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What does Gilded mean and how does it get added to a post

Alright so, how does a post get gilded? Is there a requirement or is it when an admin account comments on the post. I'm just so confused and keep seeing gilded posts without a common theme. Though maybe I'm just dumb and I am missing the connecting piece. 


  • A gilded post is just something that one of the admins deem is gild-worthy. I don't know if it's just Rob who gilds, but probably not. It can be a really good art dump, it can be a software thing like URBot or Babble Buds, or a really interesting thread like the card combination one. Anything really.
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    From what I gather, they're threads that stand out in the crowd for their helpfulness, quality etc at which point one of the staff gilds them which makes them stand out even more. And when you visit a gilded thread for the first time, you get a tiny bit of gold.
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