUW and the realm of holding were created 
  • anything that focuses on porcs. they are so underutilized it makes me wonder why they even exist.
  • Next Coe's quest is supposed to be heavy in porc lore @nikiduke
  • and when does that come out? cuz i thought that whole thing was on the backburner
  • Day 9: 
    Top 10 Urealms betrayals: which takes your number 1 spot?

    I'm gonna go with Bubs in Murder Bros, due to it being a double betrayal. It was the ultimate deception.
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    Galen killing Jenathorn in campaign 5 of season 6.
  • @Maris
     :o spoilers

    Hmm...   :\
    Killing Phanto
    Or how Bei would have been poisoned if we didn't kill her  :)
  • Rufio stabbing Gwyneth and betraying the party in the sunsword Campaign. 

  • Squinks in the first campaign 
  • Rawb stripping every reference to our boi Albert the Monkeyfish in Nader's unforgotten tales!
    R. I. P. Albert, we will never forget you. 
  • The Bopen death fake out at the end of season 2, Easily my favourite moment of Urealms. And the Virgo death fake out into Bopen death fake out kept me on the edge of my seat
  • Day 10:
    If you could add a class to Urealms, what would it be called and what would it do?

    It's a tie between Rockmaster (who throws rocks at people (made a forum post on it (with custom cards) a while back)) And a Steam Punk (uses steam magic (part of it in my true multiclass thread)) 
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    a Wind Whisperer class, someone that can bend and control the wind with words,
    we have a lot of abilities that have to do with wind but no class that is fully focused on it.
    so i say we should have one.
  • I have a custom (and complete) class I've created called the Scorcher which uses steam magic also    :-p 

  • I kinda want an Illusionist class, although it'd be a bit meta. Designed pretty much to confuse the GM and Players as they try to keep track of which token is actually your token.
  • I'd like a Warlock class since we know that they are a thing in lore due to bloodgift they seem like they could use stamina to cast random spells the same way using abilities cost stamina in season 1, obviously it could also go the way of summoning demons like in WOW ( but I don't think we even have a reason to think demons exist in Urealms )
  • The 'Colorist' (Spectrist? It's a WiP name.) From hard light spells to inverting colors to change the battlefield to a crystal weapon card that refracts light, it's a mess of concepts. And I could not balance for my life, so lul
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