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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • Lyn Azveltara, she's not an 'good' person but her story is so interesting ( and the 'plot' ain't bad either )
  • Phineas, he started out as a brief joke character and became a poster boy for the show! Plus he is wildly overpowered, which makes it all the more fun.
  • Just Lyn. Probably always gonna be just Lyn. When we first met Lyn i feel like the majority of people disliked her because they viewed her as evil, which is fair. I couldn't dislike her though, because we knew that the beenu would die out anyway. I couldn't hate Lyn, quite literally for the meta reason that the beenu were dead anyway, so it was never really her choice. She was created this way to serve a purpose, being the reason for the beenu's extinction.
    Besides, I feel like there is empathy within her character. She knows what it is like to suffer and she's decided to make the Azveltaran family one that takes in those without families. We can see this with Kuroyami and Aryu and the visions of her with her husband talking about doing this sort of thing.

    I bet @Maris is gonna go with Kinney. :| I better be right
  • Lyn Azveltara, I think she is the most interesting character this season. Caring & Jingoist, self-righteous & intelligent, kind & bitter, she is a character with many sides which makes her a more ‘real’ character. Could have been extra cool if she became sinned in LAG, but she is still a cool and complex.

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  • Sallazhar {} Sintour.
    The Order of Chaos is really interesting, I loved the Divinity streams, and I see alot of myself in a artistic lucky idiot, even though he prolly won't be that in Urealms canon.
  • Maybe Vitali or really anything by DB
  • Kinney Boots is pretty cool.
  • Day 4: 
    Who would you like to see guest star on the show? (be as absurd as you'd like)

    I'm gonna say Morgan Freeman, cause his voice can make anything better.
  • Coestar. :wink: 
  • An actual person named Nader Leomaris
  • Day 5: (sorry for inconsistent timing)
    Which side of the war do you support? Ageless or Grand Paladin Order?

    Hopen for the Bopen we pirates will sing! Surrender your treasure or death we will bring!
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    i´am on the Grand Paladin Order side. 
    feel that Agelessness brings to many bad side effects to be a good thing, will always see it as a cures
  • I would like to see an at harem campaign X3

    I support the Paladin Order for similar reasons to @LexderMob. The main issue i have with being ageless is the inability to reproduce. If, somehow, the whole living population was vastly converted to being ageless, then life is effectively dead and everyone will slowly die out. I guess this is an extreme view but with Bopen around it could be a real possibility.
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    @Fera ; yeah exactly, if it existed a work around i would be all for it, but with all the negative effects like not felling, no reproducing and losing your sense of self. it just ends up being a cures.
  • GPO. The ageless aren't relatable enough for me to feel a connection with them as opposed to all the characters in the GPO who have sympathetic stories 
  • Is "Milbee" a valid answer to this question? I pretty much love all of the campaigns he's in. He just brings so much creative nonsense that sometimes echos the less serious nature of the early campaigns. Don't get me wrong, I love the more grand and planned out campaigns like Den of Devils or Skeleton King but there's a different kind of appeal to the more carefree silliness than ensues whenever Milbee shows up
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    I can't decide on a favourite character... but its somewhere between Maelstrom, Bopen, Orvan, Empusa, or Norokoh Xhir't (ghost blade)... possibly galen or gwyneth as well? or vitali? There's so many to choose from! I can't decide!
  • I support the Grand Paladin Order because it seems like they're the underdogs in this war since the ageless have more named characters so far (I think), and they have more strong characters like Bopen and Are'ani.
  • Ageless do to we see in the Purge that not all ageless are in the cult of bones and the ageless cruse will be usedful in some dangouse jobs so I can see a peaceful coexistence with the living and the undead
  • day 3
    I have no idea who my favorite character is. it's between 4 different characters, Bopen, Maelstrom, Lyn, and Trandon. 
    Bopen, a character that all but confirms he is a god, he has so much mystery behind him it keeps me guessing.
    Maelstrom I never seen a meta character like this before, it is incredibly interesting.
     Lyn I didn't originally like Lyn, but now that we know her more, I find her character morally gray and complicated, I still think is is more evil than good. but she still makes  a great character.
    And Trandon, the Fonder of the Barringsters, in my opinion he is the most fun character in Urealms, there is so much they could do with this character, and i cant wait to see more of him.

    day 4
    Etho as a guest, i've been watching etho sense forever, and i still watch him vanilla series. and i'm very curious to see how we would react in this setting.

    day 5
    I think i'm on the ageless side. between ageless and Bopen vs grandpaladin order and Gwyneth, I'm on the ageless side. but I imagine both sides are going to do thinks I don't agree with. and it might get to the point where i switch sides, not because I like the other side more, but because ageless could cause more harm than good on other things.
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  • I really don't prefer one side over the other. Depends on what characters are involved in the battle.
  • Day 6: 
    What would be a scarier boss to fight in a campaign, one that can kill you almost effortlessly or one that is near impossible to kill or contain?

    I'd say kill you almost effortlessly due to it being a more immediate threat.
  • i would have to say near impossible to kill or contain. 
    you can always try to avoid a attack with anytimes and other abilities like magicshell prickledance or riposte. but the longer the battle goes on the more chances you will have to fail or get hit.
  • My Favorite Characters would have to be Ida.

    she's pretty much the definition of an underdog. She's just a peasant, fighting for her mentor's (and eventually her own) life, despite being one of the most unlucky characters in Urealms history.

    In the war between Ageless and the Grand Paladin Order, I would hope that both sides learn something from it and ideally come to an understanding in the end. I would want some ageless to prove that they're not already dead and some paladins to prove to the Ageless that their powers from being Ageless aren't that strong. Like sure, not aging is cool and all, but the Skull is gonna get broken eventually.
  • As for a difficult/impossible bosses, Divines/Bopen or such are pretty obvious picks. So without copping out to those, I'd say a group of Pyromaniacs with Pyroblast (and Fireball) would be a very dangerous encounter, especially in closed quarters.
  • If the boss can kill you quickly then you would need to have it kill off npcs before the players to ensure they know how dangerous it is. But if it kills them too quickly then the fear levels may not get to rise.

    The one that is nearly impossible to contain should be scarier since it should be able to just do as it pleases around the players. But it still needs to be dangerous or the players will just chill. If it doesn't pose a threat then it's just annoying to them, not scary.

    I think, a good example of a terrifying boss would be that high bear Azon in The Last Beenu or the Whelpling from the Unexpected Discovery, since both were nearly unkillable for the party and just overwhelmed everyone.

    But then there's Quintara. Since we already know how dangerous and powerful she is, that she can kill effortlessly, she's scary. Since there was already the knowledge and precedence as to how dangerous a divine is, then her becoming a boss was terrifying. But, then again, she was effectively both unkillable and deadly, which is both. 
  • I'd say it would be worse to fight a boss that is almost impossible to defeat. Because unless running away is an option, you're basically screwed over. You can fight as awesome as you want, but that nuisance won't go anywhere any time soon. Eventually you'll be worn down and just lose, and that'd probably be worse than just instantly being obliterated.
  • The scariest boss would be fighting the GM.
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