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Starved For Game - Looking To Join A Party Or Group

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Hello everyone. Thank you for checking this thread out.

So, as the title says I am starved to play an RPG, because I can't really find anyone to do so with and it is fairly saddening. I personally prefer being a Player but I am fine with DMing if need be, I just want to be a part of a game, hopefully a consistent campaign. I'm from Eastern Europe (+2 GMT) and I generally have Saturdays completely available. I have a 2 year experience, mostly from Discord only campaigns, all of which have been VERY homebrew, I get along with people very well, so long as no cuntishness is involved(unless it is planned for between characters in order to make the narrative more amusing), and...yeah. I just want someone to play with. Please.

Have a good day!


  • Hey, check out this discord group URealms Unified,
    There's quite a few game played regularly, usually multiple times per week.
    A friend and me are gonna be looking for a regular group to play UR somewhere in the near future, so if you're still looking by then I'll send you a message.
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    hi there friend.  >:) if your still looking im also from eastern europe and have been working on an rpg style roleplay thing with some friends.
  • @nikiduke I sure am.  ^W^ What exactly do you guys play and what's it about?
  • @KRisCHu ; If you are looking to pull a group together my old one disbanded awhile ago and i have been looking for a new one
  • @erock1118 I joined the server @Zeeboon posted above.
  • @Zeeboon if you could post the link again that would be great, I am also a part of Realms of the Dongo but there is so much that goes on in that server it's hard to follow what games are still open

  • @erock1118 Here ya go fam. This link also should never expire so anyone who finds their way here can use it too!
  • @KRisCHu its still kinda being built but its basically a fantasy roleplaying thing that we do on discord. i do most of the lore and worldbuilding while a friend of mine does systems and such. since we dont really have a fully fleshed out system yet its mostly just roleplay with some basic combat stuff. i can send you an invite if your interested in it.  ~_~
  • @Zeeboon is the invite still open?

  • @Bot_Luc Nope, sorry, we're full right now.
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