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City of Alburn 'A Death in the family' ( part 1 ended )

The city of Alburn is the dwarven capital of the North and is filled with all types of races seen no-where else, the rest of the world fell to ruin as a result of many wars and a devitating weapon being used, the technological marvel known as the Alburn Wall created by Alvin Gerth allowed Alburn to survive and flourish Ito the future but only death lies beyond the walls... Or does it?

Welcome to the first of my RP universe threads, The City of Alburn is set in a post apocalyptic world and is home to probably the highest number of races that will ever be available in any of my threads, each with its own unique bonus.


Elf- draw 4 random spells from a selection of 3 elements 
Dwarf- You take 5 less damage from all attacks
Human- You gain 20 max stamina
Gnome- You get 1 free Treasure
Keen- You are more likely to succeed in stealth
Orc- all Melee Attacks deal 5 more damage 

Half breeds

Half-Elf- gain 10 stamina and 1 weak spell item
Half-dwarf- gain a random armour
Half-gnome- gain 10 stamina and a weak Treasure 
Half-Orc- gain a random weapon
Dwelf- you take 10 less damage from Magic Attacks 
Gelf- gain 1 random magic Treasure 
Low-Elf- gain 1 random magic weapon
Low-Dwarf- Take 10 less damage from Physical attacks

Lesser Races and Lesser half breeds

Fiend- Immune to a chosen element
Dark-Elf- Take half damage from 2 chosen elements 
Beast-men- Gain a random non-legendary companion passive 
Murfolk- Immune to Ice spells and attacks, Can breath underwater, Cannot leave the Aquatic Zone
Lamia- immune to rough terrain
Wood-Elf- gain a random beast companion
Goblin- lose 10 stamina, cannot be hit by area of effect spells that are not aimed at you


Archfiend- choose 2 elements to be immune to and given God-made weapon (a legendary)
-Playable races-

Race roll-
Gold roll-
Job roll-
Select race from options given- 
Pick a class from a selection of 3-
List character ( including item costs )


Picture- (I'll edit)


1. I'm the GM I will make descisions you don't like and will kill characters.
2. Murder, thievery and public indecency and carrying weapons without a permit are illegal and police will act on the laws.
3. (Roleplay) Racism is allowed and most lower races will experience it
4. Any crime that happens in real life can happen in the city (yes any)
5. Have fun

Healing spells and items do not work (Except for Greater Lay On Hands) you can only heal by sleeping in a gm approved location E.G Your bed and major injuries have to be healed at a hospital or a trained doctor, some injures can't be healed so be careful. 

New weapons, items and spells are a thing but you cannot start with them except in special circumstances.

Leaving the city is legal but Ill advised.

Dragon aspects/Divines are thought to be myths/fake by the majority of the population but there are a few churches/shrines to some of them.

The Law is compitent and dangerous if your going to be a criminal don't get caught.

the only races with a normal lifespans are certain beastmen (depends), Elves (about 20x the average) any half Elf races (about 10x the average), Fiends (About 30x the average) immortals (immortal) and ??? (???)

Some characters may not be what they seem

The city is split into 4 main districts, the aquatic district where mermen, aquatic beastmen and fishing are, The trade district, where most shops and guilds/co-orperations are, the housing district, split into the high town, low town and slums. And the mining district where most manual labour jobs are.

Time based magic seems to have no affect here
-A few notible things-

6/7 parts collected
-The end game-
The tale of the Orphaned Dwarf

The Dwarf was alone her parents both dead

but one day a thought popped into her head

"I'll call a divine, my father knew an aspect"

But she was mistake to show no respect

A divine arrived the god of the mind

Such a vague title not at all refined

They moved in together, a very large home

It would soon be filled with those who had been alone

They came in all shapes from killers to Porcs

even a child or two appeared as if dropped by a stork

In another realm was the entity plain

who's planed to bring the world under his reign

He smiled outside and cried within

His mind broken in a world made of sin

The War Divine slew the mind God

The mortals cried and flailed like cod

In this time, this world, this place

The Orphaned Dwarf lost her faith

She gave up, surrendered, to the Golden king mad

She thought her friends would live. She'd been had

The porcs were slaughtered, cooked and eaten

the vigilante kicked and beaten.

