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Legendary Post ...?

Hey uh ...

*Reads off hand.*

Jimmies and Julies ... whatever.
I came here today and probably for a while to make Legendaries for characters you submit! Why?


So here, let me show you what I do:
1. You make an inventory so I have an idea of what this character could/might do.Barrata_Quatre_Zen
Basics: He's a simple boy who likes grabbing and punching stuff ... for the most part. 

2. You place a backstory, here.
 I have no joke for here. So uh, can we move on-

3. (Optional) You ask me if I can make it into a Passive/Weapon/Etc.
 :o "Woah, Nene. You're asking me, the ability to have it specifically what I want (and continue the text rather than continuing on with your explanation)? That's kinda cool. Almost as cool as the time I found this Lucky Silver Coin the other day-"

Note: If there's a lot of these, there can be a delay. I am only ... one Dwelf man after all.

"Did he just say he's a Dwelf? How can you compare to them, do you even know how the process works? Just because you have a beard, doesn't mean-"

This is why I hate you the most Jim.



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    :smilebold: Umm... hi! I think this is where I stand. *Scoots a bit to the side*

    This is a sort of weirder character I made a while ago.

    She's a pretty simple brittle character with slight magic capabilities. Uh... you probably noticed something with her abilities that's not normal when it comes to "class"... this character functions and goes through life under the charm and control of a Medusa. She'll do anything to protect (And be loved by) her "Master," hence the abilities that would traditionally be used by a companion, in a way she is one.

    Err... I know this is kind of a weird one... sorry if it's confusing... Thanks in advance! :3
  • I think i'll give this a shot. Though I will have you know, I'm gonna cheat slightly when making this character.
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    @Maris I hope this is to your liking. It was kind of odd to make, but I hope you enjoy it.  :)

    Enhancement Gloves-
    custom card
  • @Nene Yeah! Cool! That actually works very well.
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    Welp, i've finished, and here's my character.
    I would like to note that I cheated slightly for this character by manually picking out their race, class, attribute, and cornerstone because there's no GM to stop me. Welp, have fun.
    Alicia Farrows 'Styx'
    The prodigy that doesn't have the prodigy card(mainly because it would do nothing if I bought it) from a well-known magic academy. However, that's in the past. She was the best out of everyone, and to become an even better mage, she studied magicks of all kinds, including dark magic. One day, when she was practicing her magic in class, she failed to control her powers once and accidentally got her best friend killed. She was therefore expelled from the academy and sent home, only she didn't return there. The incident scarred her for life, and despite what she did, she kept using dark magicks.
    Alone on the road, she now hides her true identity, going by the alias 'Styx' and banding with random mercenaries to survive. Styx avoids getting attached to people nowadays for fear that she'll cause trouble again. But secretly, she longs for kinship.

    Also, she's got a scar running down her face between her right eye and her nose. It was from a cooking accident.

    Really tiny extra bit: She likes sleeping in.

  • Here's a newer one of mine that I have grown fond of if you don't mind.
    Story (okay I got a bit carried away writing this)
    Luna was a small child when her family moved from a foreign life of solitude to a more busy area of the realms to start a business, selling the wears they created in their homeland, mainly enchanted wooden sculptures and instruments. sadly for Luna, both her parents became ill in their travels and died before they could find help in civilization. Using what little knowledge she had of her parents craft, Luna moved forward in life, but was unprepared for the busy town life ahead of her. Luna had nothing but a wooden ukulele and a a moonglow bracelet she had been given by her mother before she passed away. She had to live on the streets for years until she was adopted by small family in town. The parents were nice most times, but wouldn't stand for it if Luna messed up. One day Luna runs away while the parents are yelling at her, hiding in a dark alleyway were she meets a small spirit, who she names Orie. After playing with the spirit for a bit another figure arrives, but this time it is her new brother Leo, the biological child of her adopted parents. Leo sit down with her and they soon make an agreement to live together in the streets, due to Leo wanting to due something new with life, rather than stay locked up in his house, home schooled, friendless and bored. They make it quite well  as Leo begins to make secret routes through the town and she begins to do what her parents had traveled to these lands to do in the first place. After amassing enough gold over a series of years and hiding in the streets and on rooftops, Leo is caught by a bounty hunter sent by his parents to bring him back alive. Outraged, Luna uses her craft to forge enchanted armor for Orie, then proceeds to launch an escape for Leo. They both make it out, but it was at great cost. Everyone in town had seen the bounty on the carver and the runaway. The two run away to another town, and to avoid being caught, Leo stays hidden for most of the day and Luna stays under a constant disguise spell, now singing for a living in the streets, keeping Orie with her at all times just in case. Her true goal in life is too no longer need to be afraid of being caught and live a happy life with Leo, despite how unlikely it is. Later on in life, Leo had come out of hiding after news of his parents death, and with it his bounty. He uses his inheritance as their first of kin to start a successful business, while Luna continues singing in the streets and in taverns. They begin to grow distant as their social classes prevent them from seeing each other too often, until one day Luna leaves. She feels it is over for them, and moves on to another town, still believing someone will come after her. Leo soon leaves his position to look for her, but has no leads, and begins continually travelling in search of her, while Luna goes by a new face, singing with Orie by her side.
    TLDR: She's a runaway singer/musician with an armored spirit as a companion.

