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The 4 Step Plan For If You Or A Loved One Have Been Effected By The Ageless Curse

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Greetings! Thank you for renting this document from your local paladin supported library, should you want to further support the rand Paladin order please check out our officially licensed lists of sponsored establishments so you can support them and by doing to support us. We've all gone through the trying times of someone you know being harmed by the Ageless curse, using this step by step guide you can learn from the experiences of others who have gone through the same crisis as you. 
Step 1: Don't Panic
This is an incredible issue that without the proper care may tear your family or friend dynamic apart, harming yourself and those around you and leading to irreparable social damage among your peers that may lead to long term social isolation and a loss of personal identity entirely. However these should not get in the way of you enjoying life, do not panic and follow the rest of the steps promptly.

Step 2: Talk To A Paladin or Trusted Official
This step can be scary as you're approaching a stranger for help, however all paladins are highly trained to handle any situation. Despite any gruffness or lack of eyes in any official, if they have paladin armor they are infallible and are the shining representatives of the light. Upon approaching one you should identify yourself, show them this document, and inform them of your issue, then you'll be ready to follow

Step 3: Follow Them To an Outpost
Any paladin will be able to help you with this step, they will lead you to a local paladin office or outpost where other friendly local paladins will be stationed, there you may feel intimidated by everyone around you especially given you're temporary ailment, but don't be everyone there is to specifically help everyone and better the world. You may find others who have been afflicted by the ageless cold, don't start up communication with them, instead only speak with paladins to ensure the sickness doesn't get reinforced among other sick individuals.

Step 4: You'll Be Treated
This may take from weeks to months, but overall it will be worth it to save you. Before starting this process be sure to inform your friends and loved ones you will be gone for a long time, but you will return and it's simply a matter of a lengthy recovery and processing. Make note you will not be able to be visited as to reduce risk of the illness spreading. You may feel nervous in this part but this is when you should feel the most relaxed as your sickness will no longer harm you or anyone else ever again and you won't have to worry about your family's safety.

Thank you! We look forward to helping you in this difficult time so that everyone may be bettered. 
Issued By The Grand Paladin Order


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