The children came out mostly unharmed

They only lost a leg or arm

The meteor man who shall not be named

found that divine was just a name

For the poor souls who lost the land

body and soul to the evil damned

we remember them as heroes that

despite never deserving to win had our backing to go and win

remember the Orphaned Dwarf who in lost the land

To the fiendish God, the Demon Grand

Gilgamesh is still alive 
-Lore shit-


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    Name- Cedron_Arima
    • Race- Keen
      Job- None
      Starting Gold - 660 (Remaining Gold - 10)
      Health - 50
      Oaken Staff (10)
      Spellplate (100)
      Family Pet (300)
      Blood Gift (200)
      Betraoil (10)
      Book of Bones (10)
      Nearsight (20)
      (Via Blood Gift)
      The Forbidden Spell
      Solar Eclipse
      Flame Shots
      Blood Frenzy
      Blood Bend
      Flambe EX
      Command the Dead EX
      Ice Shot

      Companion Name- Nyoka
      Brood Horde
      Blood Bolt

      Backstory - 

    • Dripping blood and lifeless corpses. There are those who have parents, those who are orphans, for one reason or another, and then there's Cedron. A cute little keen, with pale porcelain skin that is smattered with freckles and silky red hair that tumbles down to the middle of her back, Miss Arima had the misfortune of watching her parents' deaths.

      Waking up one night, more than a toddler, but still a child all the same, she went to grab a glass of water from the kitchen, only to stumble upon a sight she'd have rather not seen. Her parents, bound, gagged, and at the mercy of someone whose features she couldn't make out, other than them towering over her keen family. A few movements of a glinting blade and it was all over, but that moment will live on in her mind for eternity. She fled back to her room, hiding under the bed and hoping she wasn't next. Whether the murderer didn't notice or didn't care, she never found out, but regardless, she lived to tell the tale.

      Most would've left the house, but Cedron refused, taking on whatever jobs she could get on her age in order to stay in the house. The adjoining dining room, where her parents died, is in the same state it's been since, though the scene was more or less cleaned up by law enforcement. The blood stains in the carpet are still there, the tipped over chairs and closed blinds never moving from their place. Everything else in the house is kept obsessively immaculate and neat, in contrast to the disarray of her home.

      Contrary to what one might thinks, Cedron Arima is bright and bubbly, though she keeps to herself most of the time, and done more than a few unsavory things in an effort to find out who her parent's killer is. She traded her life force for power, gave away her life itself for a version of immortality through becoming ageless, and is dead set on finding those her ruined her perfect family, to make them pay for what they've done.

      But in the meantime, she needs to find more work. Her workplace wasn't faring well, and she was let go when they shut down recently. This house is hers, and no one will make her give it up.

      A small, pretty keen, with pale skin, light freckles, and deep green eyes. Has long, wavy red hair that falls down to the middle of her back.

    Name- Kur Argkai
    Race- Orc
    Job- Nothing (but give him a couple coins hell go out and kill someone)
    Weapons- Ones Sword (690)
    Armour- Master magicians robes (10 from makeshift) (680)
    Passives- Emerald persistance (580)
    Ogre leather (480)
    swift feather boots (460)
    Hiking boots (450)
    Divinity slash (350)
    Riposte (250)
    Disarm (150)
    Sharpen (100)
    Midas Touch (0)

    Kur is just lifes punching bag, being given the short end of the stick at every oppertunity, turned down from every job, hated by his family, and being forced to sell almost everything, so now he has turned to becoming a Killer for hire, doing any kind of Dirty work for a couple coins, biding his time till the point he is caught and executed


