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Sleep walking.

Anyone have some weird sleep walking stories? Im curious.


  • I woke up one time watching this strange new show called Urealms. It seems sleep me has better taste than awake me. ;)
  • I have one, not necessarily sleep walking but sleep terrors.

    So i have a couple of friends over for a small party. once everything starts winding down one of the guys (Let's call him Dave) falls asleep on the couch. everyone heads to the kitchen and leaves Dave on the couch. while talking in the kitchen we hear someone yelling at the top of their lungs. Dave comes running out in a panic after he was awoken up by the scream. we think it's all a prank from Dave. about an hour later Dave falls asleep again. this time we are all in the living room (Where the couch is) and see Dave scream in his sleep, wake up from his own screaming, and panic. after he calmed down we told Dave that his screaming is what woke him up, this is all he had to say on the matter "That explains quite a lot"
  • Not me, but my brother did! I was up late one night on my phone, when I heard my brothers door open and go downstairs. I found this quite odd, so I went down after him and noticed the basement light on. I went back upstairs to get my mom, who went down into the basement with me. We found my brother passed out on the couch with the TV on! We woke him up, and he didn't even realize where he was, so we brought him back upstairs to bed.

    Another time, he woke up to go to the bathroom, but as he was sleepwalking, he didn't see the toilet seat wasn't up, so he just started peeing all over the lid of the toilet. When he was done, he walked back to his room (without washing I might add) and left me and my mother mouth agape.
  • My mom has told me that when I was young I used to walk into her room while I was asleep, and would say random stuff like I don't want to go or stop it I don't want a sandwich.
  • Well I have a slightly fucked up one but i dont know if i should say it or not.
  • I have a pretty tame one about my little brother. There was onevtime where he stood up from his bed, I had trouble sleeping, so I heard him standing up. I assumed he was just going to the bathroom, so I ignored it and tried to fall asleep. The footsteps stopped short of what I expected, though, and I never heard any doors open or close. After about a minute or so, I heard more footsteps coming from the middle of the hall, so I stood up from my bed and went into the hall. Turned out my brother was just sleep walking/standing in the hall.
  • I know I talk in my sleep. Not sure what I say, haven't tried recording myself yet. Sleep is usually restless, though I don't think I sleepwalk or anything.

    Think it runs in the family, as I've seen my brother react strangely while asleep, and my father actively shouts rather loudly. Quite disturbing actually, he claims he can't remember his dreams, but he's always doing this pleading thing, desperately shouting "no" to something.
  • Hmm, never had a sleep walking story. But I've had a pretty interesting/terrifying nightmare.

    I was in some sort of rose garden, where all the plants had roses blooming across them. Yet, all the plants were deadly in someway, some had deadly poisons, some could entrap you, some could move and some were carnivorous. Despite knowing full well the dangers I was just walking around admiring the beauty of these deadly flora, and whilst I'm not one to normally admire plants, I quite enjoyed this. Unfortunately, I was jumped by a few plants that could move. I reacted fast enough to avoid them, but while I was backpedaling I tripped, and I just fell straight onto a plant with toxins powerful enough to kill you in seconds. Now, this was a dream, but when you're in a dream, everything can feel as real as reality. So I freaked out. I thought I was dead, and I remember just how much I still wanted to live, to not die. At that moment I woke up, Heart racing, sweating and just terrified. It took 20 minutes just for me to feel calm enough to sleep again.

    While I was never on deaths row, i feel like i can understand why someone would be so terrified. It's just an instinct that takes over, you can't stop it. To be honest though, I still quite liked that dream and it's consequences and would enjoy experiencing another.

    @Laito you should record what you say in your sleep, then post it to the order of chaos, just to see how maelstrom and co. react :p
  • One time I had a dream where my dad went outside and I, for some reason, decided to follow him. Once I got outside I didn't know where he was so I looked around my garden. Then, when I stepped on the wet grass, I woke up, in complete darkness outside, turns out I had sleepwalked over there. I was only, what, 12? when that happened so I was terrified. Thankfully, my dad woke up when I opened the door to go outside and got me back inside. For the following weeks my parents always locked the door at night so I could only get out with a key, so that would never happen again. Curiously enough, I don't think I ever sleep walked after that.

    Another thing that happens to me a lot, and to lots of other people, is I wake up in the middle of the night, say, 3 am, and start getting dressed, only to look at my phone and realize it's the middle of the night and start swearing and cursing as I get undressed and go back to sleep. This one time though, I woke up in the middle of the night, sat upright in my bed, and just stared. In the top corner of room where 2 giant spiders, just standing there. And I sat and watched, not scared or anything, feeling absolutely nothing. I remember I sat there and stared at them for about 3 minutes or more. Then I looked at my phone, saw it was 4 am and went back to sleep, completely dismissing the spiders. The weirdest thing about this was that it didn't even feel like a dream, it wasn't sleep paralysis, which often makes people hallucinate, either, since I even moved, it felt surreal even then, like I knew it wasn't real so I wasn't scared of them. I don't know, probably just an hallucination. Shouldn't even have mentioned this since this is about sleep walking, but whatever, I had a terrifying sleep walking experience either way so I guess this other story is just a bonus.
  • About 9 years ago my father passed way and a bit after (like a few days or weeks after) I was asleep and walked to my moms room and said something like "I know what he wants me to do. He wants me to die." and "I'm sorry i'm so sorry" then I just laid down in her bed and went back to sleep.
  • cool thread, have not had or seen any experiences tho.
  • I once went to sleep in my room, which is in the basement, and somehow woke up on the couch in the living room, wrapped in a blanket from upstairs. I know I did this myself because I have vague memories of doing it, but can't remember why.
  • I wasn't walking per say but my mom once walked in on me punching the wall over and over again. She told me to go to sleep and I turned my head towards her and nodded. I had my eyes closed the entire time. I then leaned back onto the bed and stopped moving. I didn't remember any of it but I woke up with aching hands the next day.
  • One time when I was younger I had a dream were I was walk up some stairs and during that my body started to get into the pushup position and in the dream I started to fall and right as I was about to hit the floor I woke up and my body went limp so I woke up actually falling and I almost had a heart attack.
  • According to my sister iv had full conversations with her but i have no memory of any of it. Also some times my sister has seen me at night sit up at night and lay back down and one time i said "be carful" then went to sleep.
  • I have a bunch of strange dreams and nightmares from my childhood, but never really any sleepwalking/talking/etc/ scenarios.
    (If anyone is interested I guess I'll share.)
    The closest thing to one of those I've ever had though...
    When I was about four years old, I fell asleep eating an ice cream cone. Forehead got smothered with the delicious substance. NO clue how that was possible, but hey, my mother got video of it, so I get to watch everyone laugh at it at just about every family reunion.
  • According to my brother, I used to talk in my sleep. He says that I would just say a couple of completely unconnected words, starting loud and then decreasing slowly in volume. I don't know why, especially since that would have to be one strange dream for me to do that.
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