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Fan animation of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry + map.

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Hey everyone, 

I hope you like that little animation I made because it took me a longer then I expected.
This was the first time for me trying to animate something and I may do more in the future (so if you have any good suggestions let me know).
This is not just a standalone animation. This animation is part of a map I made. You probably already guessed but yeah it is a Tower of Ultimate Wizardry map.
It includes 10 new floors, some are more puzzle and some are just fun silly rooms, a redesigned lobby and a redesigned resting room and a new mechanic to give out legendaries. But everything on his time.
Let first start with how you can play the campaign.  I have made a Tabletop simulator mod, where every room is set up, so as long as you have a clue what you want to do with the rooms, you are good to go. 

So what are the Trick and mechanics behind some of the room you may ask?  I will tell you below, but before you continue, I recommend you only read it when you are planning to GM some of the rooms.
It is, of course, more fun( and easier) to roleplay when you don't know the solutions to the room.  Besides the solution I have provided below are not set in stone. If your players are playing it a different way, but find a good solution, just go with it. Sometimes you need to go with the flow of the party, to keep the pacing. Other time you need to stick with your solution because not everyone is destined to reach the top.

Finally, before we can go to the solution of the map, you are free to mix the maps with other community maps (and in the future mix them with the official room) and start climbing the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and meting Quintara Lotus. The rooms below don't have an order of climbing them.  

To easily to add and remix the campaign, I will also discuss how you can add a room to the room selection tool made by @Grimdrome  ; (I have also provided a link to the map in case you don't want to use the selection tool).


I like to mention the following people, who contributed in some form to this project that almost took a year to finish.
I firstly like to thank @Meganzoor and @NeoReaperXIII for there map assets. Then I like to thank the amazing @Savin ;, he made the music for the animation (send him some love in his music discussion, here). And finally, I like to thank @Danku ; and @Vikenikes  ; for giving feedback and helping me with importing tiles in TTS.

So now that is out of the way, we can jump into the discussion. But you are warned.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


The map

(in case you want to play the room without the selection tool, use this: )

Character Creation.

The tower of Ultimate wizardry is a tall tower which has a series of room build by the powerful wizard who made it to the top and met the Dragon aspect of Arcane, Quintara Lotus.

For character creation, you can do everything. But one of the room is made for 1x1 player tiles. So if you give the players the option to be a black porc or giant blood, you just need to say that it was hit by a reverse enlarge spell when entering that room. For the classes, I would recommend Seeker, wizard, thane,  sea chef, sorcerer, and paladin. But every class can be used.

So item you need to look out for is dungeoneerencyclopedia and bagofjuicybeetles and giant. Those are some cards that can help break some of the rooms. If this is your first time gm'ing, I would recommend you just remove those card from the CC. 

Introduction to the party which you can read aloud.

"You and your party decide to climb the tower of ultimate wizardry. A tower filled with puzzle and traps. Only the most creative and most powerful wizard and witches reach the top of this dangerous tower and are able to meet one of the dragon aspects, Quintara lotus. She will grant you one wish when you reach the top of the tower. And so what is your character motive to reach the top of the tower? And how did you party meet each other?

The first question the player doesn't need to answer right away, as long as it is answered before character introduction. But the second question should be answered before anyone choice a race. Of course, this can change during the cc. Especially after cornerstones and attribute.That's why its handy to ask again after the attributes are given out.

The Lobby

So the campaign starts off outside the lobby. The players start introducing their character. Some questions that are good to know are: What is the character motive to climb the tower? And is it a smart character? Or is it the opposite? And how did the characters meet each other? I leave that last question to mine players. One time they were from a school, the other time they were sent by a cult and one time they were paired together in the lobby.

So after they have introduced their character, they can do some roleplay. But after some time they will move into the lobby. The walls are infused with energy, causing a constantly glowing effect. The players will walk up to the person behind the desk. This person will introduce himself as Nodiss Tarcial'embeart.( I mostly play this character as Squidward kind of character, strict by the rule, just that things keep running. He talks in a French accent. But free to change this up. He doesn't have an important backstory for any of the room.) He will ask if they want to climb the tower. If they want, he will give them each a contract, which they need to sign. It just contains legal stuff, like the tower cant be held responsible for physical and psychological damage done by the tower. Also, the tower can't be held responsible for your death. The rest you can make up on the spot if the players ask, like some tree law for example or there is a line that says you own your first born child to Quintara lotus or there is a line about how you can't reclaim your lost items. Just make something up if the situation says so. 

After the characters have signed,  they may need to pay an entree tax, this can be a roleplay tax or CC gold tax. The last is more for a gm that want to see the character grow in strength. But to do that, it sometimes best to start with a little less stronger character, which in turn can be done by an entree tax on the tower. This gold can also serve to give player hint tokens if their characters are not able to figure out the solution to the room.(Character most of the time don't buy them during CC)

After the party is done with Nodiss, they will wait in the lobby until the portal is ready to take them to the first floor. This gives the players time to roleplay some more, and look through the lobby. 

