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What makes a post gilded?

Just a quick question for anyone that knows. What exactly makes a post gilded? I thought, at first, it was general mod-chosen discussions, but it seems to be linked to popularity? Not a big deal, just me being slightly curious.


  • Seems to be things that bring the community together, art, discussions that have been done well, introduce yourself
  • What happens is, the mods gild it and then it gets popular because we all click on the gilded threads. of course, the threads that get gilded are usually good enough in the first place to already be popular.

    source: i have a gilded post
  • @snarkyslytherin Oh, thanks. I kinda figured it had something to do with quality, too.
  • @The_Epic_Espeon yeah, so for me, my post got popular because Rob commented on it, and then some mod decided they liked it, which made it more popular. it only had like 400 views before it was gilded, though.
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