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For you Fire Emblem Fans

Here! I made like... 30 weapons from the Fire Emblem series because I was bored. Many of the weapon stats are based on their appearance in Blazing Blade, though there are a few exceptions.
Stamina is the display for the weapon's "uses", because weapons are capable of breaking in all but the last few games. Damage values may not be true to how much damage can actually be dealt in Fire Emblem, but oh well. I just used the Mt stats.


  • Pretty cool, although the bows/tomes could do with a range increase. Other than a few typos, I can’t see many improvements that could be done other than preference-based ones. 
  • As a huge Fire Emblem fan, I love this. I've also thought about tying in some of the classic FE weapons into a campaign, but never got around to it.
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