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Gwenyth site portrait differences from past art

Almost all of the site portraits are faithful to the original character designs and art we had of them, but Gwenyth is out of place because she looks almost nothing like the previous art we had of her? Dont get me wrong it doesnt look bad, she just looks a lot more masculine and far less round-of-face than any of the art we've had of her before. Honestly I didnt even realize it was Gwenyth at first.
Again Im not saying this to be mean, the artist did an amazing job on all the portraits, it just genuinely struck me as odd how different it was from the original art. Was it a purposeful design change? Or just something that changed with the artist change? Does anyone else think any of the other icons are out of place for similar or other reasons?

(Honestly I feel a little bad even asking this because I feel like no matter how I word it I'm still being too harsh, but Im genuinely curious why the difference, even if it's just "Yeah that's how I decided to draw her")


  • Well she is one of our classic characters and to be honest she is a face of the show, and they would want her since she is so reoccurring, to fit in with the rest of the character art. I feel you, it's been a bumpy road for her in terms of her art style.
  • She's been through a lot. Like, a lot.
  • I was wondering the same thing to be honest! Art is great but I do miss the more rounded face. Ah well. Love her anyway
  • I have a theory that easily explains her changes:

    Back during the Silvermine collapse Gwyneth died to a boulder as she was escaping.
    At the same time a sunsword guard named Garbo was on the run as well. Garbo was a man who loved the Sunsword family unconditionally and he wanted to be more than just a faithful retainer, but his humble birth was always in the way of his dreams... until now. As he was escaping the prison complex he came upon the dying Gwyneth. He tried to help her but her injuries were so severe, no magic could save her. Standing there he remembered he had multiple spellscrolls confiscated from prisoners and one of them was a Disguise scroll.
    "At last." He thought.
    His destiny was clear as the Light. He will take up the mantle of Gwyneth Sunsword and saves the realm from the evil that did this to her and her family.
    Garbo rolled. Luck was on his side for the first time in his life and he was Garbo no more.
    He promised vengeance for the dying Sunsword and left. While hoofing it his leg was caught by a rogue builder and fell to the ground. Lying in a pool of blood he saw his dreams fading away like breath on a cold night.
    "All this for nothing?" He said with a sorrowful tone.
    Suddenly, a shape of light penetrated the darkness. It was covered in hair and smelled like sweet funk piss, but it was still a radiant sight none the less.
    "The Light?" He muttered.
    "Close enough," Kallark said with an amused tone, "I'll get you out of here, Gwyneth."
    "She is...," He hesitated, "...I am safe."
    And so begins the tale of Garbo Sunsword.

    But hey, that's just a theory. A GAYM theory. *cue fart noises*
  • Here's a side by side comparison of what I believe are all her different art styles (in no particular order). I have to say she has changed a lot since Season 1 Campaign 1. Also please let me know if I missed any of her art styles.
  • The new design resembles Graves' original design more than Radioaktiv's, so in a way it is a return to its roots. People may be more used to seeing the fourth from the left because it used to be the "canon" character art for so long. @tak4n
  • @tak4n Well all of these are between four artist, the first and the middle by Nick, the second by Meg, the fourth by Radio, and the last by Six. All four have their own unique style, but I personally don't see much difference in the core of Gwyneth's features. I understand if you didn't recognize her in her most recent depiction, or if you prefer a certain interpretation of her character design over another. That's just fine and you are free to interpret/imagine how she looks however you want. But I'll say don't take it too seriously or get too attached to a specific style. Things change and the artists are playing a game of art telephone to some degree. It happens :)
  • @Noubi new headcanon, thank you for this
  • I actually really like this new version of Gwyneth! It's got the amount of harshness I'd expect from, as well as a lack of soft-feminity. 
    I really like the Meganzoor version, too, but for different reasons.
  • edited May 2017
    When I drew the latest version of Gwenyth, I based her off Nick's art. Also I had been informed she would probably look a little more tough. She is a warrior and has been through a lot, seen a lot. She lost a child. I saw her as looking more fierce over the years.

    Rob also told me elves are longer, lithe in shape. I try to differentiate elves and gnomes by making elves longer, their faces thinner, while gnomes look more cherubic, like young elves.

    I hope this clears things up :) I understand there was definitely a change and did my best to make Gwenyth look like, well, Gwenyth by using a mix of Nick and K's art!
  • Rob originally based Gwenyth on Kuvira from Legend of Korra.
    So I think it's fine.
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