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Welcome to Mon Nitroga!

Have you ever thought that you need to keep something incredibly secure? A certain spell scroll? An important artefact? A  juvenile, yet still rather angry Venomburner? I mean what.....? Well, lets skip over the murderous death spider and get your account opened at One of the regions most secure vaults! 

Ok, so this is my first ever custom map. Mon Nitroga is a vault built at the base of Mon Nitroga, an active volcano.  The gemstone lined lobby area features a scenic view of the pastures surrounding the volcano, accompanied by a calming piano melody and fresh, clean spring water drawn from within the mountain. A front desk is to the south, a small consultation section and teller office to the east. With the correct privileges clients can access the deposit boxes behind the teller's office.  Should your players decide to go for a small adventure, the net room features raised platforms suspended over azure water, but dont fall in! The laser glamsharks tend to get peckish after a while. If your footing is solid then your agility will be tested by a laser corridor. Only the best MkXVII tactical security lasers were used. at the end of the corridor are the bank's two vaults. One secured by an Iron door, the other in a gold clad tungsten door. 
The full size map can be found here  

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Nice, I really like the piano
  • thanks! Spent probably way too long doing those keys individually.  @Murlin22
  • Woah, well done!
  • Thanks, have fun with it! @TristionSaiara
  • edited May 2018
    @CPTSKIM Do you have a link for (or would be willing to share) your Lava asset? It is SO COOL and I always struggle when trying to add lava.

    also, cool map. Love the lasers :angryporc: 
  • Unfortunately i dint have  alink or asset for it however i can tell you how it is made. I use as my image editer, in there under i believe the "effects" tab there is an option fot clouds. Set your colours, highlight the area with wand or area select then generate the cloud texture. You can then change the intensity and roughness to get the right look. Also used the same method for the grass. @MasterDJV
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