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Story Time Part 9

                     There Will Be Blood

“Ah. You're all back. Glad y'all made it safely.” Jerry says getting up to greet the folks coming in.

Moon slaps the town hall's floor plans on the table.

“Let's get out of here.” Moon says to end the early celebration.


After hours of preparation, they are ready to strike.

“Alright. We are all going. The only people staying are Suzy, and she will watch Taiga. Suzy. Once the attack commences, you get out of the city and go to the rendezvous point. Wait two days, if no one shows up… well, you know.” Jerry says to Suzy.

“Understood.” Suzy says holding Taiga.

A porc comes into the room.

“Gully, why are you here? Stay up the at the bar, are you trying to get our hideout found at the last second?” Charlez says freaking out.

“No no. Barry was here, he's going to meet the Doctor!” Gully says.

“What!? C’mon guys! Goodbye Suzy! See you on the other side!” Jerry says.

“I'm coming too! He's my friend too!” Gully says.

Everyone runs out of the hideout, except Dyn. She leans down, kisses Taiga, and hands Suzy a quilt.

“Love you. Here… It's a quilt I knitted when I was pregnant.” Dyn says tearing up.

Suzy wraps the baby in the quilt. Then nods to Dyn.

“C’mon Dyn!” Maude yells down.

“Coming! Love you sweetie! Thank you Suzy.” Dyn says running outside.

Suzy looks down at Taiga.

“I'll get you out even if it kills me.” Suzy says clutching her chest.


Meanwhile, In the town hall, Barry, Athida and BamBam are being directed to the doctor.

“Right this way. The doctor will be delighted to hear of this information about the fugitives.” The guard says.

“He will indeed.” Barry says back.

After five minutes of walking through the twist and turns of the halls, they reach a large door.

“Right this way. Oh! I’m sorry. The… highbear will have to wait outside. You know how the Professor is. It’s just for security reasons.” The guard says.

“BamBam, please. Don’t give them trouble.” Athida says.

BamBam gives a nod, and Athida and Barry enter the room.


“Alright everyone! We know which paths we’re taking to meet the Doctor, let’s go!” Jerry says as they run in the town hall.

The first group is Dyn, Moon, and Carey. They make it through the halls until a gnome blocks their path.

“Hope you like runes rebels!” The gnome says giggling.

                      Combat Has Started

The gnome first casts a rune rooting them to the ground, then slashes at Dyn with an axe, breaking her small buckler, then shoots Carey with a convoluted crossbow, pinning her leg to the ground, then he casts a rune making a wall between him and the rebels! Moon blinks behind the wall and using part of her life force to make a more powerful shot, shoots the gnome, executing him.

“Too easy… let's go.” Moon says getting her friends.

                         Combat Is Over

“Alright everyone! We know which paths we’re taking to meet the Doctor, let’s go!” Jerry says as they run in the town hall.


The second group is Charlez and his elemech, Jerry and his dogs Pup and Harley, and Maws with her owl Vindicator.

They make it down one hallway until a black boar stops them. With all of his tattoos it's clear he is a follower of Rokesh. He starts to squeal and his skin rips open, and he turns into a gemlord, and gemlings come off his body, and a skelephelk rises from the floor.

“Sumbitch.” Charlez says under his breath.

                    Combat Has Started

Charlez bearserks then swirls in a circle to destroy five gemlings. His elemech screeches and fur bursts from its cogs and gears. Jerry casts a raven's claw and smacks four gemlings. Maws yodels and her yodel echoes through the room, destroying eighteen gemlings, then yodels three more times, killing six more. The gemlord creates three amplifying crystals then shoots a huge gem beam hitting Jerry, Pup, and the elemech. Then casts a rolling fog across the entire room. The skelephelk charges Maws, but like a matador, dodges the skelephelk. The gemlings all swarm the grip bombarding them with hits. Charlez jumps in the air and lands his two axes on the skelephelk’s skull, crushing it to smithereens. Jerry tries to levitate him and his friends but only manages to levitate his dogs in the fog, then casts flare but he burns himself and the entire room explodes killing all the gemlings and severely burning everyone else.

                 Combat Is Over

“They're gonna have to try harder. C’mon guys.” Jerry says running ahead.

“Alright everyone! We know which paths we’re taking to meet the Doctor, let’s go!” Jerry says as they run in the town hall.