The players can interact with the portals, the green portal will take the player to the next room, but only opens when Nodiss says so. The red portal will take the player to last room they visited, or in this chase to the Zarlin catacombs. The Purple portal is only available for people who have reached the top of the tower. So they can visit there room they are building. But people who haven't beaten the tower, but step into the portal will need to death roll.

The players can also interact with the items, The sword is a legendary sword, if the players steal them they can get it, but you can also just draw a random weapon. The green gems are just gems found in the catacombs. The purple stone was also found in the Catacombs but has the property to increase the damage and range of spells by five.

The final thing is to let the players jump through the green portal and go to the first floor of the Tower of ultimate wizardry. (The following rooms arent in order to do)

The Amazing Room

So as you can see it is just a maze, and not a difficult one. But keep in mind you and your players are old gods and so you can see the maze from above. But the character, on the other hand, will feel lost after some turns (because ever corridor and corner will look the same as the last corridor and corner), especially after the next event.

So in every corner, there is a lever. When pulled the maze will soundless change. Leaves will grow to close some corridors and leaves will shink to make new corridors. But how will you change the map? This is why I, in the end, choose for Grimdrome selection tool. It makes it less awkward, loading in a new map. Just click on the selection tool and select part 2 of this map. From point of view of the old gods, the maze will just rotate 90 degrees. With this change, the corners will not change. So the one who pulled the leaver will not notice the change And most time the other players will need to roll to see if they notice the change in the maze. This depends on where they are in the maze. After this, the maze can change 3 more times.The last time it will be the same as when the party first entree the room. When all levers are pulled, a portal will show up in the middle of the room. This is also the spawn place when the players first entree the room.

So a few things to remember when you are gm this room. If a player tries to see over the maze, they will see an infinite maze, what may stun them for a little bit. If they try to watch the maze they can make out 4 reddish light in the maze.This reddish light can be everywhere ( but I almost always put them in the corner because the red light indicates the unturned leavers.(The light will turn off when the lever is pulled)

If this player tries to jump on the top of the leaves they get electrocuted, what will do 25 damage up to a death roll. it is up to your gm style. The reason the player get electrocuted is that it is a counter mechanic so players don't cheat and break the trees and move throw the maze easily. 

Something else I like to include is chests. This forces players to walk into dead end even if they know there isn't anything there. In the chest can be random potions or random spell scroll(no legendary) or even a random weapon or random treasure  or a random accessory (some of the fan expansions has accessories)

So you think!!

The players will spawn in close to the wall. A character that has been to the Zarlin Catacombs will recognize the design. The design was inspired/made by a Beenu (maybe this room is made by Beenu). On the wall, there are panels with 5 light lamps. And there are 9 colored pressure plates in the middle of the room. When a player steps on one of the pressure plates and then step off. The puzzle will start. The first light on the four panels will light up violet.  After this, a loud sound will play indicate the next sequence of color. The panel goes out for a second before a light show will start on all the 4 panels. This light show will indicate the sequence of pressed pressure plates. The panels can show different colors or the same colors at the same time. When the panels show different color, it means that those pressure plates need to be pressed at the same time. If all the panels show the same color then only that panel needs to be pressed. If the correct order is pressed a second violet light will show up on every panel and continue with the next order. But if the order is done incorrectly, all the players will be blown against the wall, taking 15 damage. Then the order will be shown again, and give the players another chance to doing the order.

By every correct sequence, the next sequence gets harder. In total, all 5 light needs to light up violet before the portal will open up.

I have added a premade sequence sheet, which I have added to the mod. But it is more fun to make your own order system. 

