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Sallazhar's Gallery - Who did that art?

Heya! long-time watcher, first time poster.
Living in Australia, I missed the show since it aired at like 3 am. I'm watching the vods, so no spoilers please.
Part 3 was just uploaded, and I gotta know.

Link for reference:


  • That would be the work of the amazing @Irishxlily !

  • All hail Lily!
  • edited March 2018
    Oh, rad. Does she have any other art pages?
    I'd love a link to the original piece lmao
  • From what I heard, Lily did the original picture, and then Rob modified it, drew over it, and poorly drew his own version for the other 3.
  • Ah yes, that would be me. I drew it specifically for this campaign at Rob's request, and have yet to upload it anywhere. Click to view my profile and i have links to places where i post my art. Keep an eye out for it ;)
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