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The Steps to Being an Ageless!

We all know that the elves hide the true powers of darkness from their people, however you can overcome their regime by becoming an ageless, however that is no easy task, well if you are transformed into a thrall then it is, but you don't wan that. So master the dark powers today!
Step 1. Drink milk a lot, you need strong bones to be an ageless, reinforce them before you transform.
Step 2. Disregard all elven propaganda, they will merely attempt to dissuade you from this path, or kill you.
Step 3. Develop a want to unite the world in a utopia, once everyone is an ageless there will be no death!
Step 4. Purchase a travel planner to deadlantis, you want an easy way to get to the ageless capital without being killed.
Step 5. Abandon all family that will not join the cause, they will only hold you back.
Step 6. Move to the coast, you want to have easy access to water, integrate this step with your travel planner.
Step 7. Surround yourself with other ageless and those who wish to be ageless.
Step 8. Begin your transformation.
Step 9. Escape to deadlantis, pillaging elven lands is optional.

Congratulations! hope this helps with your endeavors. 


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