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CPTSKIM's custom tiles!

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Hello other Old Gods!

I, like you enjoy running Urealms campaigns with friends, and we try to keep things original where we can, for example we had a highbear start its own sun worshipping religion, roll a 20 on eating a moon wolf, and then gained the power of both light and dark....His religion is growing.

But thats not why we are here! No, Today I share with you 2 characters that me and a friend created and are happy to share with the community! 
First is King Thalomite! We ran him as a dream weaving King, although aligned with the Grand Palading Order, this Elf was rather weary about engaging in all out war with the ageless and instead sought after a more peaceful solution, if that were possible.

Of course every King needs a good Queen! Irma is that queen. Behind her soft gaze and gentle smile beats the heart of a warrior. Trained by the Grand Paladin Order and forged in combat against the Porcs, Kobolds and Skelephelks on their territories southern border, Irma took to fire arms to defend herself. Though when things get a bit too close, a thunder mace is shockingly effective. Now retired from the military, and offered a peaceful escape by Thalomite, Irma acts as a silent sentinel for their land.

After writing the background for these two, my good friend Star (StarTsurugi on Twitter he doesnt have a urealms account) helped bring them to life with these two great bits of art. He loves em, I love em and I hope you guys do as well! 
They can be found on the link below, have fun with them and I'd love to know if and how they get used in campaigns!

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • these are pretty cool, i always need unique tiles

    btw we aren't urealmers, were old gods
  • Holy jeez I'm a gibbon. Was writing this after work and just had a total mind blank. Will adjust it when on pc. Glad you like em though!
  • edited June 2018
    Well, after a little bit of time we have 2 new Tiles to present (With a further 2 on the way). First up is a smooth talking, silver fox style dwelf dreamweaver called Torellow
    Torellow is the owner of a club called the GT, or Gran Torino. Whilst looking like a regular business owner, he also tends to deal with the shadier sides of town. When you need to move some goods, deal some EXP, or maybe pull off a heist then Torellow is your man.

    Then, working for Torellow we have Apsaras, an elven songstress bard.
    Apsaras usually runs the entertainment front for the GT, and tends to act as a public figure for the club. Her voice and looks allow her to charm her way, or the club, out of immediate danger. She can usually be found with her bodyguard, Bushu (coming soon!)

    Like the last lot, my good friend StarTsurugi  (on twitter) done the base drawings,  so if you like them the designs are his, I then clean em up and colour them.

    (These are in the mod link in the first post, that includes all the tiles and they'll continue to be added there)

    "This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
  • With Apsaras and Torellow running the GT club, they of course need some security. That comes in the way of Bushu! 

    Starting his life as a slave, Apsaras acquired the black boar very early on in his life as a porc. For the longest time her served as a personal body guard, but now he is much more than that to her. Its not clear just how deep their relationship goes, but the two are near inseparable. It's been said that causing any harm or distress to Apsaras makes Bushu incredibly angry, and he usually wont refrain from hitting back twice as hard.

    -Initial design by StarTsurugi and cleaned up/coloured by me. 
    -Updated mod in first post includes Bushu now!

    "This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
    (will be starting Harkgrey, a kobold Bandito barkeep this evening, should be done by Saturday)
  • Slightly ahead of schedule with this one, but here is the last member of GT: Elmvens Harkgrey. 
    Harkgrey was never one for magic, instead he opts to keep his bar civilised through the good ol' threat of gunpowder and lead. Instead of amplifying shot through the use of spells, instead this Kobold opts for larger powder charges and heavier shot. Its not unusual to see a foot or two of flame accompany a blast from the barrel of his Blunderbuss from the excess powder. Firearms aside, Harkgrey can usually be found just cleaning glasses, chilling, and maybe shilling some EXP on the side.

    -Initial design by StarTsurugi, inspired by bandito class card
    -Updated mod in top post now includes Harkgrey!

    "This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
  • A new addition joins the collection! Introducing Nyx Nocturne, the spell thief! 

    Nyx is a spell thief who fled the higher classes when he was younger, opting to join the The Majestic Gobbins Travelling Circus of Illustrious Illusions as part of the Flying Panthers trapeze and acrobatics troupe. The elven troupe consisting of Samson Silvestris the Lion, Xbalanque Xero the Jaguar, Libra Leodagan the Leopard and Nyx Nyctores as the Tiger.

    -The art, and main colour palette was created by StarTsurugi, then, as usual I cleaned it up, re-balanced some of the colouring.
    -Mod updated to include Nyx
    Super happy with this one, and look forward to Star running Nyx in our upcoming GPO campaign.
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