Example for order

  1. Just step on a random pressure plate and off, to start the room.
  2. All panels will show, Red then White and then Dark blue. So just one player can walk across all those 3 panels to complete this order. The violet light will only show up when this player has walked off the dark blue panel. After this a sound will play, to indicate the start of the third sequence.
  3. Two panels ( north and south panel) will show a yellow color, but at the same time, the other 2 panels will show a green color. This mains that green and yellow need to be pressure at the same time (or almost the same time). The yellow panels will change to grey, while the green panels will change to pink. After this, the grey panels will change to black, while the pink will change back to green. After this, the 2 violet light will show up again(meaning the end of the sequence). So to recap, there are two players needed and they need to pressure different pressure plate at the same time. One needs to do green - pink - green, will the other does yellow- grey - black. Again, this order ends when all players have moved off the pressure plates without touch another pressure plate.
  4. Two panels ( north and south panel) will show a red color, but at the same time, the other 2 panels will show a pink color. After this, the red panels will change into one yellow and one white color, while the pink color will change to one green and one black. After this, all panel will show a grey before going back to 3 violet lights( meaning the end of the 4 order). So to recap, two players need to start at the red pressure plate while 2 other players at the same time press the pink pressure plate. Then each player will move onto one of the neighbor's pressure plates ( white, yellow, green, black). Then just one player needs to move onto the grey panel, while the other move off their pressure plate, back on the ground at the same time. Don't give a hint(unless someone uses a hint token), sometime more than one player will move onto the grey pressure plate, making it more difficult to finish this order in one try. Now the last person on the grey pressure plate needs to find a way to leave the grey pressure plates without touching any of the other pressure plates. He could try to jump over the pressure plates or use blink or another teleport spell. There are enough possibilities for that player, So he doesn't need help figuring it out. 
  5. The last order before the portal shows up. Every panel starts out showing different colors. You start by asking the players to which panel they were looking at, and then just saying which order they saw. If they aren't watching all panels then they already lost this order. So let's start with the north panel, this one will show yellow - grey- green- pink. The east panel will say light blue - yellow - yellow  - red. (This will give some confusion because the yellow will just stay on longer, just say to the player, yelllllllllllow instant of just yellow. They need to figure out by roleplay that yellow was on longer and so need to stay on top of yellow while other people move on to different pressure plate.) The south panel will show, white - grey - yellow - black( So at some point 2 people are standing on yellow, because of this, he cant stay at grey pressure plate because otherwise it will fail the order, and they need to try again. This also gives some confusion to the character on the yellow pressure plate> Who maybe will move just out of an impulse, onto the red pressure plate. This can happen when the order isn't talked through correctly.) The west panel will show,  Green - white - red - yellow. If this is done correctly, everyone needs to move off their panels without touching any of the other pressure plates. After this, the portal will show up( just on the ground, not on top of the pressure plates).
Note, if you make your own order, Just write it down somewhere, so you at least can repeat and check the correct sequence.

The First Rodeo

So this is probably one of mine favorite rooms, just because of the backstory I came up with. This room symbolizes the First Rodeo, what happened sometime after the Birth of Magic. The six dragon aspects split into different personalities and creating each there own different schools of magic. 

But the first Rodeo wasn't a fight against Goldstand, the dark magic dragon. No, the First Rodeo was a battle between Vlaurunga and Yvander.  After the birth, one of the dragons turned into a pyromaniac, will the other one turn into a cryomaniac. One of them wants to see the realms burn, will the other one wanted to see the realm freeze. The conflict really started a few years after the Birth of magic.

The two dragon came into conflict and started a conflict that would end the realm for good. Killing almost every living being. Villages from before the birth of magic were totally destroyed, erase from the world, as if it never were there. To bring back order in the chaos, the grand paladin order was created.  They knew they could not kill the dragons.

So they decide to bring balance to the six dragon aspects and ended up creating this sanctuary. 

So about the room, the players will spawn in the bottom of the room. They will first notice that they are in an underground room with three alter, with two of them having a flame on top of them. Of course, each resembles the two dragons. One fire and the other ice. Then they will notice the two (grand) paladin (order) statue.

So the first thing the players will do is go to the flames. If they get to close, I will let them death roll, because what would you aspect when you are standing beside divine dragon flames. (just look at the glow, if they are in the glow area, they get cold/warm and will take damage and are forged to death roll). After someone does a spell or are inspecting the statue the statues will come alive.

The party will temporarily be silenced and stunned (mostly so the players doesn't interrupt you in the next bit). The statue will tell the players their story about how they ended up here. But in a Rhyme and each will say 2 sentenced then the other one will tell the next two sentence and so on. The rhythm will tell what the party needs to do next. To bring order back to the room, so every school of magic is represented. The only thing that is missing is chaos, aka arcane. Because if you look at the map, the flame represents: fire and light. The room is underground, represent earth. The paladin statues have each a shadow. representing dark magic. So the only thing missing is chaos/arcane. 

Of course, they are in the tower of ultimate wizardry and that should count as chaos, but keep in mind maybe this just a story, made by a wizard. So anything goes. So to bring chaos into the room, the hat rat should be killed. When killed he will drop a spell scroll. The spell can't be read before the paladins have spoken their words. So if the players kill the hat rat before, it will still drop a spell scroll, but it will be in an ancient language. 

So after getting the spell scroll. they just need to cast the spell on the middle alter and the portal will open.

If the party fails to cast the spell, the spell scroll will burn up. After some time, another hat rat will just spawn. And they can get another spell scroll.

If a player rolls a 20, they will learn the spell.

custom card

So  you are probably asking, Is this the only solution to the room". No, but I think it is the mostly fittingg one. The player will try to merge together the two flames. This could be another solution to the room, if you allow it. (again, try not to be fix on just one solution. try to keep you pacing).