    I have no big preference on what she could have, but a non-weapon weapon (like crystalball or codex ) might be nice, considering she doesn't have anything there right now.

    once again, sorry for the long story.
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    Hey, i don't know if you'd be interested, but id love to see what sort of legendary you could cook up for my favorite character i've designed... Beej Majeez .
    (Abstract description) A macabre kobold fleshweaver, with a lethal touch and a dangerous vision that he seeks to twist the word into.
     (More detailed backstory)
    The illegitimate son of a one night stand of Kinney Boots , Beej was always sort of a afterthought for his mother. Standing taller and gaunter than his mother with light grey fur, he doesn't immediately resemble her, but one thing that he clearly inherited was her bloodlust. His mother could bash in the head of somebody with her mace, & the toddler would twist and pull at the body to see how it worked. Eventually, during one of her pirate voyages he got into the treasures, and discovered his midas glove; he hid it, and his mother would later find he'd sewn it into the flesh of his hand, fixing it there permanently. This and his total dissonance to the act disturbed even his violent mother, and she left him behind when they next made landfall.
    Abandoned, Beej would go on to live on the streets of the port town until he found tossed away warp blade, at which a dually beneficial opportunity presented itself: he began touching random transients nobody would miss with his deadly glove, & use the warp blade to cut the gold-that-once-was-blood from their corpses. He could satiate his curiosities about the workings of the flesh by dissecting the corpses, and feed himself with the gold. This would go on like this until he heard something one night, whispering in his dreams...Anthahall, seeking another flesh weaver. But due to his lust for the kind of knowledge this offered, and his propensity for macabre violence, Beej wasn't driven mad by this-he welcomed it
    Beej would go on to become a proficient Fleshweaver, twisting his victims into grotesque nightmares. Then one day, he'd find that if he infused his blood into a living being, he could twist them the same way he would the corpses. The first thing he did was graft the tongue of a cowfrog into his mouth, so he could grab "subjects" easier, and a bought a coat and bag of holding to store the parts for his monstrosities. Sometimes, he wouldn't even cut them up first if he was in a hurry; he'd touch them with his glove, and store their rigid corpse in the realm of holding for later use. His current golem was made a similar way, a wowzer he cut up and stitched with the jaws and skin harvested from one of the Whelplings killed in Den of Devils. His goal is craft the ultimate vessel for Anthahall, whatever or whoever that may be-even if he has to share his own with Anthahall to do it(due to already weaving himself somewhat, he will sometimes converse with Anthahall who he hears freely in his head, adding to his creepy attribute).
    Sorry for the length, just wanted to give a proper feel for the character!

  • If you're still available to do this, here's mine.

    She is a tattoo artist on a pirate ship (her runes are the tattoos), she can speak a bunch of languages, and, she has a special small spell that can turn her into stone. Sort of like a dvergr

    Also, with flexible limbs, the way she places the runes is by placing them on an arrow, then shooting the arrow 5 spaces nearby

    She was an orphan who used to live in a city in Abracadab. She doesn't remember much from her past, just the fact that she had the innate ability to turn into stone, and that She then hanged out with a bunch of Dvergrs, that were into tattoos, which also got her into tattoos. Then eventually she joined a bunch of pirates who were hiring. She got hired because they were impressed by her tattoo skills.

    Then eventually, she got stronger, learned how to make runes. Summoned her own Water spirit (Who is now trusty sidekick), stole an Arcane Rune infused bow, and joined different pirate crews that suited her liking.

    Then her most recent crew, got stranded on an island, have realized tat for some reason, the island is slowly sinking, and are currently trying to look for a way to get off the island, alive.

    Uhh, nothing specific. Maybe something to do with runes?

    Well, what I need is more rp stuff to do. So maybe something that gives me to do more rp things, other than talking and tattoo

    And turning into stone?

    Or something to do with my bow, or ignite

    I actually am not sure  Surprise me!

