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[Potential Spoilers] My theory on the last campaign of the season.

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Hey guys, Emp here!

So this a little theory I came up with today in regards to the Order of Chaos and the last campaign of the Season, where we create a Divine in URealms. So, the main thing I noticed is that 5 sins are needed for a fate worse than death. So far we have:
  • The first sin from Lola Van Drych.
  • The second sin from Lunk.
  • The third sin from Galen Sunsword.
  • And lastly, the fourth sin from Maelstrom. 
So with one more sin, that I'm almost positive we'll get in the three campaigns left of the season, the thought came to my mind, what if the 5 sinned characters helped us create the divine through them? That meaning we exert our influence through them and create the Divine in the next character that dies?

And what's in common with the number five you might ask? The number of people that play in a URealms game, including the GM. So my theory is that the last campaign of Season 3 will be the 5 sinned players being played by the 5 of the strongest Old Gods in the world (the cast of the Show), as they the character that died after the 5th sin to a site to use their body as a vessel to become a Divine!

So what do y'all think? A little sporadic in through, I know, but I hoped you enjoyed it nonetheless! Put your feedback down below!

~Emp :D 


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    So, the chara Rob plays would be a DMPC? Lol
    This makes a lot of sense! We've been deliberating as to what the fate worse than death could be, and being forced to become the OGD without consent or control could fit the bill.  ~_~
  • @PoppyrusRose I feel like Rob would play Maelstrom for obvious reasons. But, DB would play Lola, Coe would play Lunk, Roamin / Justin (potentially) would play Galen, and whoever was sinned last would play their respective character basically was what I thought of :D

  • Well wouldn't it be 6 people if Galen didn't get 2 of the sins? What would happen then?
  • @Maris Rob confirmed in the Campaign post that Galen didn't get a second sin on his arm, so it's currently back to where it was before :D
  • In case people want to see what he said, but from what we can gather it seems to point to him having one obviously not straight up stated. Could be interesting if Galen had a stronger sin but personally no idea where that could lead.
  • @Emperor I don't think he confirmed that Galen didn't get a second sin, he just said that there wasn't a second mark. Maybe mark and sins are different...
  • So the idea is that the divine we make at the end is going to use the character dying after the fifth sin as a vessel? That does sound pretty interesting with maybe their spirit dying but their body still lives. Kind of sounds like what is happening to Gwyneth becoming GP. 

    A campaign with sinned characters sounds cool, but it doesn't seem like it will happen unless the OoC influences them. I'm predicting with this show that the Sins, The OoC, the old gods, and all of that kind of meta lore won't have a major continuous focus like the Ageless plot and any other major ones we will see. It seems like it is being revealed through subtle moments throughout the campaigns. The fate worse than death is probably just the beginning to be able to scratch into that story. I think it will still be a while before we see how sinners interact with each other. I really hope to see Galen and Maelstrom meet each other at least.
  • @Shal Well the thing is, these characters are slowly losing themselves to become our servants right (Look at the LAG donation events with Lyn and her potential Sin)? And what are we doing at the end of the season, we're going to be building a God, so it might make sense for them to be assisting us in this task.
  • Was Maelstrom confirmed as a sinner? When did he get a sin??
  • @CongenialVirus When he broke the rules.
  • @CongenialVirus Yep, when he became a divine, he was given a sin.
  • @Emperor @knguy
    Neat! I must not have been paying enough attention.
  • @CongenialVirus ;
    If you're interested, most of the stuff about Sins can be found on this wiki page!
  • The only real problem I see with this theory is that Rob would either need to force another Sin on us, or he would need to be banking on us donating for one or other chance things. Since he has been talking about this divine creation session for a while, I don't think he would leave whether it happens or not up to RNG and a donation event (no 5th sin = no creation of a divine session in your theory). 

    The way I could see getting around this would be if the final sin was forced at some point in an entertaining way and he left the death up to chance. That I could see, as minor deaths happen frequently, even if it's a minor NPC. 

    Either way they are definitely tied together somehow and this would be really cool to watch/be a part of. And what about these mystery levels? we are level 2 now and what does levelling up mean? more power? more communication with the old gods?
  • @Lenis_Thanatos ;
    I'm pretty sure if there was a Donation event that caused a Sin, the audience would pay for it. Hell, we donated for the Maelstrom Donation, with was $5k. Most of the audience, myself included, have been wondering what these sins are, and that curiosity alone, might cause people to donate for a donation like that.

    I think the Levelling system is kinda like a D&D style level up system. Because this Divine is a Level 2 now, they might have more access to things that they didn't have access too before, like more abilities and such.
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    @Emperor ;
    I agree that it would be donated for, I’m just not sure whether Rob would want to take that chance, no matter how sure it may seem.

    What do you think these abilities could be about though? Would they be Legendary class abilities? Or would they be something more like omnipotence and true immortality?

    I’m personally hoping for something akin to normal character creation but with legendary options, and the races being different types of divines. As well as Old God themed Cornerstones and Attributes. In that case maybe the levels are the amount of gold we have to buy these abilities?
  • @Lenis_Thanatos ;
    I vaguely remember Rob saying that we're going to pick this Divine's class, so I believe that as this Divine levels up, he'll get access to more and more abilities. However, I don't know if it's going to be Legendary Versions of class abilities or not.

    To note, Rob also said in the Azveltara Z BTS that we're gonna have the option of leveling up our Divine or Creating a new one after every season, so it could be tying into that. 
  • @Emperor ;
    I did not know that! Those are interesting points.

    Now I wonder which our community will pick, another Divine? Or a more powerful one? I think both would be interesting. Either one crazy powerful being who could do a lot more in our name, or many who could possibly take opposing views and thereby more accurately show the diversity of us, the old gods.
  • I mean, Rawb said that Galen caused the 5th Sin,
    But since he doesn't have a second Sin on him, I assume that it doesn't really matter.
  • @KaeawynShifter Yeah I seriously doubt that the 5th sin would be excused just because Galen already committed one before.
  • @Emperor To be honest, I have been pondering this same thought, especially since rob mentioned that they were doing an “order of chaos introduction” this season, but one thing I noticed is you said 3 more campaigns. I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think rob said there was 8 campaigns this season, meaning this last campaign is the season finale. However, it would be SUPER cool if the last campaign has the 5th sin, and it ends with the fate worse than death.
  • @ronankelly72 ;
    I believe that Rob said that they would finish this one out with the full ten, and start with 8 for the next season? I might be off on that.
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