Another option is if you have sea chef in your party. The sea chef has the ability to cast mystery meat. This is a fire/ice spell. If they try to make there one flame with this. And they have a good reason why they want to burn the mystery meat. You could also allow this to be the solution to the room.

After they cast the flames, load in part 2 of this room, This just shows the flame on the middle altar.

The Dragonic Stone

The players will spawn somewhere at the bottom of the room. They will find themselves in the castle looking room. On the wall, there are the numbers 821, constantly repeating. This because this is room 821. In the middle of the room, there are 7 alters with each a gem looking area on them.

Why seven? Probably 7 is magical number in Urealms. After a few second the party will notice the gem on the wall and the armor stand and chest against the wall. 

The players are free to inspect the room. They will find different stuff. So let's start with the alter, it has a hole that looks like it can hold a gem. But if you count the gems in the room, there are more gems than alters. So which gem do the players use and which ones are fake?  The gems they need to get are the gems that indicate the six dragon aspects. If the players can't figure out what they need to do, play some dragon music or dragon sound. 

Because there are two blue gems, one light blue and one dark blue. One is correct and the other one is incorrect. In this case, the light blue gem is the ice gem. The next question is,  which gem needs to go in the which alter.

The six gem need to go in order of the dragon aspect spectrum. But the most north alter isn't for the light gemstone (white stone). Because the order has been rotated.(Keep in mind the map for an old god point of view, but for the character point of view it will just seem like there isn't a correct order. They even don't know what wall faces north.  The pedestals are pointing to the center of the room. But because this isn't a 3D room, it looks like everything is pointing to the north.)

Let start with the light gem, it is the white gem on the wall.  Under the gem, it has the number one. If a player inspects the alters, at the bottom of the alters, there are numbers( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 64) on every alter. The six outmost alters, has numbers 1 to 6 on them. The east north one has the number one on it. If a player puts the white stone in this alter, the gem will light up, indicating that the gem is placed correctly. (if one of the other gems is place in this alter, the gem and alter will not light up)

The next gem is the fire gem ( you can also do earth, ice, dark or arcane after the light one). This one is located by the armor stand, above the fire gem, the number 3 is carved into the wall. Indicating that the fire gem needs to be placed in the alter number three. 

The next gem to find is the ice gem( this is the light blue gem), it is also behind the armor stand. On the right arm of the armor stand, there is the number 6. Again place the ice gem in the alter number six.

The next is the earth gem. This gem is on the ground. Of course, then, the hint where the earth gem needs to go, is placed in the earth. If you pressed alt. You can zoom into the room. If you focus on the green gem, you will see the number four into the ground. Indicating that the earth gemstone needs to go into the altar with the number four on it.

The dark and arcane gems don't have any hints. The dark need to be placed opposite to the light gem. And the arcane in the opposite to the earth gem. 

After the six gems are placed correctly, the middle alter will sink and on top of it will open a portal.

But wait, you are probably wondering what the chest is for. If the players are too quick with completing this room, this room can be extended. 

The first thing that needs to be done, is unlocking the chest, which is protected by magic, so it can only be open by the right password. To find the password, the players need to look at the wall.

The password is made out of  3 numbers. It is not 821. But on the wall, there is one brick that says 621. This brick is in the lower right corner. (You can see it clearly when you press alt in TTS). If this password is entered into the lock, it will open. When the player opens the chest, it is empty. But when a player puts a dragon aspect gemstone on top of the chest and opens it again, it will have a spell scroll of that dragon aspect gemstone in it. (There can only be one spell scroll per school of magic at the time, and players will lose those spell scroll when they take them to another room). Now the party just need to place an item or cast a spell at the respected school alter.  After ever alter has gotten their correct school of magic. The middle alter will sink and a portal will show up on top of it.  Here is the role of the chest a safety mechanic, in case the party doesn't have all the schools of magic in their party.  

The house in the middle of the valley.

So the party will spawn in the corner of the room. They will see a house and a small lake in a valley. If they would look at the sky, they will see a couple of clouds but also a beautiful ski. The clouds are moving across the sky. This would be weird if they release they are still in the tower of ultimate wizardry.

The party will probably move into the house. The inside of the house looks like a little shop, but nobody is home. But after some time, or if one of the players says shout "Hello", an old man will appear out of nowhere, behind the counter. He will ask the party if they want to buy something. 

He mostly sells random potions( mostly bad potions) or random accessories( just look through fan mods, there are enough of them). After this, the old man( who is called Pedler) will tell "Do you want to buy the key to solving this room?"

