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URealms with the Joyous Gard - The Mystery of Redfern

A little over a week ago, the small town of Redfern sent up an emergency signal: a glyph in the sky warning of some sort of threat they were under.  The two previous teams sent to investigate never returned, so the highers ups of the settlement coalition of Dirvnof have elected to send out a crack squad of clever investigators and powerful warriors to try and finally discern the problems the small town has suffered.  Join us for The Mystery of Redfern.

May 11th, 7 pm Eastern at
Character Creation: 

Hello forum!  It's been a while since I've posted, so how's it going?  This sure is a thing, huh?  A fan run URealms campaign, appearing out of nowhere the Friday before an actual campaign?  Crazy, I know.  This was a difficult thing to put together; my friends and I don't tend to have long term compatible schedules for long without something else popping up to interrupt us (usually a new DnD campaign).  But since we were all free this weekend and I really wanted to run a URealms campaign, we threw this thing together VERY last minute.

So yeah!  If you want to truly saturate yourself in URealms for the weekend, hop into the stream later today and watch a relatively quick URealms campaign to celebrate your Friday night.  For this campaign, I'm going to be using the map that was made for me by the talented @NeoReaperXIII, which can be found here.  Hope that we can entertain you guys for the evening!


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