    Puffle - 

    Name- Masane
    Race-Archfiend (light and earth immune)
    Job- none 
    starting gold: 750
    God item- custom card ( missing )
    LocstBroom staff (100)
    Buckaroo Vest (100)
    Moonglow Sheild (100)
    Tome of Locst (200)
    Tome of Golestandt (200)
    Heighten scenes(50)
    Spells-Bandito / Siesta 
     Dreamweaver / Reverso Memorino
     Sorcerer / Enlarge
    Companion Ability / Gem Beam
     Magician / Featherfye
    Rouge / Abusive Shriek
     Fleshweaver / Drain Blood
     Magician / Levitate 
    Puppeteer / Lascene
    Ending Gold-0

    Backstory- you told me to hold off on it



    Lore -

    Name-stone jaw Steven


    starting gold:710

    Job-mining company prospector

    Weapons-mage fist 100

    Armour-energy vest 100

    Passives-photographic memory 50  

    Spells-conjure refreshments 20, blink 50, enlarge 50, energy punchu 100, ray of frost 100, flare 100



    gold remaining:40


    backstory- stone jaw steven comes from a long line of stone jaws who have lived in this city for generations as profiteers and prospectors alike ether in construction, demolish but most notably mining. however steven did not have the enthusiasm about this life and inheritance like his fore fathers seeming begrudgingly doing so out of necessity than anything else. he still did excellent at his job like expect doing his family proud ect.,ect. yet he still yearns for something more..something he call his own that isn't just part of his family lines inheritance.


    List character ( Sheet) Brutus_Usher
    Starting gold ( 140 + 80 + 500 = 720)
    Name- Brutus Usher
    Race- Elf
    Job- (maybe like a private teacher, but he doesn't get a lot of money because he can't get clints, because he is insane, would that work?)
    Class- Wizard
    Weapons-  Arcane Flute ( 100 )
    Armour- Freeboot coat (20)
    Passives- Legend (300)
    Spells- free ones Thane / Thunderclap  Wizard / Flamelance Shaman / Water Bolt
    Paid ones- pyroblast ( 100), Arcane Beam (100) and conjure magic (100)
    Treasures- none
    Consumables- none

    In his younger years he was a good boy, nothing special about him, but his skill with music. He was mainly a singer and flute player, and as he grew older he followed what he liked and became a teacher, he was first a professor of music at a school and did private lessons on the sides for extra cash. Now this might not be seen like a low paying job and your right it wasn't, he was in a good middle to higher class, and he had a nice family. He had 2 lovely children and a wonderful wife, everything was going good, until something bad happened.

    He was medically treated for insanity as his mental stability was destroy after getting older, as he is about 45 in elf years so i think 90 years, everything is going into a bluer for him. His wife left him with the kids, well he think that, he doesn't really know anymore, can't really remember their faces either, all he knows is music now and that he teaches people, he teaches good.

    Now he was famous for being a great flute and music teacher, but soon as people learned he is now crazy he stop getting people to hired him for private lesson and the school fired him, well he thinks that is what happened. His mind is fucked up as he can't tell what happen or didn't which caused is insanity to grow and grow. He has a high paying job as a private music teacher, but no one asks him because he's fucking cray, so if he's lucky he would get one lesson a month that pays for his things for a week.

    He lives in a run down apartment alone with his music, he loves his music, it's the only thing at didn't left him.

    Picture- (I'll edit)
    He had golden hair, that is turning into a white grey color, like his sides have turned white everything else is a tanish blonde, his hair is mostly hidden in the hat, with only the grey hair sticking out.

    His skin is a normal like white color I guess.

    while I guess his eyes are a light green color

    He usually wearing his hobo hat, which is a brown beanie hats.

    He found his freeboot coat in the dumpster so it's not that great, but it keeps him worm, while underneath he has a sweater vest with the old logo of the school he taught at, the color white was a bright white had dirty and gone into a grey color

    Lastly he has his reading glasses, which has no lens in them as they have fallen out long ago.
    Name- Targar McKommo
    Race- Half-Orc
    Job- Lieutenant of the Alburn Police Force (Housing District Division)
    Weapons- Recurve Bow, blunderbusspuzzlebox
    Armour- None
    Passives- strongarmeddeathwish
    Spells- bearserkseismicslam
    Treasures- handcannonknifeslinger
    Consumables- None
    Gold- 140 (I'm pretty sure)

    Backstory- Targar was born to a family of immigrant butchers who wanted to integrate into the city of Alburn. Being a furry Half-Orc, and the son of immigrants, Targar was subject to bullying from all sides all through out his childhood and adolescence. However, the moment he became an adult, he immediately applied to be a part of the Alburn Police Force. He quickly rose through the ranks, due to his dedication to the law, and him sucking up to/accepting bribes from the right people, and is now the Lieutenant of the Housing District Division of the force.