This key can't be bought with gold but by knowledge. If the players are willing, they give there hand, and the old man will suck some knowledge out of them. They will not miss something. it will not feel like something is missing. But when they try to cast a spell or use one of there passive. Thiknowledgede is stolen. If every player pays in knowledge. The old man will give one of the players a gold key and say:" Go to the basement door, where you will find the lock for this key. Make a jump of fate, through the surface, and you will end up in the water".  This key will open the basement door. When this door is open. It will show a void. When a player jumps into this void, they need to death roll. If they survive, they will fall out of the sky, onto the grass of the room. (Another version of this door, this that it send them back a few floors. so the remaining players will not know what happened to this player unless they follow. )

The solution to this room is just to jump into the lake. The lake isn't a lake. The surface is just water, with some fish in it. But if a player jumps in the lake, they will sink through this layer and hit the portal, which chases them to be suck throw the portal and disappear from this room, into the next room. 

Because this is a water portal. I mostly use the island next.

The Island

The players will spawn in the water. They will walk to the island. If they will look at the room they will see a thick mist so 10 spaces from the island There aren't any walls in this room, there is an infinite ocean. So if the players try to swim away from the island, they can. But they will not encounter anything.

This is a perfect opportunity for some role play. After some time, grab vortex of water out of the bag. This tile is just a 1 by 1. Lay it by the mist(just pick a spot) and shot it slowly at the island ( So move it some spaces every round or every few minutes). On impact with the island. The vortex will change to a vortex of sand. At this moment spawn a new vortex in the water( a different spot as the last vortex). And repeat this process multiple time.

Well, the players are roleplaying, one of them hears a whisper. If the party has a passive that turns down charms, you can do a few things. The first thing is that the charm doesn't go off, which is a good way the party can beat the room. Or only one person get charmed for this one moment. Or you charm the companions(because those aren't protected by the charm passive, at least in mine opinion)  or you just go with the fact that this is the tower of ultimate wizardry and it can override some passive, for a little bit. 

If this player is charmed, he/she will slowly feel anger toward the party, and probably start to attack the other party members. With the goal to kill the other players.  In the meantime, the vortexes start spawning from the water. Those vortexes are created by a whisper snake. This whisper snake doesn't get above water. But if the players succeed in killing this whisper snake, a portal will open up. (most of the time player will shot random spells at the water. Only on a  20 hit the whisper snake and kill it. Or if they use a spell capture the whisper snake, then it will also work.The whisper snake has only 15 stamina, so damage is not the problem. The problem is trying to hit the whisper snake. That's why players will succeed in killing the whisper snake when they roll a 20.) 

If a vortex goes under a player, this player will be stunned and take 30 damage(or make it a death rolls if you feel that you need more death rolls in your campaign). Those vortexes can also be used to transport players back a few rooms.(Throwing players is fun the first time, but is not great for the pacing of the campaign, if you do it too much.)

To recap, find the whisper snake and kill it before it convinces the party to killing each other.

To help a player with getting angry at the others. I say that the room makes them feel like they are stuck in this room for days, even if the just arrive in this room a couple of minutes ago.

The Numeric python

Okay, so this is more a puzzle for a party filled with Nisovan character. But that doesn't mean that a porc party can't solve this puzzle. It mostly depends on the mix of the characters in your group. So the puzzle is really simple. It is just a 10 by 10 sudoku.( Just a recap what a sudoku is. The objective of a sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. But in this case, the subgrids are a 2x5 and the digits are 1 to 10 instead of 1 to 9). But now you are probably asking. But Space, do the players solve a sudoku in meta? You could do that. But then I would turn it into a bonus room which gives the player some treasure when they complete it. But if your group is a mix of Nisovan then they can easily figure out the solution to the room.  But if you don't have a Nisovan group in your party, then you can play the room as follows.

The only thing the players need to do is to write down the numbers of the red area. This can probably be done by just writing it on this red area with chalk from the room. This will cost some time to find the numbers, but this sudoku isn't to difficult to solve(  As Gm you have the answers. Which you can find in the bag of this room in the TTS mod. This solution is for the whole sudoku). Another way the party can solve the room is just by shouting three times, 1 to 10 (the sentence or just saying 1,2,3....8,9,10 three times). Another way the party can easily get the answer to this room is jumping on the empty spaces. The empty space will light up with a number, equal to the amount of time the player jump on it. If the correct number is currently in the space, it will turn green. if not correct it will just stay white make the tile green. So if a player jumps to many time, they will just see a green flash. Indicating that they passed the correct number. They can even change back a correct space, into a wrong space, by jumping on it again. For example, 5 is the correct number, and I jump again on top of it, it will change to 6 and will no longer light up green. After all empty tiles are turned green the portal will show up.  

The last solution is mostly when you see the players are trying to solve the room in meta, and you don't want them to. So if one of the players use an ability, like let's say blink, this accidentally causes him to fall down a little bit on an empty space, causing the panel to light up. This is mostly just solution to keep the pacing in the campaign and keeping the players from solving the room in meta. But it is also okay if players don't figure out the puzzle. Not everyone can reach the top of the tower. Not every character is meant to visit Quintara Lotus.

