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Notable Forum Members

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Hey guys so this is a thread for the people on these forums who have made a large impact, are known by all for what they have done, and have been given cool titles! (comment if I miss anyone important)
@Snarky -The Porn Elf
@Caprikel -Voice Of The Old Gods
@Astora -The Power Scaler
@Timedagger100 -The Meme Lord
@Flavor_Town_Reloaded -Originator Of Memes
@PoppyrusRose -Everyone's Date
@TaeyRurj -Gwyneth's Killer
@Angoman -The Great Thinker (kolbold dick thread)
@FriskyBrisky -The Uforums GM
@Sgtslow -The Origin of Facts
@Gushy48 -The One True GM
@Kingedyou -The Shipper
@Dragonskull -The First Knight Of Scratamantalis 
@VictorSchal -Founder Of The Cult Of The Woven
@IronClark -The Wiki Guy


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