    Name- Zan Loudrend
    Race- Goblin
    Job- Delivery man.
    Weapons- Keen Stone Blade (100 gold)
    Armour- Energy Vest (100 gold)
    Passives- None
    Spells- Fireburp (100 gold), Salty Sea Yogurt (100 gold)
    Treasures- None
    Consumables- None
    Starting gold- 650
    Ending gold- 0
    Stamina- 49

    Backstory- Zan is an unusually tall and lanky goblin, and has been ridiculed throughout his life for it. When he was quite young, his parents left him on the streets and shut themselves away from the world. Zan grew up on the streets, and made, to his young mind at the time, quite a lot of money over the years by begging on the streets. Eventually he was old enough to get a job, and it took him the next few years to stick with a job, his strange goblin appearance losing him respect and money. He lived on the streets a while longer, before managing to purchase his own small house. It was small, but enough for Zan.

    Toruk - 
    Name- Rho Pati
    Race- Elf
    Job- Unemployed
    Weapons- Succubus Whip (100)
    Armor- Studded Armor (100)
    Passives- Concubine (10)
    Love slave Porc Orc Swashbuckler (patient) (50) 
    Spells- Infatuation (100)
    Abusive shriek (50)
    Taste of Blood (100)
    Toy Chest (10)

    Backstory- When the economy crashed (which explains why we got so many unemployed if alright), she was one of the first few to be dropped in her company. So she began to have to live in her apartment. When unemployed for a few weeks, she ran into Rahdar. She casted infatuation on him and now he is her love slave. He is also her sugar daddy, providing her money from him job. The orc also helped getting her fit and is patient with her during any mistake she makes. Now she lives in his home, with her own personal gym, living off this Orc love slave.

    Gushy -
    • Name - Romani_Pendragon
      Race - Human
      Job - Unemployed, Former Grand Mage
      Weapons - Archmage Staff [600], Warp Blade [500]
      Armour- Prismatic Robes [400]
      Passives- Personal Insignia [380], Blood Gift [180], Photographic Memory [130]
      Spells- Mark of Multiplication [30], Cleanse Magic [10], Glyphs of Power EX, Red Ichor Blast, Mana Burst EX, Ice Ray, Wormhole, Law of the Mind, Frostblast, Pyroblast 
      Treasures- None
      Consumables- None

    • Romani Pendragon was apart of the Great Council of Mages. He was also the youngest member of the council before the apocalypse happened. He was considered the Grand Runemaster of the council. As with his young age, he desired to grow powerful in his art. Romani used reckless means to do so. The council often disagreed and detested his actions, but they cannot deny his natural ability of magic.

      Until one day, Romani met a special warlock. This warlock came in his dreams. They said that they would grant Romani ultimate power in exchange of his lifeforce. Romani ultimately agreed and at that point, he learned all kinds of magic. What wasn't mentioned that Romani will soon lose his magical prowess overtime. During this moment, the events of the apocalypse occurred and Romani went into hiding. His name was forgotten through time, but he was grateful. No one would know of his true role.

    Jj -
    name- Lucilla
    Race- Elf
    Job- Teaching Assistant(?)Starting Gold: 810, All Spent.Weapons- Broomstaff, Lotus Broomstaff, Stone Flail [-220 Gold]Armour- Kingfisher Cloth [-100 Gold] [15 + 35 Stamina]Passives- Large Steeple Hat, Ironskin, Jet Sneaks, Niche Knowledge [-290 Gold]Spells Abilities- (Randoms): Fire Dash, Bitterblaze EX, Magnetic Crush, Dispel, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Beam. (Purchases): Sweeping Push, Witching Hour [-200 Gold]Treasures- None
    Consumables- None
    Backstory- Eh. I'll decide on it later.
    Hair Colour is... let's go with Dyed Dark Purple.
    Eye Colour is a deep blue
    Skin is sort of a mix between light and dark toned. It's in the middle, I don't know what it is called.