The third group is Maude, Mary and Gully. They make it all the way to the Professor's room, only to see BamBam fighting off guards. Maude see’s him and is infatuated by his fighting and him shooting revolvers with his mouth. So they go into help the highbear. The guards were no match but a Dwelf dressed in safari clothing wielding a big blunderbuss comes in.

“Hunting highbears? Easy. Let's get hunting!” The Dwelf says loading the blunderbuss.

                Combat Has Started

The dwelf decides for two highbears, he'll bring two blunderbusses out. Like a spellslinger he unloads his guns into Gully, making him Swiss cheese as porc bile leaks out of his body.

“Like to let my prey see what's coming.” The dwelf says gun crazy.

“Stand back ladies. Looks like this feller wants a showdown.” BamBam says getting in front of Mary and Maude.

“Why I never! Never had a showdown with a bear before! Get on little doggy!” The dwelf says.

After staring each other down for what seems like years, they draw and BamBam shoots so quick and fast, Maude thought he only shot one bullet, but when BamBam blows the smoke from his guns, the dwelf falls over, twelve bullet holes in the skull are revealed.

                    Combat Is Over

After the bullets fire the other groups arrive at the door.

“Looks like we're all here. Except Gully. Poor lad. We also have another highbear.” Jerry says to BamBam.

“I was with Barry. He's in there. No time to waste!” BamBam says as he charges head first at the door.


Athida with Barry in her pack enter the dimly lit room. After taking a few steps in, the door closes behind them, and the lights blare on, and Bimmy in a highbear body is shown.

“You came alone Barry. I'm honestly surprised. Surprised at how dumb that is!” Bimmy says upon his throne.

“I've come to join you.” Barry says straight faced.

He shoots Athida in the back of the neck with his neural link gun, making her drool and unresponsive. Bimmy takes a second to respond.

“Hmm. One second. It's meal time.” Bimmy says pulling a lever.

Quimbly drops down as he's being hanged by his one arm, with blood still dripping from where his other arm was removed from. Barry stays stone cold.

“Should I eat him Barry? I'm awfully famished.” Bimmy says looking at his unconscious brother.

“Well… I ain't much for kobold, and he don't look prepared. You don't even have a refreshment.” Barry states.

“True. Barry… what are you doing now? What do you think this accomplishes?” Bimmy says curiously.

Barry takes the neural link gun out of Athida, and BamBam comes bashing through the door, with all of his amigos behind him.

“A distraction. What took you guys so long? I knew you were coming but you didn't need to take your time!” Barry says flintlocks in hand.

“Not the time Barry.” Jerry says fists up.

“Uncle Quimbly!” Dyn says as her aunt Mary holds her back.

“Sigh. I wish my daughter wasn't here when I did this… but oh well!” Bimmy says pulling a switch.

All of a sudden the ground, walls, and ceiling become covered in frost stones, and the entire room is closed off with steel. Bimmy has a frost stone in front of him with his paw hovering over it.

“Don't suppose any of you have ogre blood in you?” Bimmy says chuckling.

Everyone is looking at each other in shock, trying to not move… except Dyn, who walks on the frost stones forward.

“Ah. Well, my daughter may live after all. I'm glad you were born a frostborn.” Bimmy says happily.

“Oh yeah. Forgot to say. That's Bimmy.” Barry says trying to stay still in his awkward position.

“Thanks for letting us know.” Charlez says with axes above his head.

Dyn looks back at Mary, her aunt. She's looking at her husband as he hangs from the ceiling. She turns back to face Bimmy.

“What are you trying to do father?” Dyn asks with her bow at the ready.

“To get my granddaughter Taiga. Clearly you aren't a good parent… do you even know if she's safe now?” Bimmy says smiling.

“You wouldn't!” Dyn yells.

“If I can't have her, no one can. You think I don't know your plans? My last loyal servant is after her, and you can't do anything.” Bimmy says looking off.

“What about her is so special?!” Dyn asks distraught.

Bimmy gets up from his throne and walks in a circle around Dyn, then stops, questioning if he wants to talk.

