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Custom Map Assets

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Hi, I was collecting some assets from the official maps and thought you guys might want to use these as wel. I only have a few for now but i'll update this post once i have more of them.

Link to the Imgur album.

If anyone else has some assets he/she wants to share feel free to post in the comments. 

Edit: I've created a tutorial on how you can use these to make your own custom maps, you can find it here

Edit2: This post is getting quite long very quickly, for now i'll be adding new images to the imgur album only. I'll reorganise this post if i have some time.

Edit3: @Aptmage ;also shared everything he used for his maps, you might want to check it out here as there is some great stuff to use.

Color Palette: 

Tree 1

Tree 2:


Pile of Bones:
Color Tile Green:

Color Tile Blue:
Color Tile Red:
Pile Of Rocks:
Pile Of Gold:
Target Dummy:

Credits to Meganzoor for making these awesome maps.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


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    This is really awesome of you to do :)
  • As an example how you could use these:

    This is a map i made in literally 5 minutes just using some big brushes with the colors from the color palette and dragging and dropping the png files onto the canvas. You can see how it immediately gives you a urealms feeling.

    I'm sure you guys have more inspiration than me to make cool maps with these  :)
  • Did you use photoshop to do this? or something else?
  • edited May 2017
    I used photoshop, but you could use other programs if you'd like. I might do a tutorial on how i made this if i find time this week.
  • Okay coo, and yeah that map looks surprisingly URealms like for just using some big brushes in photoshop haha
  • How do you get these transparent?
  • You make a transparent layer in photoshop, place your picture on top of it and then cut away what you don't want and save your image as .png  (.jpg doesn't support transparent images).  :)
  • Gods, I wish I had photo shop... and knew how to use it...
  • Oh... Oh god bless you, you beautiful human you.
  • You could always use GIMP. I've never used it personally but i've heard it is fairly similar to photoshop.
    As for knowing how to use an image editor like that, it just comes down to practise, but you can learn to do some cool stuff really quickly. I've just learned photoshop by messing around with it really.
  • Thanks, this is exactly what I needed

  • edited June 2017

    Here is what I made in Gimp, it was pretty easy!

    Thanks @Meganzoor ; for parts of this map :)
  • @Dragonnskull looks awesome  :)

  • thanks for the color plate 
    i made a sample map with cliffs and stuff with the cliff side i took from head hunters
  • How do you take your own maps and port them into tabletop simulator. 
  • @AkiUchiha post your completed map on imgur, take the direct url for that image from imgur then in TTs go to objects, custom table and paste that URL and press enter.
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