    Bl1nd - 

    Name- DES RUC
    Race- Orc
    Job- Blacksmith
    Weapons- Siffran Silver Hammersx2 (200 gold)
    Passives- Combat Banner(10 gold) Hatezen Pride (100)
    Spells-Thunderclap (100) Spell of Bearding(20) Slamshock (100)



    Total Gold 650

    Name- Santiago Valdez
    Race- Gelf (i dont think this affects appearance besides his height?)
    Job- Street Performer (Musician, Magician, Master of all!)
    Weapons- Arcano Lute(100)
    Armour- Clockwork Vest(100)
    Passives- Gnomish Scopeye(50), Gnomish Chronometer(50)
    Spells- Holy light Ex(50), Darkfire(50), Rolling fog Ex(50), Conjure Magic(100), Pyroblast (100)
    Treasures- Golden Gun (racial)

    Darker skinned Gelf, about 21 years old in human terms anyway. Has one Scopeye, home-made. Wears a Clock around his neck as a necklace (this is his Chronometer.) Brown eyes, and a pretty fancy looking moustache. Black hair, with some trendy haircut. Outfit is a rainbow tie-dye shirt. but underneath it he wears the Clockwork vest, which he also made himself. Its like a super-suit.

    Backstory-  Santiago was always meant for greater things, but had been left with a shitty life. He was born to two poor parents, who couldn't exactly afford everything he wanted in life. 
    Santiago realized early on what his calling was. Art had always meant something special to him, and whenever he would draw, (usually in the margins of school notebooks) he would get lost with each line. Eventually he would end with a masterpiece he hadn't ever planned. His calling was to go to Art School and one day become a world famous artist. However, school is expensive, as young Santiago learned. So now he is trying his hardest to earn some gold to afford his way. He is so desperate, the poor kid even sold his eye. He obviously made an even better replacement, from his own skills, but still! 



  • @Murlin22 ;
    Race roll-
    Gold roll-
    Job roll-
  • Well rip me
  • Neat.
    I'll bite.

    Race Roll:
    Gold Roll:
    Job Roll:
  • @Rein ;
    you can be either a Orc or Human
    and are unemployed 
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    you can be any race you want except ???
    and can be any normal low payed modern job
  • @Murlin22 ;
    Select race from options given-  ill be an Orc
    Pick a class from a selection of 3- soon to be filled
  • @Murlin22
    You say there's a Class Choice from a choice of 3 though in CC?
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    need you to pick race first 
  • @Rein ;
    Sharpsword, Alchemist, Shaman
  • @Murlin22 ;
    Class Alchemist
  • @Murlin22
    Is it 4 spells with 3 element choices then, or...?

    Also what do you determine a 'low paid' job to be?

  • @Murlin22 ;
    (are there CS and A?)
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    yep just that 
    How do you want it distributed?
  • @Murlin22
    I dunno...
    Knowing my luck, it'll clash with the class...

    Let's go...
    2 Arcane
    1 Fire
    1 Ice.
  • @Murlin22 ;
    (are there cornerstones and Atributes?)
  • @Rein ;
    Oh sorry my bad I forgot XD
    broken [

  • @Murlin22
    Now... I just need my 3 class options...
    and a CS and A...
  • @Murlin22 ;
    (I would like to change my class to sharpsword)
  • @Rein ;
    sure just make sure it's on your final sheet correct 
  • edited March 2018
    My element choices fit all of these well...
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    oh the fact that wizard is a class reminds me to add 1 tiny detail to the front sheet
  • Race roll- 
    Gold roll- 
    Job roll- 
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    greater lay on hands works as a healing spell and a resurrection ( and a sin ) 
  • @Gushy48 ;
    you can be a human, Dwarf or Orc
    and are also unemployed 
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