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True Multiclasses

Multiclassing is fun and all, but what if being 2 classes actually made you a different subclass with new spells and abilities. 

Steam Punk (Hydromancer+Flamedanseur)
Voodooer (Fleshweaver+Puppeteer)
Nomad (Seeker+Shaman)
Witch Doctor (Witch+Alchemist)


  • Nice ideas, good execution.
  • Cool ideas, I think they should do more damage though.
  • I like the ideas.
    but my real question is what does the voodooer mark do?
    because it doesn’t seem to do anything given those cards.
  • @KaeawynShifter ;Fixed. I forgot to use the edited version of it.
  • Well done I’m excited to see what’s next
  • I love these, they seem like fun idea's for classes. Love that steam sale one the most though XD

    You aren't planning to use the voodooer abilities on your harem are you, my mistress? :(
  • Really cool! Love the concept, when I get some time I may try to make some of my own and add my own twist. But I think the cards you made are great! Some really cool gameplay concepts. I particularly like the Witch doctor Idea, if I may add some suggestions for a little tweaking?
    I put it in a spoiler in case you don't care about it. 

    Now I'm by no means a master card smith so take what I say with a grain of salt.
    Natures Path should be reduced to 50 Gold or given an additional effect as dissolve costs 100 Hundred and on a power scale is much stronger with a similar effect.

    Steam Sale should be reduced to 10 or 20 as it's completely roleplay and it requires you to still spend more money once you purchase it and a 100 gold price point hurts that.

    Voodoo Doll is extremely over powered. All you need is to get an AoE Posion and the enemies are done. Have 1 person poisoning people and the other 3 pumping Fireballs into the doll and that's an easy 75 damage a turn to all foes on the battlefield.

    Way of Life  Just so you know Difficult Terrain has been renamed to Rough Terrain. I feel like for 100 gold this needs an additional effect. Reducing it to 50 gold seems it may be to good left as is. The only problem is I have no idea what effect to add.

    Boiling Point just needs a little extra OOMPH as a 99 damage limited with only 1 range seems a bit week.
  • @Timedagger100 Thanks for the feedback! I always like getting other opinions on my cards.
    I don't always consider every aspect of my cards either, so if they were to ever be used I would definitely need to edit them a bit. 
  • No feedback at the moment. I suspect these were created for the fun and coolness aspect rather than looking too much into the gameplay. Just gotta get all the creative juices out there first.

    I do love thinking about the idea of what two classes could be when combined, though I look at them more in terms of what they already have to offer. It'd be hard to put some of them in new cards form, unless you think you got what it takes.
  • @knguy ; If you're referring to making these cards more gameplay balanced then I think I could with enough time, but I much prefer to just do these for the creative value of it. If someone wanted to actually use them I would totally recommend tweaking some stuff, but right now I would rather just make them to both have some fun and potentially give some inspiration to the other people here on the forums. 
  • edited April 2018
    I ended up making a couple more of these, partly inspired by @Irishxlily and @Snarky respectively.     I tried to make these ones more related to their base classes and work better with them.

    Water Nymph (Petalwalker+Hydromancer) (sorry for the mess, I don't know why this happens)
    Fiction Writer (Bard+Rouge)
  • @Razz

    Maybe allow you to choose the attribute of the mercenary companion from a selection of three? (for Written companion). Since you wrote the character and all.
  • @Tamwin5 That's a good idea, but it is always nice to have the randomness of it. I think it could go either way, but the card already has a lot to it. thanks for the suggestion.
  • Mind if I give you some... ideas?
    Assassin (Witch + Sharpsword)
    "There's often a distinct correlation between the amount of self-inflicted deaths and the number of arcanists operating in an area. So next time you're looking at a man with his own arrow lodged in him, consider the possibilities- was it a suicide, or was it a witch?" - Viridian Bader

    When you combine the teleportation abilities of a Witch and the high-octane blade mastery of the Sharpsword, you end up with a dangerous killer indeed - one with incredible mobility and an answer to any challenge that faces them.

    Essential Components:

    Duelist (Warrior + Spellslinger)
    "When you're presented with two items on a table and told you can only pick one or the other, you take both and see if anyone's brave enough to do anything about it. Of course, since the items in question were a loaded revolver and a longblade, no one decided to say anything. That's pretty much how I got my current job." - Ewe Kolati

    Bring together the fighting spirit of the Warrior and the unparalleled bravado of the Spellslinger, and you have a person who has complete mastery over physical combat, with a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other.

    Essential Components:

    Mastermind (Enchanter + Theurgist)
    "The trouble with hiring actual people to help out with your work is that they all tend to work towards their own agenda, and disagreements tend to happen a lot. Minions tend to all be shit-for-brains, but give them an order and they'll carry it out without question, and with unwavering loyalty. More importantly, there's no risk of them falling apart when things go wrong." - Arash

    Minions, minions, and more minions. Whether you're a powerful Enchanter or a natural with Theurgist spells, there's nothing quite like the feel of summoning minions that will all do your bidding. Especially when they're nigh unkillable in combat.

    Essential Components:

    Lucid Runare (Runemaster + Dreamweaver)
    "Psychological warfare is traumatizing, cruel, and most certainly unethical, even in the world we live in. But the important question - and really, the only one that matters - is whether or not it's entertaining to watch. Naturally, the answer a resounding yes." - Lune

    Have you ever stepped onto a space enchanted by a Runemaster and suddenly found yourself in a Dreamweaver's haze? Perhaps not, but it's almost certain reality will make a little less sense when one can spin their dreams into dangerous mental snares.

    Essential Components:
    Dreamweaver Spell Abilities
  • This is easily one of my favorite threads
  • @Razz ; oohh nice. i really like the ensemble you gave me, especially how i make a path of plants as i walk, and that i can make a deadly whirl pool out of no where >:D
  • Oh my god I just saw the one you did based off of me, that's amazing and hilarious. @Razz
  • Here's an idea Shipwrighter (Bard+ Rouge+ Any pirate class) Lol, just had the idea and remembered this thread and had to post it. 
  • Holy cow I never realized the power that fan fiction has in urealms.

    I'm very excited to have some Nisovins running after random "best girls". Nisovin X Quintar, Nisovin X Gwenyth, the believer potential is limitless. 
  • If anyone has 2 classes they like, I can try my hand at making a multiclass with them. Just let me know and I'll do my best.
  • Perhaps the guys from inception as dreamweaver+spellthief
  • sharpsword+Lumberjack
  • what about Petalwalker + Flamedanseur?
  • @Firelie
    I'm laughing very hard because this immediately just put the image of a giant dancing Mario fire flower
  • Thane + Sharpsword
    Bard + Paladin
    Ranger + Bonedancer

    That second one honestly made me laugh for a moment.
  • edited April 2018
    Sorry @godcrusher123 but I've never seen Inception, but you did inspire me to make something else.

    Sandman (Sandbender+Dreamweaver)
    Cheers @Kingedyou ;, The Cavalry's here!

    Cavalry (Sharpsword+Lumberjack)
    Hey @Firelie , make sure to stop and smell the roses!

    Scentcer (Petalwalker+Flamedanseur)
  • @Razz
    Ya know I was really wondering how you'd pull that one off, well done
  • You know, it's only been a few minutes since I posted it, but I really wish I would've named "Scentcer" "Scentsei"
  • I was able to make a fencer with sharpsword and swashbuckler 
  • Monk + Hydromancer

    The Mud Wizard

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