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Mounted class abilities suggestions

So I sometimes host games for me and my friends and I wanted to make a mounted class. Only problem is, I'm terrible at abilities, so i thought I'd ask you guys in thhe community for help.
Any suggestions for cool abilities for a mounted class?


  • @TheLuigiBrother
    maby a meele ability that deal double their basic attack and send the target a number of spaces backwards like a cavlery charge 
  • From the cavalry knights of the medieval to the cattle rustlers of the wild west, mounted classes come with a variety of abilities. Here are some I can think of at the moment.

    Some Passives can be used in Abilities, and vice versa.
    Faster movement and high resistance to forced movement and move prevention
    Able to perform Basic Attacks and Abilities during movement
    Sprinting before using an Ability grants an improved effect
    Move freely through Rough and Dangerous Terrain (the latter will still cause Death Rolls) and possibly even clear it
    Roll to jump great distances instead of sprinting, at least 5 spaces jump (this may possibly already be done as Roleplay Action anyways)

    Move through Targets trampling them and dealing damage
    Charge forcefully to clear a path, knocking back Targets who are less than 2 spaces away during the movement
    Lasso a Target and knock them to the ground, dragging them against their will and dealing 5 Damage for each space they are forced to move (or 10 if moved through Rough)
    Knock back a Target, along with Damage and any other adverse effects
    Order your mount to quickly rescue as many Targets as it can carry
  • Charger's Lance: Deal Triple Damage with Melee Basic Attacks if you have moved at least 5 spaces this round while mounted. You may not Melee Basic Attack when you are dismounted.

    Skirmisher's Bow: Whenever you use a Ranged Basic Attack while mounted, move up to 5 spaces. This movement applies even if you miss unless you Critically Fail. 

    Two weapons for two distinct play-styles. I think it's important that this class has options to keep at a distance, because some Large Companions have long range kit and lower stamina.
  • You, of course, also need access to a mount! I'd suggest a custom/new companion because I can't think of an appropriate companion with the ride ability.
    I'd think either a "different" Tarandos or some new horse creature you design. Probably give it around 60 Stamina so it can take a few hits.
    It would need a ride ability to "officially" allow the player to ride it and share damage taken among them (how Ride used to work when it was in the game)
    Its other ability should be a charge or trample ability. Perhaps even give it a bonus to damage if it is being ridden by a player?
    It's passive should double its movement speed allowing it to move 10 spaces normally with a move action, but only letting it "sprint" (aka double movement via rolling) on a High-Roll to compensate. This'll let the ride move around freely and speedily. 
    Your mounted rider class should have this companion available cheap since the whole point of the class is to ride it.
    Another class ability could be something like
    "Dark Rider" - it could be a spell scroll that the player could use to ressurrect the mount as an ageless if it dies in-game. But specify that it can only be used on companions so it can't be used on other players.
  • @MasterDJV Kind of an obscure rule, but any companion with the Large Gem can be mounted, so a custom companion wouldn't be necessary. 
  • Ever seen a man charge into battle atop his Black Boar steed? With this new class, anything is possible.
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