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    Ok! Sorry it took so long! I got caught up in a unique story from Jak and decided everyone before should get an extra Legendary!!!  :D 

    @Razgrey ; Styx seems to have crafted something with her to keep her company! Not only that, but it seems she's taking a step closer in order to be a better person ... or not!  :)

    custom card

    custom card

    @Razz Luna's musical expertise seems to be getting better every time I hear from her! I heard she gained a new instrument and a fresh package of strings to go with!

    custom card

    custom card

    @Cactus_Jak So it seems that Beej has finally done it, hasn't he? Don't worry, his secrets are kept safe with me, of course. Just keep his monstrosities and materials to himself, okay?

    custom card

    custom card

    Sorry if any of these messages break, or seem to do something incorrectly! I will make sure to fix them if required.
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    @Nene I. Am. BLOWN AWAY. Bravo! I absolutely love it! Thanks so much, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the macabre backstory of Beej! (now i can't wait even MORE to play him in a actual game someday)
  • @Nene
    Also,  for future help

    If a card that you make seems to break,  just remove all apostrophes in the text

    Apostrophes break cards

    If you really need an apostrophe in the card,  just add " %27 " in the text in the link,  where you want to place it
  • @Nene Thanks! I like the way this could effect her story as well. I'm glad Luna won't be worried about needing to hide her face anymore.
  • @Phendrix ;

    Hey, uh ... the cabin boys and I really like your art man. Like, this sweet tattoo you gave to Jimmy, really sick! So, while you were asleep, we took a look at that bow of yours, and it was really something! Not only that, we have a gift for you, we hope this set of ink bottles really makes you apart of the family!  :)

    custom card

    custom card
  • @Nene
    Wowww... that sounds both awesome, and slightly depressing. My friend is a clay figurine or some person that I charm.
    Unless my character is learning to become a better person from that scroll.
  • @Razgrey ;
    Sorry dude, I wanted to make them unique.
     I don't really just like the feel of "You gain a spell that charms people into liking you." because there's already something for that. Your character looks for companionship, (I assume you meant that since kinship means your character wants a new family ...), so I thought some legendaries are meant to be depressing.

    The scroll was really more of a joke one, sort of me just doing an "Overcoming Shyness" reference. I imagine it being difficult for your character to interact with people at all, besides the basic necessities. Sorry if you were disappointed with what you got man.
  • @Razgrey (Beej opens his coat to show fresh cuts and pieces who knows what/who and offers to "make you a friend..." with a really unsettling smile.)
    Sorry to comment unnecessarily, just had this funny mental image of that discussion, and Beej's standing off to the side all creepy and being like "Iiiii can make you a friend..." and found it hilarious.
  • @Nene
    Whoaa.  That's amazing! You know what,  just for that,  I'll give you a tattoo of a Pirate ship. Free of charge  :)

    No but seriously,  these are amazing! 
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    Liliad Grand

    An estranged sun of elven royalty who grew up worshiping Rokesh in a small kobold village. When he came of age he left the village in pursuit of greatness and in hopes of discovering his lineage. He is a skilled tactician who doesn't really get along well with the others around him. He uses his petals aggressively and without thinking. 

  • I once made a character a while ago and I wonder what their item would be.

    The character was a male gnome wizard named Karsephelmah Barumshalfa (Yes, really). He was a foreigner from... somewhere, I never gave it a name. But his backstory was that he was a simple farmhand for his family and was very contempt with his place in the world. That is, until his entire hometown was destroyed by something akin to a mana bomb. Barely clinging to life, he was found by strange members of a Fire Cult that passed through the town often. They saved his life and brought him to their monastery to be trained in their ways. As he grew up he developed a knack for the magic they did, eventually bordering on pyromania. Yet paradoxically, he seemed to be far stronger in physical prowess and brute force than he could ever hope to be with his magic (I made this character under the assumption that damage multiplying passives stacked, and he had A LOT). But that never dissuaded him, and he always insisted on using magic whenever possible and never his strength.

    As said earlier, I made this character a while ago, so I don't actually have his character sheet anymore. All I really remember about it was that he used only fire spells from the wizard pool, had a 5 damage staff, fiery regalia, and passive damage multipliers that could have gotten his base attack up to 120 per hit (Assuming they stack). And he also had what I think was a war drum that could double his damage again if he used an anytime on it.

    I don't have any preference on what his legendary could be, by the way. You can have full creativity there to make it anything.

  • @Sweatingdwarf123 ;

    A package has arrived for you, sir. It says it's from your village, sir. I, hope you don't mind me opening it for you. You need a surprise or two once in a while. Hehe. Anyways, a- Oh my. What a beautiful charm sir! Why here. Let me place it on you!  ~_~

    custom card

    @sargentgrevious ;

    Hello, young disciple. It has come to my attention that you've been working on your training quite well. However, we've noticed that you're having trouble with blending your attacks together. So, I may have ... stolen this artifact from our sacred vault that may or may not help you. Uh, do be careful though. It's quite hard to swing of someone your stature ... 

    custom card
  • Ooh nice I like It! Thanks dude. @Nene
  • Are you ready?
    I'm giving you two, do 'em whenever you like. These ones are more like NPC character that I just threw some cards into, but I will probably make some real ones in the later time.
    Viridian_Bader | theme
    One of the most dangerous witches of her time, the elven prodigy known as Viridian Bader easily and effortlessly secured the status of valedictorian at the prestigious college she attended. She studied rigorously, became popular, and excelled in the use of magic - especially in combat - and for one, very simple reason: she made the battlefield her bitch.

