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Wiki Wishlist

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So the URealms Wiki is an ever evolving and ever expanding project, and we'd like to know your guys' opinion on some things! How do you guys think we can improve the Wiki, and if you have any suggestions, what are some things we could potentially implement to make the Wiki even more better for the Buffalo Wizards and the people! 

I'd like to hear your comments/concerns/feedback! 



  • The faces you click on under the character section is a bit confusing. Aside from that, I use the Wiki every day, especially with these new forums, and you guys are great!
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    @snarkyslytherin Any particular reason you think that the character selection is confusing? Anything we can do to improve it or any problems you are running into? -Pillowkeeper, Wiki Moderator
  • Give a little more of the relations between character, and just more info about characters in general.
  • I think something that would help is to set up where each organization within the world would have its own page with the character faces of each person who is a member can be seen. Sorta like what you do with each campaign on the character page. The one piece wiki does this sorta thing already as well.
  • @Pillowkeeper ; with the Character Viewer is what I'm talking about. I wish their names were under it, because I don't always remember what characters look like. Additionally, it's kinda slow to load on my computer. A list-version with names instead would be great! Or just the option, really.
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    @snarkyslytherin ;
    If you hover over their portrait, the picture will fade and their name will pop up!
  • @Emperor It's still really slow and not obvious. Sometimes I'm looking for a specific character, and it's a little annoying. Probably just me being crazy though, and nothing to worry about. :)

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    I mean just like a page dedicated to Albert and why he's the best URealms character I can't really think of anything, all though I will say nice job on the wiki, so very useful ~_~
  • @snarkyslytherin So I get what you mean about looking for certain characters, and I've added a toggle names button. Thanks so much for your feedback!
  • @snarkyslytherin but if you're looking for a specific character then you can put their name in the search bar or Google urealms wiki gwenyth sunsword
  • Is there a page for what races can interbreed that we know of?
  • @Galeden that information hasn't been released yet, Rob and DeadBones have a list but haven't released it. 
  • @Galeden ;
    I believe Deadbones responded to a similar question in another thread, but at the moment, we do not have a list of Races that can interbreed other than Dwarves and Elves, that is something that the Guys internally know of! 

    ~Emp Wiki Moderator
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