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Our Time is near. soon we will have our own God.

i'm so hype for our very own god. but i'm still wonder how it will appear in the world of urealms, we know how we will have the chance to design/create it in a stream, but how then that god appear in the world we don´t really know. it will be so cool to find out how it all will play out, but until then what do you all believe and what do you all hope our creations role will be in the story?


  • I believe it will appear in Final Talon. As evidenced by Maelstrom in the preview, he says that is where hope will be born. Another thing, it seems we will be able to choose if it is a good or evil god, which will be interesting. I really hope the OGD makes a pretty big splash on the status quo of the URealms world. :smilebold: 
  •  clearly it will appear in Final Talon. but Empusa mention that they will prepare for our creations arrival, and our god will most likely not just pop up. so there will most likely be some form of in world event that signal or accompany our little God. so what will happen in world when our creation appear? that´s the question. normally i would be all for a evil god but feel like bringing a good one might be more interesting. think with the world in such disarray giving some order and balance could be nice.
  • I think the addition of more weapons/abilities that can kill divines is going to make our lives very..."interesting".
    For one, it will certainly make us wary of any character with these capabilities, as if they show up in the same campaign as our Creation, our fun could end quite quickly.
    Even this week, GHOSTBLADE of all people will all but certainly gain the ability to kill Divines.

    Imagine season four, Divine Decision makes us choose between forcing our creation to undergo a drastic change, or have them die. 

    I honestly can't wait for the potential this Old God Divine will bring... So many fun, horrible games we play...
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    @Ninjathis ;  yeah i have donated for that weapon... like it might kill our creation but its a cool weapon! and i think its worth the risk as it could kill other gods as well. so looking forward to see where that story ends up. 
  • You also have to think, Good and Bad depend on the group looking at them. Will it be good/bad in the eyes of the Order of Chaos? or The Grand Paladin Order? Bopen? We don't know and good old Rob could use that against us, if that is the Divine Decision.
  • @erock1118 ;  rob is a Shades of Gray type of guy. wouldn't surprise me if he would subvert our expectations of good and bad.
  • I feel like maelstrom may try to gather an army for the OGD to command. The order of chaos grows...
  • for some reason I really like the idea of are creation starting with a legendary item representing them 
  • I really don't expect the Old God Divine to actually be created in the Final Talon, at least not when Maelstrom is there. Unless there is a large time skip in future games this god wouldn't get to participate.

    What I expect is that this Divine has always existed and meeting Maelstrom at Final Talon will actually be the narrative introduction to the character, and then future campaigns set in the past can feature the character. With a setup like this I could even see Rob immediately following through on his threat that the Junkyosha be used to kill our Old God and have Maelstrom or Ghostblade take a stab at killing a god. Even if the god dies there is literally tens of years of active story period the character character can participate in and thousands of years of history on top of that.
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    @Harkmagic ; that is a fun concept to think about, that this Divine has always existed and this is just its birth into the story of the world and our perspective. opens up a lot of possibility for the story. 
  • We'll have to wait 3 more campaigns, so what will most likely be 3-5 months, so I wouldn't call it soon yet
  • come on some sort of monster god
  • @Qu33nAce ; i would love that  :D making the Typhon or Jörmungandr of urealms. love a cool monster.
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    @LexderMob But we already have a Jormunger... 
    He loves snakes, maybe that can be your monster.
  • @Ninjathis ; no i need a real Monster Gods. beside Typhon was the more accurate analogy for what i would like any way.  
  • Rob tested "Mini Divine Decisions" in the Galen campaign. What if all of the things he did was decided by DD's?
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    @DungeonDavid ; using the Mini Divine Decisions to vote for the different aspect of our god, like its race appearance what it stand for and represent seem like a very likely possibility. wouldn't surprise me if that is how it would work. so it could just as well end up being used for what it would do as well.   
  • Time to revive Philhipe to do our will on this world. :angrybold: 
  • @SMS00 Lets finally bring Cachecol the woven one into urealms canon.
  • @LexderMob Well I don't mean just race and appearance, I mean after we make it we also make mini DD's whenever it shows up telling it what to do
  • @DungeonDavid ; i know, notest that i didn't express that well so added a little extra. but yes could se that being the case. 
  • I want the love child of Quintara and Thor.
  • @Maris ; like a Thorara or maybe a Quinthor. well we will not get to chose the name as it is a combination of two old god names. but yeah i could dig that idea.
  • How do we know that about the name? @LexderMob
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 from the GPO campaign's 'Craft a God' SE. 
    An 11th Live Show will be added to this year's schedule in which the audience and fans of URealms Live will come together to create a Character to become the leader of the Order of Chaos. The Characters name will be a fusion of two randomly chosen supporters usernames who contribute to this event. The amount donated or number of times donated does not change the odds. Your username can only be selected for this if you have an account on our website. We also reserve the right to skip over your username if it's randomly drawn and isn't appropriate for the show.
  • Damn this is just going to be the coolest thing in any show ever.
  • Time to make the walrus god  >_< PROFESSOR WALRUS SHALL LIVE AGAIN
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    @Pufflemore ; i hope it ends up being something like that. would prefer that over one of the standard races from character creation like elf or gnome. a walrus god would be awesome.
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