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50 was a bit much

Like thinking about it even if deadbones lived I dont think it was possible dor the guys to win...


  • I disagree. With deadbones it would have been a cake walk imo. the CC from his gun alone would shred through all of the minions. Nisovin would have been problematic, but deadbones also provides game knowledge to the table. Lots of things could have been pointed out to them for their advantage such as Justin having two ice spells to make him proficient. 
  • DeadBones's death was the major dent in the plan, the first crack that would completely fuck everything else up for the rest of the team.

    You know one of those descriptions attributed to the AK-47? "When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes." Yeah, it's a good quote.

    But it wasn't Gherkin who got to use it. It was Nisovin.
  • Don't forget it was possible for Bei Mei to still be alive at that point.
  • That was probably one of the most powerful legendaries we have seen solely from a pure numbers stand point. 20 piercing damage in a 20 range line. If Justin hadn't shot his load with Emphavision DB could have wiped that entire side of the table on his own.

    Hell if Spiff had gotten the gun from Niso, I'd put pretty damned decent odds on her getting out of there. Spamable highnoon with that thing would have been a fucking nightmare for Rob. 
  • @ShepardCom
    But to kill everyone
  • @ShepardCom her version of high noon had a set damage so it wouldnt of helped that much the spellslinger version with that though basically insta win
  • @Doubleupomega
    Well,  with an upgrade in her gun damage,  i wouldn't be surprised if Rob made it deal more damage

    Maybe... 10 damage,  instead of 5
  • @ThePhatSass
    If those ice spells were spell scrolls then no. Spell scrolls mean you don't know how to cast the spell, just that you have a scroll that would let you cast it once.
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    @ThePhatSass Justin knew. He told us in his chat that Spell Scrolls don't count. Also he ordered Pizza with Pepperoni with Extra Cheese(No Pickles) just before the final act. The deep lore is established in Justin's chat. 
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