The Blood Room

The party will spawn, at the bottom left rock. In the room, there are four Bloodcobra and one Bloodqueen. The Bloodqueen and Bloodcobras don't see the party yet (but start the room off with soft combat).They are sleeping/ looking at different parts of the room, except the part where the players are standing. The players will see that they are on a big rock, which in itself is in a lake of blood. They can make out from the Bloodqueen and Bloodcobras, that the lake of blood isn't a deep lake.  Around them, the walls are made of a waterfall, but instead of water, it is made out of blood. Behind the blood fall, is a concrete wall(which is colored red). The players will probably jump to other rocks. But if they fail the jump, they will fall in the blood, which case poisoning. After player used there actions, a portal will open up at the other side of the spawn area (just like in the image below). The party needs can sneak to get in the portal. But will probably attack the -cobra and blood queen. Whenever a player jumps into the portal. The portal will close again. The next portal will show up whenever one of the blood creatures is killed. The portal will then show up in another corner of the room.

The blood cobra mostly will send out blood balls. I provided the companion cards. But the damage is not good enough for a boss fight. So follow the companion cards but add 15 damage to every Bloodcobra's companion card. Beside the Bloodcobra have 50 stamina. But also get healed equal to the amount of damage they do (look at the companion passive of the Bloodcobra, which I provide in the mod).

The Queen can also use her companion abilities. But again add 20 damage to ever companion card. Besides this see has 200 stamina and some fun extra abilities. Those abilities I got from @JukeInTheBox expansion
(here). One of them is the blood vortex. This created  2 by 2 blood vortex, which can send people back to a previous room or can do what the card says.

The problem/trap in this room is that if /character are selfless, it is possible the last 2 creature will kill the last player. This player is most of the time the weakest in combat.

The Qeeun

The players will spawn in the bottom of the room.  They will see they are in a dwarven castle throne room. So dwarf who have lived for long will know that this is Maetrine castle. This castle is close to a volcano. That's why the wall has a reddish color to it. At the throne, there is a dwarven queen. But the throne of the king is empty. Only his crown lays on the throne. The queen is crying. At this moment the players will probably approach the queen, asking if she is okay. See will still crying but saying "my king.... my beloved king".  After some roleplay,  she will say" oh mine poor son......they killed him". And she will cast a spell. This spell summons a ghost version of the prince. The prince will be confusion at the start, in a panic about the darkness he saw a long time. This is mostly a conversation between the prince and the queen.This conversation doesn't last long, because the prince will stop speaking when he sees the party. If a player interrupts the conversation between the prince and the queen, the prince will turn his head and see the party and cause him to stop the conversation with his mother. When the prince noticed the party, he will start to scream and saying " Ahww kill them mom.....before they allow me to be killed again" (This is a little bit meta. Because the character didn't kill the prince. But in some way the old gods are responsible for his death. Because he died, so the old god got their beloved entertainment).

The Queen will jump from here throne, growing to a large title. The armor stand will come alive, glowing in a purple aura. Those armor stand can't be killed unless a spell like dispell magic is used on them. Other spells will just stun the armor for a round. The armor stand can only do 15 piercing damage. 

The queen has also some fun spells. Some are silly, like gravity turn. Which is an limited, so it is a free action for the Qeeun. And some of the other abilities are more to kill the party. (Again I found those abilities from @JukeInTheBox expansion (here,) The Queen has 500 stamina and got one action per round and has 5 anytime actions in total. The portal will open up when the Queen is killed. During the fight ghost version of the prince is just watching the fight. He doesn't do anything, and can't be removed from the room by a regular spell( unless someone use dispells magic).

Although the room is designed for combat, you can always add some roleplay solution to this room. Like, when someone breaks the crown, the queen is killed and the portal shows up. Another version of the room is that you skip combat and make every male character feel an urge to claim the crown. When someone put the crown on his head, he will get super charmed too the queen. Became a puppet, until someone breaks the crown or calm down the queen, so moves on after the death of the king. 

The Resting Room

So just as the name says, the resting room. Nothing special about this one. But when Rob release the first tower map(or the second, because those have the same resting room), you have two resting room. So you can alternate the resting room or make one of them an actual room. For example, you need to sleep to go to the next room or you need to try not to sleep. (Probably it would turn in a Dreamweaver room) 

How to get legendary?

So I have come up with a cool mechanic that helps you give out legendaries. Starting by completing the first floor of the Tower, each player will roll a dice when it jumps through the portal. As you probably already expect, whenever a player rolls a 20 on this dice, it gets its chance to unlock his legendary. Because this is the tower of ultimate wizardry, 19 for this roll also count as critical. So whenever a player rolls a critical, the portal will change color right before he/she jump through it( this can't be interrupted) and he/she will be sent to " The battle of the price room". Only one person can go to this room at the time. So if another person rolls a critical in the same room, he will be sent after completing the next room to the "The battle of the price", unless he rolls a critical failure( He still needs to roll when he jump throw the portal the second time).