“It was love! Alright… stupid, yes… Quimbly knows most that our parents loved us naught. Beat us, only used us to get money so they could eat! We left as soon as we could. We were happy living as four brothers… but all good things come to an end. Quimbly, who kept us together, found a wife, Mary. We were all happy for him, until he left and we fell to darkness. I drank porco sangria, did E.X.P constantly, even swams. I had prostitutes over and over. For some reason I agreed to take one of the children. Quimbly knew I would end up killing the kid, so he took them from me. Bastard. Years passed and we were still all mad… until one day. Jimmy found out… my girl was going to have a daughter. We thought hey, maybe we could be a grandfather and great uncles. Have someone who truly loved us since they were one of our own… So we started planning. We hired many assassins, hitmen, we knew you wouldn't give the baby to us. Then one day… we hired the wrong man… Dr Evil Professor Walrus, secret leader of Jaringa. He just wanted to kill, play with his prey. Just like me now. You know the rest.” Bimmy says continuing to circle Dyn.

Dyn takes a second to process this all.

“Well… what ever happened… I’m sorry dad. You only wanted love, but you can’t go unpunished.” Dyn says as she and everyone else gets ready to fight.

“Then you all will die.” Bimmy says snarling.

Bimmy whistles and his highbear cartel jumps in through the windows. Before anything Bambam leaps at Bimmy but one of the highbear cartel members tackles Bambam onto the floor, and holds him down.

“You will be punished first.” Bimmy says drooling.

Bimmy bites onto Bambam’s leg, and rips his entire front left leg off.

“That’s one less highbear to deal with. Come along, single file now. No need to be uncivilized.” Bambam says blood dripping off his mouth.

“Says the guy who ripped off a guys leg.” Barry says under his breath.

Everyone kinda just sits there not doing anything, afraid of the next move that’s made.

“I mean if you all are just gonna sit there then I might as well-” Bimmy says before he’s cut-

“NOT SO FAST FURBALL, UH, THING!” A voice from behind everyone says.

Everyone looks back to see Maws Egnaro, sitting there bored out of her mind.

“I don’t believe we’ve met yet elf. I’m Bimmy, your demise.” Bimmy says over Bambam.

“Charmed. Maws Egnaro. Your demise as well. What a coinkydink.” Maws says happily.

“What can you possibly do to kill a high bear?” Bimmy says angrily.

“I ain’t killing a high bear.” Maws says as she pets Vindicator.

“Funny… well, let’s see what you got suicidal Maws.” Bimmy says smirking.

“I prefer daredevil, but that works.” Maws says.

She kisses Vindicator and Vindicator flies off and lands on Moon’s head.

“I can read your thoughts elf, nothing you do will kill me.” BImmy says.

“I ain’t killing you bear.” Maws says again.

Bimmy has had enough and comes charging at Maws. Maws get her spell ready, and before she casts it Bimmy just slashes right through Maws and the spell connects with him. A large puff of smoke goes around them and when it dissipates, only Maws is there. She grabs her stomach but smiles knowing she won. She looks back to see a blue furred hat rat on the ground shaking its fist at her. Maws walks up to the hat rat and picks it up.

“Put me down you stupid elf, I’ll kill you and everyone you love! I’ll-” The hat rat says before being cut off by the clenching of Maws’ fist.

She opens her fist to see only goo and blood. The highbear cartel members look at her then jump back out the windows they came in. Maws goes to smile until she falls over on her face. Everyone runs over to Maws, except Mary who runs to Quimbly hanging on the chain, and Maude running over to three legged Bambam. Moon turns over Maws, who’s clenching her stomach that has claws marks from side to side.

“Don’t die Maws! Please not now.” Moon says holding Maws.

“OH, hear that?! *cough* Moon said don’t die, so now I can’t possibly die now! *hack*” Maws says as blood comes out her mouth.

Moon can’t help but at least smirk but with a condescending look.

“I’m guessing the kobold date is off then ey?” Maws says still being her unserious self.

“I guess so.” Moon says tearing up.

Vindicator jumps on Maws’ body, looking at her.

“Hey girl, it’s okay. Take care of *hack* Moon, she’s one of my last old friends” Maws says petting Vindicator.

“Thanks for all ye done Maws.” Barry says tearing up.

“Without you, I’d be dead in a burning library.” Moon says.

Everyone goes quiet again.

“You were there from the beginning, and now you die at the end, it’s not fair!” Moon says while crying.

