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    @Murlin22 Yea its unfortunate. If there was an easy way to scrape the cards page to get the local db, I would. Sadly its not really possible since the card renderer is made in js, rather than it being separate image files for each card.
  • @Bigfoot ;
    yeah. Well let's hope there arnt too many more unique cards in season 3, but season 4 is gonna change everything again since they're getting rid of anytimes and reintroducing interrupts and shields I belive
  • @Murlin22 ;
    yea, this bot is gonna have to go through a lot once they announce S4 changes and put them on the cards page. Here's to hoping it isnt a lot :)
  • Rip the bot, everyone telling him to change. Let him do what he wants 
  • @Murlin22 Nah yea I'm fine with changes, I'm not telling rawb what to do. I was more referring to hoping that card layout isnt changed a whole lot, which would keep things a bit easier for me. I'm still prepping for the worst though. 
  • random spell draw command?  or even companion?
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    @J9970 I'll add it to the list! I plan on making it possible to get a random card of any card type.
  • @Bigfoot Could also be useful to be able to randomly get spells of a certain element for stuff like Elf or the Flameguard shield (If its not too much work)
  • @MasterDJV This is also do-able! I'll add it to the list.


    @ everyone who's given suggestions, thank you. I'll try my best to not disappoint!
  • Heya @Bigfoot ! I talked to my mod who handles bot stuff about your bot and we'd love to give it a test go for our discord! We're not only about Urealms, but we have a group and channels dedicated for discussion about it! If you're still offering that is :)

    If so, let me know! I'll PM you details for discord so we can discuss implementing it! We're a pretty decent sized server (400+) and I know MANY would love to test it out.
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    @Sixelona I'd be happy to give it a test go on your server! Later this week, once more of the features are implemented, I'll message you. Should I PM you on here or on Discord? I'm already in your server (assuming it's Sixlets Shenanigans) :)

    Edit: Not sure if you saw it from my tweet, but if you have time i'd like to commission an icon/profile pic for the bot (a robotic kobold head :) ). If you don't have time it's alright
  • @Bigfoot Sire, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Can't wait to give this bot a spin for myself!
  • So just a question (and sorry if this was asked befor), will you be able to put custom races in, and put those custom races on the charicter sheets. Also will staminia be counted on charicter sheets as well?
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    @Knifu_Waifu Unfortunately, character sheets/custom characters aren't really a possibility. It appears seemingly random how custom characters are generated on the site (although I doubt this is the case, I just cant figure out how it works ;) ) which makes it difficult to implement.

    However, custom cards are supported, which means you can create a custom race and it's abilities and add it to your server using the forum link.


    This bot isn't necessarily to create and store character sheets: it's both difficult to represent in Discord, and it would make things messier (and cause more spam). Think of this as a reference to URealms lore and resources without having to open a browser and go to the website :)
  • @Bigfoot Ok thanks, and I believe the sheets are made by having URL codes to were x in x spot means x card in x spot. At least that's my observation. Oh well thanks for responding, can't wait to see this finished.
  • Anytimes will still be a thing. Limiteds will now take anytimes but you can gain more anytimes from items and stuff like that. *at least I think thats what Rob said* @Murlin22
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    Update! Characters have been fully implemented into their own command/campaign lookups.


    [the 2nd image was removed on the site that hosted it :( ]

    The style/formatting is still subject to change, but I'm happy with how it looks right now.
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    @Bigfoot this looks amazing so far bigfoot. I also loved your previous way of keeping track of all the stam and such. Extremly useful for combats in the threads when I gmed.

    So I can’t wait to see more progress on this  :)
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    @Toruk oh, the spreadsheet thing? ngl I forgot about that somehow :P thanks!

    If theres anything I should add that would be useful for a GM please let me know. :)
  • @Bigfoot I know you plan (or already have) implemented random card draws of a certain category, but it would be cool if we can specify an amount of random cards to draw to reduce spam when we're following "random selection of x" or "draw x"

    Also, if you didn't already plan to, I highly reccomend that the bot be able to draw random mercenary, magical, and beast companions specifically.
  • @GypsyCow specifying an amount of cards should be possible, however i wont be able to show all the info for the cards. I'll probably make it show a list of the names of the cards chosen with links to the site.

    I implemented the different types of companions when I implemented each school of magic, but I don't believe there is a mercenary gem, so I'll have to add those manually.


    Also if spam is a concern, there will be a clear command that will remove recent messages from (and interactions with) the bot in the current channel
  • @Bigfoot The mercenary companion gem is "companion human" in the card creator. Looks like the generic companion gem, but is pink.
  • @GypsyCow Yea i noticed once i started looking through the deck in the tabletop mod :P 
  • Hello everyone :)

    Quick update to announce that everything listed on the Trello has been completed (minus the website)! The bot will be available on Six's discord soon, so keep an eye out. I'll post again here once that happens :)
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    I like to recommend a feature for the mod. Currently i am doing XP with mine group for the meta cards and I would love to have a bot that keeps track of the XP and leveling of each of the players and which meta cards they currently have (at least by name)
  • Great to hear! I can't wait to play around with it!
  • @Spacewalker I'll look in to it! I have a few ideas on how to make it work :)
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    @Spacewalker finished! Each user in your discord can now have a unique "profile" which shows their level, xp, and cards, all of which can be modified by moderators in the server. :)

  • @Bigfoot  ; :D hyped, cant wait to test it out. 

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    Hey everyone!

    The bot is now live on Six's discord server. Try it out in # room-of-silliness (dont spam it anywhere else please :) )

    Within the first half hour we found some bugs already so those are in the process of being fixed right now :^)
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