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Protip if you are considering being Rob's Boss!

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Patreon charges once on the day that you become a patreon, and then the first day of the next month at 12 AM pacific time. That means that you will be charged again in 2 days if you pledge today (April 29). This means that if you don't want to be charged twice, just pledge on May 1st after 12 AM pacific time!

But if you're okay with supporting Rob a little extra, then go ahead and give old willy your monies!!


  • Welp, I did not read the protip before becoming Rawb's boss. Oh well, smart move on his part releasing it right before the end of the month I guess lol.
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    @h4rdcorenub I highly doubt that was intentional. When Patreon was new (when Rob started) it only charged you on the first of every month. There wasn't an entry charge.
  • @Cloud @h4rdcorenub ;yeah, its definitely unintentional. Rob isn't that type of guy, if anything, he would feel guilty for charging us twice. This man is so conscientious that he is trying to refund over a hundred thousand dollars to people who donated to his kickstarter YEARS ago. 
  • Yeah robs super nice, I only donated $1 so I'm actually glad I'm paying twice so fast
  • Realized I was paying twice after the fact. I honestly don't care. Rob is my favorite content creator hands down. I pay for so many things in life so why would I not pay a little more for my favorite content. What I get for what I pay is so much more it's not difficult to invest.
  • huh... I rushed to get this video out by Sunday because I wanted to get new patreons in BEFORE the end of the month. Looks like I was just screwing you dudes over. Whoops!

    No but seriously, I'm fine throwing you an extra $10.  Urealms is one of my favorite things on the internet :)

    Also, it's not every day I get to be the boss of someone...
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