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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!

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I like to hear what people around here think, so let's find out. :)
Day 1:
What has been your favorite campaign and why? 

I'm a big fan of The Murder Bros. To me it was funny yet didn't feel like one run on joke/gimmick. There were so many fun moments and it had some of my favorite characters to date. Still waiting to see Borracho on the saxophone and Conner on the piano in the prison band, and now we've got an electric wowzer to add to the crew.

let me know your favorite and I'll keep posting questions (almost) every day.

Current Question:
Let's get a week (or more?) of love. What is your favorite thing about Rob?


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  • Lots of great ones recently but my fav will probably always be den of devils.
  • It’s a tough call for me between tower of ultimate wizardry pt 1, and the guild of explorers. 

    I love guild of explorers because it was so comedic, and all over the place and it was deadbones first GM.

    but tower of ultimate wizardry had character development, great humor. The puzzles were fun. Trandon is like my favorite character. It is the most rewatchable campaign for me.
    So between the 2 I would go with tower.
  • Honestly it was Senate of Deadlantis to me, The act were they ordered stuff on the council was the best thing ever. I mean pebble boys. And the beginning was great, seeing Cain again was defiantly a +. And over all the main plot was tragic and I loved seeing the guys react to their families (Poor Roamin, he definitely made that campaign, espeshily when paired with Justin.)
  • Unexpected Discovery, the build up to the Whelpling reveal gives me chills and goosebumps every time I rewatch that campaign. Also the Roleplay was amazing. I haven't even mentioned a certain Kobold yet.
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    first it was Den of Devils, then i feel in love with Senate of Deadlantis, but now i got to say it has to be The Last Beenu. i love when the story forms around the mistakes fails and tragedy of the players and their actions. their actions and bad luck affected the story and tone of The Last Beenu in a way that ended up creating such a fitting story for Ghostblad. a lot of things happen in that campaign which could easily lead to really interesting stores and twists in the future. like Azan Asmodeus Viscount survive captured two of the players and can get a future story, Nisovin getting his hands on old gods tech, and all the failers that Ghostblade have to live with. 
  • Az Z. Everyone hated Lyn but I couldn't  :p
  • Tough question. Top three would probably be Murder bros, Private Investigator (due to that amazing ending) or possibly Last Beenu.

    Maybe even headhunters as its the campaign that really got me into Urealms.  But if I'd have to pick I'd say Skeleton king, it was a great campaign for a season finale.
  • Hard to pick between "Band of Thieves", "Battle of the Bards" and "The Senate of Deadlantis."
  • The purge is probably my favorite.
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    @Razz tie between the senete of deadlantis, the last beenu, murder bros, and sunswords they were all amazing in both combat and rp and I loved the characters in all of them.
  • Favorite campaign would have to be The Purge. Perfect balance between RP and combat, with an amazing underdog fight at the end of the campaign.
  • Day 2: 
    If you could be any Urealms class in real life, which would you choose?

    I'm gonna go either bard or hydromancer, because bard abilities seem like they would be very useful in real life, such as lullaby and disguise., and hydromancer because turning into water and creating ice cream is kyewl.
  • Rouge... is what I would like to say but enchanter seems like so much fun especially with modern electronics, you could have sentient things to do housework for you 
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    What class.... What class... If I'd have to say... probably witch? Either that or spellslinger, or sorcerer, or maybe even magician. 
  • Petalwalker :)
  • I would choose Runemaster, since I can see Mark of summoning having a lot of practical uses, other marks seem like they could be fun as well.
  • @Razz
    simple seeker so you have ALL OF THE SPELLS 
  • I'd just be warrior so I could be strong as hell and toss people all over the place.
  • Part of me wants to say Magician, but i'd probably kill myself randomly, soooo how about Dreamweaver? I can cast any spell in the game in the Dreamworld eh?
  • I would be a buccaneer with only secretweapon many fun things can happen with a random legendary companion. i could have a dragon, or a immortal bear, in real life.
  • If i chose a class it would be rune master, it would be fun casting runes.
  • I love the murder bros and den of devils but only just a little more than other campains becuase theyre always a blast. If I could be any class probably puppet master for mind control and lacene fuckery.
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    has to be theurgist for me, being able to summon minions to do my bidding seem really handy and powerful. and the fact i could summon different things with different powers makes it just more versatile.
  • Thane simply because it's my Favorite Class.
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    Theurgists are amazing. :drunk: 
  • In my opinion, I'd have to say either Senate of Deadlantis or Den of Devils. But probably Deadlantis. The RP was really good in it, with good combat too. And so much in it contributed in some way to a further developing story. Not to mention how thoroughly the campaign was able to make me feel for the characters in ways beyond what even some of my favorite other characters can do.

    And as for the class, I'd have to say either enchantress, spellthief. or sharpswordsman.

    Enchantress because I want to have inanimate objects do work for me, Spellthief because I could have spells beyond just what my one class entails, and Sharpswordsman because I like swords.
  • I agree with everyone who says Senate of Deadlantis, its just so impressive how many chunks of lore that campaign managed to cover, while being amazingly funny with great RP.

    Like that campaign covers both the continuation of the Bopen storyline, with the New Crew, tying in storylines all the way from Season 1. And then we get to see the city of the Ageless and their politics. And of course, to see the Birth of Magic and the ancient history of the Elves. 

    Urealms may be a mostly silly comedy show, but the concept of the Loss of Immortality and the way it was executed was genuinely so much more emotional than the "Loss of Immortality" storylines usually are in fantasy-settings.

    And of course pebble-boys are hilarious. 
  • Day 3:
    Who is your favorite character and why?

    I've gotta go with my main man Borracho. I loved the accent and the humor of him. He is probably the reason I liked Murder Bros as much as I did.
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    this is the hardest one to answer yet, i change my mind so easily when it comes to characters. so i will do something i normally don´t do and go with nostalgia and say Nisovin. sometimes you just have to go for the classic.
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