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  • This is a really cool idea. Just two quick questions though.
    1. When you bring something back as mindless would it still be the same person, who is just obedient to you?
    2. Also what happens if you already have a thrall and murder someone else and turn them into a thrall?
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Answer to 1:The mindless ageless are not the same person. They lost all of their personality and basically just become your slave when you use the ring on them
    Answer to 2:If you already have a thrall with your ring you either have to relieve your thrall of service with the ring and use its powers on the new one or just leave the ageless that was just made alone, it will die at the end of combat if you don't take him with your ring.
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Also do you have any suggestions on what I need to balance?
  • If it were me i would make the mask of Bones a little cheaper @Murzder
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Yeah but it is pretty good because it works for all of your ageless team if they go dark mages
  • Ya know what I am changing Mask of Bone's effect to allow you to control more than one ageless thrall
  • Oooh I like sound of it now
  • Alright so now if you wanna play a companion master you should get the mask of bones, if you wanna play as a forever fighting assassin you should get the mask of souls, if you want to be a very deadly late combat killer get the mask of death and if you want to just play as a badass ethereal version of your character with the inventory of a normal character, you get the mask of etherealness. 
  • It looks good to me now
  • Masks are kinda what shows what kind of build of the reaper you wanna play. 
  • All you need for the mask of death build really is the sword, the mask of death and Death's Grasp.
  • True it looks like a versatile class
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