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Our Time is near. soon we will have our own God.



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    I just hope we get something that most of the Old Gods want...and not a flop either brought on by a troll minority or fudging from the game runners. : /
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    @SMS00 i dont think you will have to worry about that, rob will most likely give us options that are balanced to begin with, and if what we have heard so far is true we will vote on several aspects that will form the character, so if one of dose aspects are silly it will still not effect the character that badly
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    there will probally a be a balanced system based entirley on rng votes but at the same time i want a hideous monstrosity fuelled with all of chat's wishes. all of them. So it's an absolute hideous genetic monstrosity (unless someone in chat wishes for it to look absurdly handsome)

    I would pick the "All of the above" option
  • yeah we reach the final sprint before its time. i will be ready on the 27 of April hope the rest of you all are, i cant wait to se what the `surprise` decisions we will get to vote on are. it will be such a good day
  • Time to recreate shaggy in urealms
  • Nevermind. Vote Frank the normal dude
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    yeah the frank idea will fall apart fast the moment we end up voting race and plot chose for him/her/them, dont think normal dude will be a option. would just be kind of a wast in the long run
  • We dont know if human wont be an option. And even then we could do the closest thing like a dwelf or something.
    I think that making a character like a walrus or a beenu is what rawb would expect us to do.
    If we get the choice. We should do something more fun and unique
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    @nikiduke lets be honet here human wont be an option, rob has always been open of the fact that he doesn't want them in urealm, hence why he got rid of the tall dwarf subrace and normal Dude is the very opposite of fun and unique. not to mention that all options we will get are created by rob so he do already expect us to chose them. i think pre planing overall will just end up failing as we dont know how it all will work and what option we will get. going in with a open mind will be funner for everyone rather then telling folk to go for option that will make an average dude.  you will only get let down when it doesn't end up being possible. i will be happy whatever we get, if it is a Average dude fin but i will not expect anything like that or even imagine it will even be an option because we dont know anything of what we will get to chose or what the options will be.
  • @LexderMob ; Making up ideas is fun. Ofcourse i dont expect any idea we make to actually happen. Dont be a downer. Just let people make up fun ideas. And we cant assume anything. Rawb has been known to do unexpected things
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