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Hugs and Kindness Thread

For no particular reason besides I felt a bit down when people were almost getting hostile over the protect vs. attack donations today, and apparently Divine Decision winners are getting harassed for their choice. 

Say happy things to people here, or just to everyone! :smilebold: Okay maybe this thread is pointless but-

@Laito (I totally messed these @s up) Yo the divine decision couldn't have gone better today. Even though I definitely voted for Roamin that twist because of how you voted was amazing.
@Caprikel All that buildup with the numbers and stuff worked out very well and now I'm scared of the old gods' doing stuff. I'm SO absolutely jealous of you and that icon. Like seriously, I would KILL for that.
@TaeyRurj I love you.
@Rein Okay I have no idea who you are, we've never talked but I have a weird feeling as if someone's whispering in my ear that I need to tell you I think you're a great person!
@KingedYou You're always there and cool.
@KaeawynShifter You're nice to talk to and a good person.

This list could go on and on but I'll just cut it short for now.
Please put hugs and kindness below and I definitely am not drowsy right now while typing this!

Six is a meme stream.                


  • @Maris
    im glad you included me but I’ll go now because no spoilers plox
  • Everyone involved in this community in any way is awesome and deserves a hug if they would like one.
  • This a community I greatly care for, to see so many people brought together by a work that does something so unique and clever with it's medium makes me feel incredibly fortunate to have come across this place. Kindness is something that certainly lacks in places but I must say there's a sizable amount here! Though in heated moments it's easy to fall into a state of spite, I'm sure everyone here has the willpower to respect one another. This thread proves that even if others do get aggressive there are kind hearted people in the community to strike an equilibrium.
  • I agree. Opinions around here can get a bit... intense...
    But this is such a great community. Everyone here shares the same love for this show and I think we can all agree that no matter what choices are made or what people do here, Urealms is still amazing. 
    Now everybody gather around for hugs, I don't have flexible limbs so you're gonna have to get close.
    Giving all the hugs to my fellow internet nerds.
  • This community has its flaws, sure, as does every fanbase. However, at the end of the day, most of us want to Protect each other. I think the show has some great examples, think of The Murder Bro outcome and the Protect choice. The majority of us choose to save our cast much like we chose to save each other. This place is crazy, intense and downright scary. I mean, Snarky taught herself a fictional language just to translate a few pages from a made-up book, there are lemons that should be burned to ashes and there are contests and bets held by random people just to determine the outcomes of a show or best boy (Galen clearly). In any case, I have found a rather unorthodox home in this small pocket of the internet that my friends all hate because I talk about it so much and that my parents also hate because I become a recluse in my room for a longer period than normal... 

    So, uh, ya (that is really a high school ending right there) I love all of you internet weebs no matter how odd I/you am/are and I am very sorry for making the poetry/in 4 words trend happen... :heart: 
  • Did anyone else nearly die of laughter at that part with Milbee's character being both the investigator and lawyer for that old lady? That part made me very happy.
  • @ShadowPoow hah, you bringing that up reminds me of the time I made a "Describe the 'Describe these "in 4 word" threads in 4 words." in 4 words" back when the oddest things were on the forums.
  • edited March 2018
    @Caprikel ;That part was great. I really liked Millbee's character this week.
  • @Galeden I loved my inspiration of a trend. I can never amount to more than I did a year ago.  :D
  • @Maris *hug*  thank you you sweetie
  • @Maris
    Thank you. However:
    "and apparently Divine Decision winners are getting harassed for their choice."

    If this concerns me, it was just chat stuff and people saying "Nooooo Laito you monster" or something. Pretty typical stuff. I was making light of it with friends and think it got taken a bit more seriously than intended.

    There's no need to worry, I'm not being harassed. Was just amused by it since I think this is the first DD that had a big number upset (might be wrong on that, idk).
  • I've got along with nearly everyone I've met through URealms. I hope Rob is proud of what a great place he's made for all his fans to interact and make friends. If I'm not your friend yet, go ahead and PM me and I'll start being your friend now! I love everyone in this community. Hugs for all my fellow internet outcasts! <3
  • @Laito Yeah, good to know. I just heard some bad things were happening, but it's not like this divine decision was as game-changing as some others have been. Probably overreacting. Good to know things are good!