But what if a person rolls a critical failure on this dice roll. Then the portal will turn reddish color just before he/she jump in, and will be sent to the "punish room". And because this is the Tower of ultimate wizardry, two will also count as critical failures on this dice roll.  Compared to "the battle of the price room" this room focus is to get the player killed. This doesn't mean forcing brutal death rolls, but it just brings a mixture of pressure to the campaign. An extra change that the character can die.  This room can be accessed multiple time, compared to the " the battle of the price "room, which can only be accessible as long as the character didn't obtain there legendary in that room.  Finally, multiple characters can be sent to the punish room at the same time, compared to "the battle of the price" room, where only one person at the time can go. 

Keep in mind both rooms are special, so if players are sent to one of those rooms, the other players will wait in the portal(not knowing that they are waiting) until everyone has re-entered the portal or died. This is mostly so that every character can explore the next room at the same time. (At least this how I did it, feel free to not use it)

The Battle of The price

So you are probably wondering how this room works, let first off by saying, that the picture above isn't hundred percent correctly. Because in the picture the audience is missing.  The reason I have left them out of the picture is that the audience is filled with "old gods", each having their name on a title, having a skin of there own. Most are random but some I have chosen for a reason, just because I think they have earned it. Some of them did awesome work of this community, others help by supporting me. So to not spoil the surprise, I have kept out the audience. You can see it whenever you open up the mod. There are 50 people in the audience. I couldn't fit more, other which there would be more. 

But back to the mechanic of the room, so after the player has rolled a critical success, it will spawn on top of the podium, with a spotlight pointed at him/her. He/she will be separated from the party. At the side of the podium,  the character can see the portal. At this moment the character can choose to go throw the portal or stand there, and just perform. If the player decides to run through the portal because it is playing to the character, it should be rewarded (like give him a legendary at a later time or when he visits again, there will be a voice-over explaining the situation). But if the player decides to stand and perform for the old god, it will have 4 actions ( his normal action and his three anytime) and one move action. Hereby will the limiteds also cost action( because it still cost time to do cast this ability, and the player has just a preset time to perform).

After the player is done performing, you will decide how he did.( Technically the audience will decide, but you control the audience unless one of the old gods is a player at your table and so you almost control the hole audience. ) I mostly decide on three things. The first thing is how creative was he/she with the performing and how well did this math with the character. The second thing is, how well did he/she roll. If she/he rolled only 20, then the audience is going wild and is loving the performance, even if the player isn't original with the performance. So, in general, I count up all the dice rolls and see how much they got compared to the total they could have rolled. So by 4 actions, they could have roll 4 time 20. So they could collect a total of 80 points. I set the default winning point by 50. Hereby you first count up the rolls. Then you give the bonus point for the creativity of the performance. This can be 1 to 10 points. Count this up by the roll points. Then if there is an old god in the audience, who is also playing, he can give a maximum of 5 points. Count this up by the other points, and see if it got more then 50 points. If it got, then he/she unlock there legendary.

The third I look at is how some of the action impact the audience and so the score. So let say for example the player tries to charm the audience ( I don't know if that would work by old gods, that is up to the gm) but rolled a critical failure. In this case, I will still let him finish his performance but the chance he would win is almost zero. Because he just charmed the audience into disliking his performance.

So, in general, I let the player still finish there performance,( unless they try something and chase them to be stunned) even if they roll badly. Because even if they not win. The next time they roll a critical success when jumping through a portal, they can try again (and that chance will be there because there is a 40 percent chance someone will end up in this room after they finish a room). So if you do like an actual climb to the top, they have multiple chances to end up in this room. So don't feel bad to judge the performance hard.

The final thing about this room is, what if you play this map just as a one-shot campaign,  where you don't have time to make legendaries. Don't worry mine friend, I have got you. I have made a legendary deck for this room. It mostly contains legendaries for Urealms live( mostly because this is an old god room). But there are also legendaries from Here which are made by the community. Most of the time the players cant do anything with those legendaries because it those fit there character, but you need to remember that this is just a random gift. Because what would you expect from a contest? For example in the deck, there is an option to get a tambok ticket. This isn't the most excited legendary for a player, but with the current lore, a tambok ticket is something every character wants to have.

So if a player has gotten there legendary from this room they can't entree this room again. Only the punishing room can be entree multiple times.

The punish room

So the lava room has become a crucial part of the climbing experience of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. And is currently the only room that has killed someone. At least we know off. So If a player rolls badly, and got sent to the punishing room, they will need to parkour over the lava. Sadly the lava room isn't released yet. So until that happened, use the blood room. You can go with the same rules as the lava room( which were, you roll to jump to one of the stone or use magic to get across. When you roll low, you will fall into the lava. But you can use you anytime to save your self. If you can't save your self, you need to death roll. I mostly start by one and just slowly let it count up to 20. This resets back to zero after they got some rest.)

