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The Last Beenu DD choices

I had to leave half way through the campaign unfortunately and didn't get to read through the DD choices. 
Would someone mind explaining what "Freedom" and "Suffering" meant? 

Side note: Just watched the vod and what an amazing ending!! Player deaths and everything else felt so natural, nothing was forced and I loved it! Well done Rawb and crew! 


  • Freedom would give Ghostblade the 5th Sin, opening up 'A Fate Worse Than Death' to the next character to fail a Normal Death Roll 

    Suffering would give Ghostblade 'A Fate Worse Than Death' and give the 5th sin to a character in the campaign. 

  • @bl1ndn3rd So Ghostblade now has the 5th sin?
    And will the 'fate worse than death' happen in the next campaign or is it a case of it happens when it happens? Meaning we could be waiting a looong time 
  • It will probably happen when it happens but characters fail death rolls all the time so I wouldn't be surprised if it happens soon. The only thing that might make us wait a while is if a "normal" death roll means a "roll a 1 and you die" death roll because then we might have to wait a while. 
  • @NinaZzzz
    Ghostblade hasn't officially gotten it yet, like I think we have to wait until we see an animation or something for it. Once that happens, A Fate Worse Than Death will be active, and will probably happen naturally. So yeah, waiting. 
  • something to add is freedom had the word death in elvish next to it, and suffering had life.
  • @stormAlchemist ;Sure they fail death rolls but they can have ways of getting around those, so will Rob let them loophole their way out of the next 1 they role or will the 'fate worse than death' override everything? 
    Also we could be waiting for a season or even 2 before that happens, the likelihood of rolling a 1 exactly when you need that are ridiculous. Deadbones was so unlucky! 

    Questions leading to more questions.. 
  • @NinaZzzz ;
    I imagine that the "fate worse than death" would probably override in most cases but that really depends on how Rob decides to handle it. I don't think we will be waiting that long. 5% seems like a low chance but all it means is that we basically have to wait for 20 death rolls. 1 campaign heavy with death rolls plus 1 or 2 others and I'm sure that will be met. But yea I don't think we will have our answers until it happens
  • @bl1ndn3rd ok yeh that makes sense. 

    Thanks @kreeperkiller63 ;

    Also, when the 'fate worse than death' becomes active, do you think that will make Ghostblade revert back to her old self so she's just a normal assassin again and not a bumbling idiot? 

    @stormAlchemist yeh that's true. 

    So we'll be waiting for a combat heavy campaign for Ghostblade to be marked with the 5th sin. Which could be the war between the living and the ageless? 
  • @NinaZzzz ;
    Oh yeah the decision said it would cure her of all the dumb stuff.

    And I think it might repair her wings?
    Not sure. 
  • That would be amazing! Do we know how the Beenu procreate?  :3 
    I don't need details like but really I'm asking would Ghostblade be able to mate with an elf to create a Beenu/Elf hybrid? 

    Could that bring the Beenu back and just repopulate that species the old fashioned way?  :)
  • @NinaZzzz There's also always magical impregnation!
  • edited May 2018
    Yeh I forgot how well that's worked in the past @MasterDJV
  • I chose freedom because I wanted Ghostblade to work for the order of chaos. He will be instrumental i believe in the old gods reshaping of the realm. He will serve our OGD well.
  • I would have chosen freedom too because Ghostblade has suffered a lot already and it will make for a better story too. 

    It's the first live DD I've missed. Not happy! 
  • I voted suffering because I wanted to know what the fate worse than death is.
  • It would be more fun to see the fate worse than death come about naturally rather than have be a DD.
  • Ah @kreeperkiller63 patience is a virtue  :) 

    That's got me thinking actually... I wander if there is an opposite of the sins of the unforgotten?

    And I agree @Jakodio the one thing that became clear from this campaign for me is the less control Rob has over the campaigns the better. Better stories/ending/character development etc. 
  • Fate worse than death may be become a god enlightened to the horror of being little more than a game character. The "Life," next to Suffering may be a way to suggest that as a god Ghostblade may be able to restore life to the Beenu. "Death," with Freedom gives Ghostblade her mind and her freedom, but ensure that the Beenu will never be restored and the race will finally die off when Ghostblade finally sees her end.
  • @Harkmagic Life wasn't next to Suffering, that was Pain
  • @Harkmagic oh that's really dark but I like it! 

    Would the knowledge of knowing you're a character in a story really be horrific though? Maybe I'm siding with Maelstrom on this one but A Fate Worse Than Death can't be that because stories last forever, people don't.
  • I'm getting confused now. When I saw the DDs, I translated suffering to be 'pain' just as Poppyrus says, but what makes others say it said 'life'?
  • FYI the DD options are up on the wiki for this campaign if anyone else like to read what exactly was offered. 
  • I have no Idea what the fate may be. But if I recall correctly, Rob said in the behind the scenes for Galen Sunsword, PI, that he wanted a whole campaign centered around it for when it was time to happen, which very likely could be soon.
  • Stories stop when there are no people left to read them @NinaZzzz
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 ;Stories don't stop existing just because no one is reading them though, they're still in the world and can be used as inspiration when they are found eventually. 

    That's great thanks @Sinfall ; :)

    @sargentgrevious that makes sense, he wouldn't plan this whole elaborate idea without it being a big deal.

    I'm just anticipating that stream so I can book it (and the following day cause UK time) off work  >:)
  • (It was meant to be a joke about nobody being left for them to expire) @NinaZzzz
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 toootally got that  :p
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