    @TaeyRurj Oh my gawwwwwwwd that icon is awesome too! I'm just a fangirl at this point. *hug enthusiastically* 
    ehem Anyway - Ya. You're really special.
  • I loved all the lawyering this campaign. It reminded me of Phoenix Wright in a way. 
  • Happy things! Positives! Slightly depressing positives!
    People are great!
    I love how the divine decisions have gone so far, I feel like this is probably the most interesting outcome urealms could've gone but rawb probably had something of equal interest waiting
  • I'm not the most talkative person and mostly lurk (in part because I saw what some people were saying about the people who donated for Phanto and yeeesh, you kill one sun dragon.... lol), and sometimes live chat has a bunch of turds in, but this community is full of good beans and you are lovely people. I'd give you all hugs but my arms are not anywhere near big enough so -- *paps heads*

    This show was super good, and the DD lead to a good twist and I'm really excited about what comes next. Also those Chosen avatars are the neatest things I've seen in a while. Everything is good!
  • I love this community and anyone in it!
    Our great Overlord Rob makes great content for all of us to enjoy and I see so much positivity from the whole community that the slight negativity that can sometimes arise is quickly swallowed up whole by a tsunami of Love like this one! 
  • Love the kobolds, love them in the eye
    Love the Kobolds, love them til' they cry
  • You just made me feel like such a big deal and you made my day thank you!
  • everybody deserves hugs and kindness
  • ( @bl1ndn3rd )
    100% agree 
    99% agree
    77% agree 

    Hugs and kindness all the way
    50% agree
    okay 25% agree
    death to the non believers!!!  >_<

  • canurc
    (This little cute was made by Sixelona)

    Yay kindness and happiness! <3

  • (This little cute was also made by Sixelona)
    After watching chat yesterday I needed a thread like this! :heart: (What do you mean i'm copying Goose?)
  • Seriously felt the need to bump this to get this out.

    Since Rawb (Not gonna @ you, I'm sure that's annoying) has been down about Radical Heights unfairly being killed because of toxic people who hate it for no reason, I thought it was a good time for a reminder on how much I love the Urealms community we have here. :smilebold: 

    The nice group here and friends I have made through Urealms has helped me in so many ways that I don't think I could ever have in real life due to personal things, and I guarantee others have felt this way as well. I would rather slice my gums, cut off my fucking limbs, and move to Quebec (Haha) than see these forums end up the same way the internet has destroyed so many other good things for no reason.

    I swear to kallisto every negative thing on these forums I have been able to shrug off, and the energy from Rob made me whelmingly confident that he would never let this go. I love all of you. I was about to @ every single person I've ever interacted with on these forums but that may get spammy, so just lots of hearts and hugs to ALL of you. You deserve it. :heart: 

    There's so many things I want to say but I can't contain myself enough to express how wonderful this place is. I wanna individually tell all of you how great and supportive you are and thank you need to realize what you have here. I've met so many lovely people through Urealms. I'm in love with all of you.

    Anyway, I better close this out quick. Sorry for bumping old threads and going on a rant. With a lot of things being canceled lately I felt I needed to take a step back to appreciate what I have here. :smilebold: 

    Radical Heights graphics weren't even that bad.
  • <3 <3 <3
    Ranting about all the love for the forums is not something to say sorry for.

  • :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    slicing of gums or cutting off limbs isn't dark at all. :smilebold:
  • @Fera Teehee. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:  Quebec was still the worst part.
  • @Maris
    Thank ya Maris! You're right this community is great and I'd slice up my gums cut off my limbs move to Quebec AAAAAND sacrifice my first born child for it!
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  • Thank you for these good times, Rawb, if you ever see this. Not much more to say, just thanks. :heart:
    I make a lot of furry jokes that may get a bit obnoxious sometimes, but just wanted to say thanks.
    I met my GF and so many of my closest friends through these forums. I'm sad there's going to be a break, but at the same time, I'd rather appreciate the things that went well. So thanks.
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