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Wildling, How does it work in the lore

So the wildling card is a very interesting and one of my favourite cornerstones but today I started thinking about its lore implications, now we all know how having children works and a basic knowledge of genetics  ( atleast I hope so ) but wildling seems to at the very least raise a few questions about how exactly it works in Urealms, so wildling states that "you were raised in the wilds by beasts" it doesn't state what happened to your parents or who or what your parents are, this upbringing gives you access to the abilities ( not passives ) of what raised you, now for most beasts this can work without issue, raised by ravens? You can peck ( basically headbutt ) your enemies and create wind with magic but then you get to the more... questionable ones, like dragonfly, you can spit acid? ( fine for porcs I suppose ) and... create an egg ( if your not a beenu I have no idea ) and shove someone inside. Other examples are the clockodile ability to create a spell interrupting sound and revealing surroundings, some of these seem weird for a person with 'normal' parents so are wildlings actually half-breeds of a race and a companion? Or does every wilding have a wizard do it? 


  • pretty sure they aren't half breeds, porcs start with 5 random companion ability's but we dont consider that weird, its just a mechanical part of the game the idea is that you build the character around it. like most of the companion abilities are also described as working in alternative ways as well. saying thinks like piercing him with your tusk or weapon. giving the option that your character have a alternative way of doing the attack. 
  • @LexderMob ;
    true, but I assumed that porc barf is magic cause of Thor and that's why they get random stuff but I guess your right, that egg thing just gets me tho 
  • @Murlin22 ; you could make them a half breed if you want. Deadbones made a lady with snake hair because of a attribute. so if the Gm thinks it could work lore wise, then you could probably do a character that is a half breed. it comes down to if its fits the current story lore and if the Gm thinks its ok.
  • @Murlin22
    Well, maybe the people raised by dragon flies somehow learned the basics of Egg magic, or they had the innate ability to make eggs, or put things in eggs
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    like you could make something like this Lexder_the_Blood_Porc_Cobra and say that the character is a half breed because he was contently bing surrounded by blood magic that made him over time merge and become one with his fellow snakes, transforming him to as hybrid between the two. and if the GM thinks that ok then thats ok
  • @Phendrix ;
    I doubt they had the innate ability to make eggs because... why would they? But thI whole being taught it seems fair.
  • @LexderMob ;
    I think blood snake fits well with wildling anyway because blood snake queens are a thing
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    the idea is still the same, lab accident, a genie did it, like if you come up with a backstory and the gm digs and allows it then its fine. we see the players constantly taking liberties with how they interprets there characters cornerstones and attributes. it fin as long every one in on board with it.
  • The might not actually be laying an egg they just might think they are @Murlin22
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 ;
    uhhhhhhh.... let's just go with its magic
  • Yeah I guess your right... A wizard probably just did it @Murlin22
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    Do beenu lay eggs? A question for the kobold genitalia thread philosophers.
  • I had a pork that randomized into a lot of the Lacerator ability once, didn't have the wildling ability but was more or less one. I said that some sorcerer did an experiment on them giving them the heart and soul of a Lacerator. Their name was Vine. Made the legendary around that idea making them even more like a Lacerator.

    custom card
  • Cornerstones/Attributes are about giving Players a baseline for their story. You don't need to use any of it to make your character. If it didn't fit in lore because of a weird race/story convo, I'd just say something to my player as long as I notice/remember the flaw in their story.

    NPC characters don't usually even have "cards" in their characters unless we draw stuff for em. That stuff is just because it's sometimes easier in RPG games like this to have a baseline to jump off from with your story. You could disregard the lore stuff for your character if you wanted.

    For example, if you had all these bear claw attacks from Wildling you could say your story was you were raised in a high bear fighting ring or something. That would still fit very nicely.
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