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Quick Question.

Does anybody else feel like they've made too many characters on the website? I have so many but barely anything to use most of them in. Is this normal or am I alone here?


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    It's certainly a fun activity, so many possible combinations it's just fun to sit down and see what you can make. You're fine to enjoy whatever you want regardless if others share that pastime.
  • I mean look at URealms the show. We literally have a world of hundreds of unique characters because we basically almost always make 4+ a show. Man we made like 10ish characters this week.

    If you got so many of your own characters man, maybe its time to open up a google doc and build a world around em. When you make tons of characters and little stories for each of them, you basically create an entire campaign world to DM if you ever wanna try doing that. When you have a village worth of characters created, you can create those cool type of campaigns with no purpose other then exploring your worlds. I wish we could do some campaigns like that in the show, but I just enjoy structure too much to keep the show flowing nicely, in private though I enjoy campaigns where there is no major objective and we get to explore explore explore.
  • And I see you went with a treasure build for Kone, hah those are a blast to get creative with in combat or interaction based scenarios.
  • I have other characters as well in a google doc, but those on my profile are all some of my more recent ones. I always make a theme around each character or something special they can do to make them stand out. And maybe I will make my own world around them, it sounds pretty fun.
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