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Who still plays Pokemon Go?

I'm just wondering who still plays pokemon go? I was never able to play it when it first was big because my phone was too old to run it but now I have a new phone and am just starting out playing. So I figured I'd see how many people here still actually play the game.

If anyone also has any up-to-date tips for me that would be appriciative, I only see old stuff or clickbait websites.


  • I play pokemon go every day
  • I came in here expecting wholesome Pokemanerz, alas my expectations are betrayed but I can't be disappointed you got us good @xa44 ; good job. 
  • it was big with people who don't play pokemon
  • The updates make it lag so much on my phone that I gave up on it last year. I love the idea of pokemon go, i just think the company who made it could of done something way better. It feels like experience that could be amazing.
  • It wasn't even a nintendo made game. It was made by Niantic.
  • edited March 2018
    I was at community day just today. Caught a lot of Bulbasaurs. Heck even caught a half decent shiny Magikarp which I'm chuffed about.  I doubt there's many people in the urealms community more invested in the game than me. But it would be nice to be proven wrong. I would HIGHLY recommend the Silph road reddit if you still play. 
  • @cj_the_magic_man talks about it all the goddamn time.
  • @Shuckle I was basically able to play for the first time today and I was wondering why I was seeing so many damn bulbasaurs. I must have caught like at least 12
  • @Grimdrome Did you get a shiny one?
  • @Shuckle ; found no shiny pokemon so far :(
  • I still play. I missed the stream last Saturday because of it. I started off going for an EX raid, catching a shiny Aron along the way. Then a lot of Lugia raids popped up all over the place, so I did as many as I could. Was worth it.
  • i played it for a month then i got bored. i just have a hard time with that type of grinding bast game play. doesn't really hook me in very well.
  • I usually play it if i'm already walking somewhere but other than that not really.
  • i play it from time to time. mostly when a legendary come in the campaign. ( i am hyped that i got mine shiny lugia)

  • I still play it rather frequently, the lag isn't nearly as bad as it once was, but it will occasionally glitch out and make your restart it. It does still take a bit to start and god forbid you to have your wifi on with no network to connect to. That being said I do have all the legendaries release so far  :)
  • I play it every now and then however without really anyone else to play with I have been unable to complete any strong raids(level 3 or above) as I don't play enough to have pokemon strong enough to take out the bosses myself.
  • I still play every day. The newest update is amazing, the research missions make me feel like I'm doing something instead of walking around.
  • honestly all my motivation for playing it dropped the moment i realized i live in the middle of a dead-zone, the nearest pokestop is like a kilometer away, so even if i wanted to play i'd run out of pokeballs before too long.
  • @TamTroll That's where I'm going to end up soon once I head back home after this semester. Which is a shame because the new quest update is sweet.
  • I still play. Over the summer I'll play more since I'm consistently around pokestops, and have don't feel like I have to be careful with my items, but I'm already enjoying it more now that the research update has come out. I'm enjoying feeling like I'm accomplishing something (and getting some Pokemon as rewards from missions that I normally don't see).
  • Anyone get any shiny dragon type Pokemon with their signature dragon type move dragon pulse yesterday?
  • @Shuckle I've never even seen a dragon type :)
  • I stopped playing once there was rare pokemon I'd never be able to acquire and when my hopes were crushed  that we wouldn't see the traditional combat system. But the game itself is a step forward in a direction I like. I enjoyed going to parks and meeting other people who were catching pokemon too.
  • I sadly just missed getting my Bipen :( so now I have a non-dragon Pulse Bipen. and my friend got a shiny and Im super jealous 
  • @Grimdrome Not even ones that look like this? 
  • Lets be honest, someone on the team was like, what a pokemon, lets do Mareep and make it get Dragon Pulse. And in their mind was like "Im a Dragon Rob"
  • @Knifu_Waifu I can honestly say I'm the only person in the area who was excited about dragon pulse Bipens. I even wore my Bipen and BobHigs shirt.
  • @Shuckle ; never seen that kind of dragon either, even during the event
  • I still play it. I got my dad addicted to it, so as long as he plays it, I will.
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