“I knew the risks Moon. We all did this to help get each other in better places. Especially Taiga who- OH SNAP! TAIGA!” Maws yells.

Maws reaches into a bag marked contraband, and grabs out a swammie.

“Helpful being part of the law ain’t it?” Maws says.

Maws licks the swammie and jolts up. She looks down seeing her bleeding and runs over to Bambam, and picks up his leg.

“You using this?” Maws asks very hyperactive.

“No, go ahead.” Bambam says shrugging his one arm.

Maws takes the leg, skins it, and uses Bambam’s fur as a bandage over her stomach, and does this in the span of like thirty seconds. She starts running out the door, and pokes back in after a few seconds.

“C’mon guys! We gotta make sure Suzy and Taiga are safe!” Maws says.

Everyone shrugs and runs after her, though far behind, and even farther back Maude and three legged Bambam, and Mary and one armed Quimbly.


On the edge of town Suzy sits with baby Taiga in her arms, next to a small campfire.

“We’ve waited all day Taiga… it might be time to leave. They fought so you could live, let’s make sure you do.” Suzy says getting up.

A large dwarf with two waraxes comes into the light of the campfire.

“Give me the child, and i’ll make sure I kill you quick.” The dwarf says.

Suzy goes to say something until some bushes nearby rustle. The two cock their heads only to see Maws jump right out of the bush onto the dwarf, and tackles him into the campfire, and pushes off him, and the dwarves heavy armor won’t let him get up, and just roasts on the fire. Maws gets up and brushes her shoulders, Suzy stands in disbelief as Taiga in her arms is giggling and clapping. Maws almost oblivious finally notices Suzy.

“Oh, did I wake the baby?!” Maws says embarrassed.

Before Suzy can say anything, two highbears, one that has three legs, four kobolds, one green furred, and one armed, and one blue furred, a no legged gnome, two dvergers, a dwelf, a sunhound, a moonwolf, a elemech, a elf, and an owl come crashing through the bushes.

“Miss anything?” Jerry says at the bottom of the pile of everyone.

“Nope.” Maws says not chaulantly.

Suzy coughs and motions to the roasting dwarf in the campfire.

“Well that yea… can I keep the fur Bambam?” Maws asks.

Bambam shrugs, and Maws comes over to the big fur ball and gives him a hug.


Bimmys Ice ship sails off into the sea, towing a submarine behind it. Leaving the port as no more guards care about the port now. Our lovely heroes- or more likely survivors on the ship.

Bambam and Maude sit together, sleeping below deck, or more like hibernating.

Suzy and Charlez lean against the mast, kinda being awkward around each other. Static sees the two lovers. Seizing the chance she uses cable buddie to tie the two around the mast.

“Static! Let us go!” Charlez says.

“See you in the morn.” Static says walking away.

Charlez and Suzy sit there for a little bit.

“So, how’s it going?” Suzy asks to break the ice.

“Good now you’re here.” Charlez says.

Pup and Harley, like Maude and Bambam, snuggle up, and Vindicator snuggles up in between them.

Barry and Athida sleep in the same hammock. Athida uses the two foot no legged gnome as a big ol’ muscular teddy bear, and Barry can’t pry himself out if he wanted.

Mary and Quimbly also sleep in a hammock, and even though he has one arm, no one could break his grip around his wife.

Carey, Moon, and Maws lay in hammocks right next to each other.

“So about that date.” Moon says

“Would you please- fine, I’ll find someone for you.” Moon says defeated.

“Will you find someone for me?” Carey asks excited.

“Yea!” Maws adds on as if the two were sisters.

“Yea, yea, i’ll find someone for both of you. Now go to sleep.” Moon says laying back.

About ten seconds of silence passes until-

“What about you Moon?” Maws says popping up.

“I haven’t found anyone yet.” Moon says trailing off.

“We could all hit the town! It would be fun, what do you say?!” Carey asks.

“As a guard my duty lies- … Yea… i’d like that very much, now go to bed.” Moon says laying down.

“Sexy kobold men here I come!” Maws says laying down, using a highbear fur blanket, and putting a sombrero over her, with a six shooter at her side.

Moon then imagines Eron talking about dwarves, then Mello talking about drugs. She looks down at her things against a wall. A paintbrush, a rusted knife, and a anchor. She smiles then closes her eyes.

