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If you won the next DD, what would your Avatar be?

With the new avatars both @TaeyRurj and @Caprikel have received, this got me thinking of my own Avatar if I became a Divine Decider. I know that my Avatar would be a cool looking Gobolf, but that's all I know currently.

So, what would your guys Avatars be if you won and joined the Ranks of the other Old Gods?


  • No secrets.
  • Probably something that resembles my discord avatar, which resembles my first character I've ever made, so it's kinda close to my heart.
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    I have a half finished idea for what my avatar would be. A younger male elf, with super long white hair, and beard long enough to touch the floor. A super long red robe. And the runscape osrs rainbow boots. Sweat pants, and a black t-shirt with :rawb:  on it.
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    Perhaps a Kobold dressed in a waistcoat and long hair, to simulate the look of the old "Jethro Tull" logo, which is a band I hold fairly closely to me right now.
  • Okay, not even kidding. I'd actually ask if I can use this generic feminine kobold avatar. And no one else can have it! I love this icon so much. I use it everywhere, not just here. It represents me.
  • I really don't have much of an idea atm, I'd probably go with a kobold or an elf, but even that's uncertain. I suppose if the unbelievable odds happen, I'll think of something.
  • Probably see if I can just have Albert the Monkeyfish as an  avatar. Then once Rob says no to that I'll just try and bribe it out of him. Then once I find out that I don't have that much money I'd have to think on it but either something like really stupid and the avatar equivalent of a shit post or like a badass dwarf.
  • I'm not sure, depends on what Rob says about the creation process. I might go for my first ever Urealms character, I like her, or I might decide to just go with something completely new since I've already done art of her myself.
  • I use a corgi for most of my avatars, so maybe a kobold with corgi coloration? That would be pretty neat. 
  • nothing but nets of fire and arcane magic slime all in the pattern of a sword with a spectral form of a faceless being
  • Another idea I had was a male albino blood snake queen. With a snake beard.
  • I have an ageless porcish pirate that successfully hosted a mutiny against an ageless dark knight captain that I'm fond of. I think I'd have one made off him.
  • I use to have a character on Lords that I would like to bring to the Urealms world. Dwarven Paladin Fisherman
  • A Keen Spellslinger would be awesome for me
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  • I go by BearyO's on literally everything else, wish I could change my name on this, but w/e. So mine would be a high bear with a party hat on making a silly face.
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    I love beenu, I love dragons
    So a whelping covered in feather and will be checkered black and white, based on most of my icons I have on other web cites
  • @Maris what if you got a unique version of it. Like one that is in a different pose or something? 
  • I am not entirely sure, but I would want to have one that is kinda like Sixlona's male fluffbold. 
  • I'd love to have a Beenu Scientist Avatar.
  • @Lucius_E Yeah, that's what I was thinking since this current pose is kinda silly. I guess that could be special. I like this current kobold so I think seeing it in a different fashion could be a very cool way of having it look intimidating or whatever I go for (I still have enough hope to not reveal my character yet) while still looking like this. I'd probably also ask for a different background to stand out as well, but for now, just know I will always be generic feminine kobold! *Puts hand to sky*
  • @Maris You can look at @Caprikel and @TaeyRurj 's avatars to see the background DD winners get for their avatars. It's red.
  • Oh yeah that's pretty cool.
  • ( @ParagonPear )
    Now I can't get the picture of a beenu in a lab coat wearing goggles,  :) thanks m8
  • @WritingWyvern ; No Problem!  :3  I always imagine them either in the middle of an experiment, or the classic singed face after an explosion look.
  • Mermaid. Not megan, in case you were wondering, but a mermaid.
  • I'd like something similar to the male sandbold avatar but it has him polishing an empty glass and looking kinda like a bartender.
  • Honesty can't decide between a jester avatar similar to what my normal discord(lol just remembered it's currently not that but still love the avatar) avatar is or one of my favorite character, Fritz the Blackboar.
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    My internet/minecraft main/discord avatar.
  • honestly..i am in a major debate. Part of me would like Chromy Woodcog, or Mora Silversmelt, 2 of my CURRENT Urealms chars, who also exist within a DnD world...While Chromy is reminiscent of Chromy of WorldOfWarcraft fame, while being a Lumberjack with a ramster companion, i am not super sure how to customize her to fit the ideas i had for her more (in normal urealms, used the Gnome female tile for her the one time shes existed yet), but as her fate in the game she was created in has left her to be forever forgotten, part of me likes the idea of her becoming an important character in another world.
    Mora, on the other hand, is a Dwelf Runemaster/Dreamweaver, and, in a way, in Urealms, is kinda MY version of Nader: a Character who serves as the storyteller for my games, and is named for a town from my first campaign that has far more importance to my plots in the future, On the Surface: shes probly similar to Davy Dave Daverson: an author, who's shares storyies...but where these stories comes her dreams..her dream of other parts of the realm and even other dimensions, and, as part of her coping, she publicly is an author, but behind the scenes, does what she can to help defend the world from Chaos and evil (including having some Belevers she uses), trying to cope with vision of many worlds, even outside the meta. I would fear if I introduced her, not only would that possibly make my OWN stories canon to the official universe (a goal I strive for in creating my games to fit in), what she knows, may end up as either a pawn or rival or threat to the master of arcane and Hater of meta-knowledge, Quintara Lotus (and an an admirer of her as an Old God, i would hate to anger her). 
    My last option is a character I have yet to introduce to urealms, and another OC of mine from Dnd, Enaj. In the original story, she was hired by a powerful sorcerer to help create a magic weapon, and she with her team, fulfilled their plans...only for in the final session of her story, one that ties into the story of the other 2 chars i mentioned, she ended up being transformed into a magical sword, that was proceeded to get used by the powerful sorcerer before he lost her for millions of years..and when she was finally found, she no longer was even reminiscent of who she once was, now a pawn of the DM who used her under his villain for many evil things...including KILLING the gods. Now, in Urealms, I was considering recreating her as a possible ally of another character i created, but perhaps, if it fit within the ACTUAL CANONICAL Urealms as I became a Old God who actually makes a DD, her story may become something even more..terrifying....She would still be an Elf, with a Lethal-arm sword and several 'transmution'-like spells (considering in DnD she was a Transmutation-specialization Wizard mostly) like Polymorph, a Transmogifier, and possibly even have a Ytt companion.And if I, as her old god, can give her that life that she initially was looking for....not being transformed into a weapon that lost her identity, and, dispite her power, being turned into basically a tool by creatures greater then her...but intead an important character in an even bigger universe who can be the hero she was always meant to be
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