    A few years after college, Bader sought to improve her martial talent and trained with some of the finest sharpswordsmen in the realm, becoming nearly as skilled in swordplay as she was with arcane casting. With this fulfilled, she then set out to the rest of the world to seek out a fulfilling career as one of the finest contract assassins the realm has seen. Today, she supposedly works to make a name for herself in the assassins' league, climbing an unseen ladder and sometimes even eliminating some of the competition to assure further success. With a competitive spirit that's stuck since her college days, it's no surprise Viridian Bader sees the ladder as a game - a challenge that she aims to overcome by any means whatsoever.

    A Weapon or Passive card is greatly desired.

    Willy_Faes | theme
    It's unclear where this man discovered his talent for selling decently useful products, but if you happen to hear a sales pitch going on in the market you might just have a chance to witness Willy Faes in the flesh. There's a good chance you'll walk away with lighter pockets if you listen to the words for long enough.

    Born to a family of mildly exotic ranchers, Willy immediately had a steelbeak thrust into his arms when he became old enough to earn his keep, and from that point hard work became natural to the man. His persuasive skills became apparent when the ranch started to become overcrowded with animals, and many visitors were convinced to bring home exotic beasts they would eventually regret spending money on. A while later, Willy moved out of the ranch, letting his brothers take care of things while he pursued his dream of selling objects of various uses to potential customers. So, if you're ever in the mood to get two of the same thing for the price of one, head down to the bazaar today!

    Give this character... whatever you think works best for them.
  • Steve_bruti 
    Steve bruti also know as steveius "the flagpole" bruti was born in a smallish village with a very high crime rate and decided to join the village militia when he was old enough to help provide for his siblings.
    A few years after he joined up his village was attacked by a large group of bandits who overwhelmed and killed most of his fellow militiamen and managed to hold off and defeat a group of 50 bandits on his own before the rest of the surviving militia arrived and helped rout the remaining bandits afterwards he was recruited by the grand paladin order where he quickly rose threw the ranks and is now one of the most respected members of the order.

    goldroll = 20 :) 
    max stamina = 346  :o 
    if your wondering how i got double well endowed i pulled schizophrenia
  • So is he just extremely well endowed or does he have two well endowed "areas" @Megabozoman
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    @Sweatingdwarf123 Both ... nah but in all seriousness there is a reason he's called THE FLAGPOLE
  • The image in my mind is magnificent @Megabozoman
  • @knguy ;

    After looting a rival of yours, you manage to come across a weapon you've never seen before. As you touch them, they disappear as you search in that spot, only to discover that you know the knowledge on instinct. You've discovered the ability to use a heavily useful assassins tool. 

    custom card

    You've been conned by one of your faithful customers. Your shock and anger fill you with rage, as you remove the wrappings of the item and discover a spitting jug, thought to have been a priceless jar. In frustration, you launch the item into the trash can, only to hear a mysterious noise coming from it. You don't remember a second can being there ... and realize it in shock. Profits are gonna double, baby. 


    custom card


    Your spear has snapped, after that last battle. While it wasn't your primary, you do wish to grab another in case of being disarmed. You decide to head into the armory, passing by many weapons and a random goblet, only to focus your attention on a nice shining spear. You grab and decide to test your weapon, realizing the legend behind this weapon. It wouldn't have been the first time the GPO was missing a relic ...


    custom card
  • @Nene (fair warning i was able to get away with a pretty crazy charatuer when it comes to the race so be preaperd) 
    A young couple who bare the AZ marks of a Sunhold and Moonwolf with both being masters of thier respleced mark element came a cross of a abadon girl with a set ears? Either way they took the girl in and raise it as thier own someone relaishing early on this was a gumohi child but they did not mind. This girl grew up to become a power whilder of both light and dark magic that became into her becomeing a master Sanguina mage. But the peaceful life was not for her so when she was as of age she became a sell sword and found herself on a crew of pirates becomeing the crew good luck charm if you will. 

    I was thing of something on the line of a passive that is a Lucky Fox charm that have been tainted/encahted with blood magic 
  • @Pufflemore ;

    Constant training with her magic, Hazuki has developed her blood spells into her overall performance. From whether it's healing an ally, withering a foe or simply just trying to impress, she's become quite the master at her craft. So much so, that her amulet's acting kind of funny ... giving her a new trick in the mix of things. 

    custom card

    I hope it's too your liking. 
  • @Nene ;
    *whistel* that is a pretty nice charm m8 thank you 
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