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Join the Grand Paladin Order!!! Fight the Ageless Threat Today!

Hello fellow citizens of the URealms community.

We have in quite recent history been assailed by the Ageless scourge who look to forcefully corrupt YOU and LOCK YOUR SOULS AWAY (Literally their souls are stuck in their thick skulls). Fear not for there are those who stand vigilant in the fight against the Ageless. Here at the Grand Paladin Order we are looking to recruit more paladins and in the all mighty eyes of the light purge these demons from our world.

Protect your people, and preserve your souls.

They want nothing, but harm for all of us as terrorists against our way of life. We must shut down their uprising and preserve peace. The Grand Paladin Order is an all inclusive organization. We DO NOT discriminate based on Age, Race, Gender(Also whatever porcs are), or magical alignment. To protect and serve for what's right and just the paladin order stands strong.

JOIN TODAY, FREE ELVEN SUGAR COOKIES TO THOSE WHO DO!!! (Like your elf momma or local baker used to bake em!)



  • a young man shouts from the crowd
    "But what about goblins, do you protect those vile creatures from the ageless plague?" 
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    -a drunkard shouts from the other side of the croud-
    "NAH FUCK EM! FUCK THE GOBLINS FUCK THEM IN TH- -the man falls over and passes out-"
  • @CasualCow *Drags man away and puts him in a chair* Just chill mate
  • The young man then shouts back, but in a calm tone
    "But I thought you don't discriminate other creatures of this land, and save all from the ageless?"

  • 'What about the bandits!'
  • I would only help if everybody would just accept each other.
  • More Elvish propaganda! The Ageless are our salvation!
  • @Squidfists Shhh! Don't go out and blow our cover!
  • @NovaXII I want a neutral zone for all people
  • @Joter But madam, wouldn't that mean that even the ageless ones must be accepted into the community, for it to truly be a "neutral zone"?

  • @Phendrix Yes thats exactly it...
  • Would it not be neutral if we were all ageless? Then the elves would have nothing to hate.
  • @Joter Exactly, just like what @Squidfists said. So if you embrace us , the ageless society, then you truly will see equality also known as, a "Neutral Zone"

  • @Phendrix Could you not also be an ally to the ageless yet not be one?
  • @Joter I understand what you mean. You see we ageless are not what the elves actually describe us as. We actually give people choices. So, here are options that you might like
    You can
    • Become an ageless and live your life in deadlantis, where everything is a euthopia
    • Become an ageless that just goes and live their life as an immortal, but doesn't have to reveal people that you are ageess, and not force people onto the ageless life
    • Give your life to the paladin order, killing ageless that could potentially kill people, and also kill ageless that could have saved people you know, kill your friends that could possibly be an ageless, and even kill innocent ageless that have done nothing in to deserve death.
    • Not choose any of these, but keep our little conversation a secret. Though we aren't what the elves describe us as by nature, that doesn't mean that we can't go to that kind of side. But that is just like any living being on this realm
    So, I'll give you some time to think this through, and we ageless will respect your decision
  • @Phendrix OOC: I find it interesting how this went from a Paladin recruitment to ageless recruitments
  • OOC: Also that we are doing this in a really crowded place where they are talking about the recruitment
  • The paladin order works to keep peace. Unlike the self proclaimed skeleton king who thieves and marauds the several seas killing all in his wake. We must stand against this violence. They may be of peace now, but they have far more dangerous and greedy individuals in their organization that would like nothing more than the fall of our societies. We are not elves alone. We are dwarves, kobolds, gnomes, and porcs. We live to serve and protect. If anywhere were the goblins start to see acceptance it would be here. It takes a large social change to make them accepted, not some curse that locks away your soul.
  • You shall be silent! The Ageless shall reign supreme!
  • The Ageless will fall. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the world will see you for what you are!
  • What about the Goblin bandits. I heard there was 27 of them but they keep growing!
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    @Ewan Now there's 28. They're too many of them now! (Awesome reference!)
  • I shall stand with the light against the Ageless blight.
  • You grand paladins are blinded by your own light and stubbornness!
  • uh, i came here for the free food. does anyone know where the porc thighs are?
  • @username ;The porc thighs are right over there to the left. Also we provide free room and board and support many professions. You could just be a smith or a lumberjack and be in the order.
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