But you can also make it so, every time they hit/ touch the blood, they will get hit by a no-roll random spell (you can even select school of magic). Because the blood of old gods can do strange things.  It can heal the player, but can also kill the player.  If they take to long to get out of the blood, they get hit by another no-roll random spell.(and again if they are just swimming in it just hit them again). This is mostly to keep the pacing. You don't want to wait too long because there are other players in your group. You also hit them again, when they fail to get out of the blood. So when they failed an action.

The goal of the room is to try to kill the players, but not extensively. You don't want to let all you character die after a few floors. But you also don't want a campaign, where death is worthless. You just want to give the player the feeling that their character could die at any given moment. 

How to add more Rooms

When you right-click on the selection tool, go to scripting and then click on lua editor. Then check if you are in the right script( you need to be in the Urealms script). If you are in the right script, Scroll down. You will see something the same as the image below.  The only thing you need to know is the that the first thing between second { } symbols, is the name of the room(don't delete the " "). In the desc =" " part, insert the name of the maker of the room. And in the url = " " you insert a link to the room. The size doesn't matter. It will upscale.   But I found you can just easily add more rooms to this list. But not remove rooms without crashing the script. So if you want to add some rooms to the campaign, just change the following sentence and insert it below the last room bit(what currently is{name="insert floor name", desc="insert name", url="", used=false}.

{name="", desc="", url="" , used=false}

Again this tool was created by @Grimdrome .


  • I saw "Thicc booty" in one of the elven words at the end there :P

  • Wait what were the words
  • The map itself is fantastic. Wasn't there a stairwell leading to the zarlin catacombs though?
  • That was a real cool promo, and as someone that has played this map: It was a super fun campaign too. (i might just be saying that cause i won the prize first try, though)
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  • Love the animation! Well done my dude :heart: 
  • no there isn't a word in the animation that says "thicc booty" @TamTroll ;

    @Sweatingdwarf123 ;
    those words are in elvish, but I will leave the translation up to the community.

    Yes there was a stairwell in Rob's tower lobby room, but I resigned the lobby. The stairwell is the big thing I change. But don't worry, you can still roleplay your way into the catacombs. 

    @magnetised @NeoReaperXIII ; Thx, I appreciate the nice words :smile: 

    @Grimdrome ;
    if you have any question, feel free to ask 
  • I downloaded the map to see what the maps are like and the button that lets you load maps in a or have them random is so cool it would be interesting to see if you get a good number of maps and have a party plays to play to see how far they get and you could have a fun game of seeing how far a team can get
  • @Spacewalker
    I hate myself for taking the time to read every single word, well done though
  • Short and sweet animation^^ GJ Spacewalker! What kind of program did ya use for the animation?:)
  • @xXDeathblade226 ;
    There are more tower maps out there, 
     here (which also use the selection tool) and here (which doesn't use the selection tool) ;) .
    All the words from the animation or did you read the whole threat? :D .

    @JackOfTheFlames ;
    Thank man, I use a combination of software for the animation you see above. But for the actual animating stuff, I used Adobe Animate CC. (I know you use Krita and I saw that you can make an animation with Krita. but i haven't tried it myself yet)
  • edited April 2018
    @Spacewalker Does this answer your question?
    The tower can't be held responsible for physical and psychological damage done by the Tower Of Ultimate Wizardry and reserves the right to deny access to the tower in case the goal is to harm Quintara Lorus or waste her time this includes journalists who want to interview Quintara for an exotic story

    To climb the tower you need to pay thousand gold entree fees 
  • edited April 2018
    @Kingedyou ;
    yes, that answered the question :). I hope you enjoyed translating it as much as I had creating it.
    The missing word was "pay (thousand)" but I forgot to place a space in between the words.
  • Elvish correction - you don't use capital letters unless it's at the start of a sentence. Otherwise, great job! @Spacewalker
  • Wow, I am floored (no pun intended). This map looks like one of Megan's own maps. Excellent work! I'm excited to see what people can do with the floor adding system that @Grimdrome made. I hope to see many new floors to add to the ever-growing collection I have.
  • @Snarky ;
    Thanks  for the information, i updated the video. It should be correct now. If you spot any other mistake, let me know :)

    Thank, it took me a long time too finish it.  :)
  • So cool to see this finished! The map looks awesome :)

    Nice work! 
  • This is really cool! I loved the effect on the portal! Nice work!
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    @Savin ; thx man, i had fun working with  you on the animation. i am thinking about making a small animation for the song of dragons. But that will be a plan for later. 

    @Sixelona ;
     :) thank, i appreciate you saying that. The portal was trick to figure out how to animate it, but after learning the tools it was not that trick. I you can share some of your awesome animate tricks in one of your streams soon.
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