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Bring your own character! [CLOSED}

Looking: 1 more player
Playing: This Saturday 6 - 10 PM Middle European Time (1 - 5 PM EST)
Style: Standard, mix of fighting and roleplaying.
Skill Level: All players Welcome!

Hello guys I'm GM-ing a one shot this saturday and if you want to join you can! You have to however submit a character as a comment since that is what the title says! For real though, I don't really have time to do a character creation and a campaign following that. So if you provide a realistic and not overpowered character down below you can join. The first four to do so get in.

Discord? Discord.

EDIT: I will have also prepared some stock characters, so if you feel like just jumping in you absolutely can.


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    I'd be down to play. Let me just quickly get one of my characters:

    Myrande Mistybreeze

    Myrande Mistybreeze comes from a long lineage of arch-druids who have been protecting the forest near Grimsdel. Like her father before her, she protects the forest without using violence herself and instead uses curses to scare people away or lets the other druids do the dirty work for her. However unlike her father she not only wants to protect the forest, but rather expand it. She uses her curses to manipulate people into joining her cyrcle so they can one day have a big enough army to attack Grimsdel and reclaim it for nature.

  • I've made a character


    humbie is a porc who was raised by sam the gnome a as entertainer and has trained to also be able to defend himself and since their home burnt down in a flame spooky attack that deformed humbie they have just been looking for stuff to do.
  • Looking good, you can look at the campaign-info in the discord to find out what the story will be about!

  • Here's a character of my own.


    Tooth Bag, formerly known as Gorren Tistraal, was the youngest child of a keen nobility. Reckless and always causing problems, the more prim and proper family members grew to detest him, but they never dissuaded him from causing problems. Then one day, as Gorren became a young adult, his family tried to sell him off to whichever band of mercenaries would pay the highest price. Outraged by this happening, something snapped inside the already unstable Gorren, leading to him killing off his entire family and his subsequent death at the hands of the house guards. Or so they thought, for one of the mercenaries seeking to claim Gorren had found his body when they arrived, barely clinging to life. He saved him by invoking the ageless curse on his body. Now grown up, the noble once known as Gorren has no memory of who he once was, and his training under his new master has warped his already damaged mind into that of a bloodthirsty killing machine. He is now wandering the lands alone, doing whatever fancies him, good or bad. So long as people will get harmed in the process.

    (By the way, his new name comes from the fact that he always keeps a single tooth from every living thing he fells. It's an obsession that basically ended up defining him)
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