Dyn puts Taiga to sleeping a very well made crib… which is just a crate with pillows stuffed in them. After kissing her forehead, and whispering goodnight, she goes above deck. She immediately sees Jerry behind the wheel, they being the only two awake. Jerry is looking off in the distance thinking.

“Hey… Jerry.” Dyn says while walking up to him.

“Oh, hey Dyn.” Jerry says back.

The two kinda sit there awkwardly. Dyn all of a sudden hugs Jerry, and holds it for a while, Jerry a bit too nervous to say anything.

“I don’t believe I thanked you for saving me last time we were here on this boat. My dad came close to killing me… not allowing to see my daughter ...again.” Dyn says choking up.

Jerry sits on that for a while, thinking of the right words to say.

“We lost a lot, you… lost a lot. Somehow by losing everything we gained something in the end.” Jerry says.

“What’s that?” Dyn says sniffing.

“A family. A big ol’ multi-raced dysfunctional family… the people we lost, if they were here… they’d be glad to see that what they did brought this family, even if dysfunctional, and hell if your family ain’t crazy, that’s crazy in itself. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.” Jerry says as Syn still clutches him.

More silent moments past as the only sound is waves crashing against the ship.

“Thanks Jerry, for everything.” Dyn says again.

Jerry doesn’t respond and silence falls again.

“... You’re not gonna ask me out?” Dyn says bluntly.

“Wha?! No I just, phew is it hot in here?” Jerry says blushing.

“We’re outside.” Dyn says smiling.

Jerry calms down then looks at Dyn.

“I don’t know I don’t date moms.” Jerry says sternly.

“Oh shut up!” Dyn says shoving Jerry.

Jerry loses grip on the wheel and the ship turns, and Dyn falls onto Jerry and they land on the floor. The two look into each other’s eyes.

“Oh… well. Are you gonna kiss me?” Dyn asks.

“I mean I like to ask for consent first by-“ Jerry is interrupted by Dyn kissing him.

After a few minutes of kissing the two get up and sail away.

“So miss Dlobok where shall we go on this first date?” Jerry asks.

“I’m thinking somewhere with Numyo Pagato.” Dyn says.

“I know a place that serves that and a good pasta bread.” Jerry suggests.

“Is it on the island we’re sailing away from?” Dyn asks.

“Maybe… either way we’ll need a babysitter for Taiga. I know this gnome, he’s got no legs but he’s excellent with kids.” Jerry suggests again.

“The guy who has multiple guns on him at all times? Dyn States.

“Right… only joking.” Jerry says embarrassed.

Dyn shakes her head, and wraps her arms around Jerry. The two just silently sailing, on to a whole new crazy campaign, life that doesn’t involve rolling dice to live.

Started writing story: April 22nd 2016 Finished writing: February 7th 2017     Fully uploaded: May 15 2018


  • Thanks for the URealms team first off, for allowing me to make a story based on silly adventures, and thanks for tuning in to read this, and if you read all 9 parts and know what’s going on, holy cow, you’ve probably looked at this as much as I have, since 2016! I’m glad that I wrote this, not because it’s amazing, not by a long shot. I now have a better idea on projects in the future, as being part or watching URealms needs a bit of an imagination. MOST IMPORTANTLY: I now look at creators with a lot more respect, especially Rob. They put time and effort into projects that they’re not sure people will like, and even at times know that people won’t like what they made, but still go through with their idea. I’m on a website for URealms, and I expect to have them allow my weird story on their site? I was terrified to put this up, this could’ve gone up last year around this time, but I was scared... why? Well this was a story, by me, all me. It’s hard when you control everything... then it’s a story, not a show, or a really crappy show. So this is really just my idea, not a mix like URealms is, with divine decisions, nope. Just me, some random man, but Rob was once a random man to me, and I liked his random ideas... so I’m hoping some of you see me like I saw Rob... a random man with maybe not good ideas, but something you’d say “hey, not bad.” Really, all I have to say is, thanks. I had fun creating a story time, even if it was a crumpled pile of... Well I don’t know myself. This is the end of the story, no more pages, sorry, just will have to wait for Rob’s next Campaign. Thanks once more, especially Rob for this world I basically borrowed, er, took from him. Goodbye from one of your fellow old gods, tah tah for now.
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