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The Sallazhar Sintour becoming Sintour Sallazhar theory. And other Crazy Theories.

The original discussion occurred on this thread however I have created a new one to discuss this specific theory with the community. If you'd like to read more in depth about this please go to the thread linked above. 

The first part of this post is just a recap of events. For the theory of Sallazhar becoming Sintour skip to the section labeled Theory.

Sintour Sallazhar it all started with this post on the home page of the forums.

Which left us all wondering about the mysterious Sintour Sallazhar completely clueless up until this Monday when the donations for the Mana Arc campaign were revealed and we saw this special donation:

Introducing us to the wonderful Sallazhar Sintour M A S T E R  A R T  T H I E F. Which in it of itself would be an interesting and cool easter egg. HOWEVER about two weeks before we saw this donation Sintour had made another post to the front page...

Now considering we're meeting Sallazhar this campaign and it specifically said we'd be meeting Sintour soon and because come on they share the same hecking name but the first name and last name are switched it safe to assume this is the same Sallazhar. What even double confirms this is what @kreeperkiller63 said in the original thread. Stating that Sallazhar cannot wait for the day we wear his face. The donation event that introduces us to Sallazhar has An avatar attatched to it which is granted to anyone who donated to it. An avatar of Sallazhar's face. Now for the theory...


It's not a leap in logic that assuming Sintour Sallazhar and Sallazhar Sintour is the same person, they would join the Order of Chaos in order to communicate with us. Now how does he get to this point and what repercussions might it have? Well let's just say the Sallazhar Sintour we'll be meeting in The Mana Arc will at one point in a future campaign realize he is a character in a story like Maelstrom HOWEVER I believe not only will he find that out but he will also find out that he's not even an original character to this universe and that he comes from Rob let's play of Divinity Original SIN 2 (That Original Sin part is important to an even more outlandish theory I'll discuss at the end.) so in order to differentiate himself from that Sallazhar Sintour he decides to rename himself to Sintour Sallazhar giving himself his own sense of identity since he not only is in a different game but from that point forward he becomes a different character than what he was inspired about. Now let's talk about a crazy tinfoil hat meta conspiracy theory that is half a joke and half speculation....

Crazy Tinfoil Hat Theory:

OKAY SO REMEMBER THAT ORIGINAL SIN THING I TOLD YOU TO REMEMBER LIKE 3 SENTENCES AGO? WELL BUCKLE UP FUCKO TIME TO GO ON A CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORY. Alright alright alright, let's assume my previous theory is 100% correct. This would be the first time we ever watch a character not only find out he's in a show but that he's originally FROM another show. (Something something we didn't watch Maelstrom discover this something something) do you get it now it's the Divinity Original Sin 2. Than from this point Sintour may be able to go to Maelstrom and be like, "Yo dog you're from a cartoon." in which Maelstrom would be like, "Yo dog I'm a kobold not a dog and I'm not a kobold I'm a dragon but that's hecking crazy man." Alright and now this is where this shit get's cloud people level crazy alright. You know how Rob said he wanted to start streaming and let's playing more? Wellllll what if one of the reasons (one of the smaller reasons most likely) he wants to do this is in order to create more whacky characters through roleplaying his games like he normally does, I.E. Sallazhar Sintour or Bipen from Pkmnrob. In which case he can take any characters he finds interesting and pop those boys into URealms and eventually have them find out they are in a show and that they're not even original to the show thus creating more people like Sintour Sallazhar. BOOM CRAZY THEORY

Now Please discuss....


  • One thing a thought about is sintour sallazher, and sallazher sintour are both the correct way of saying his name. They are both the same person, and the same name.
  • I don't know if this really affects your theory, but Sintour Sallazhar was introduced first in the Blood Tears Recap, before Sallazhar Sintour in Divinity Original Sin 2, so technically, Sallazhar Sintour is inspired by the Urealms one...
  • @Dalard Well the first appearence of the name Sintour Sallazhar is Spetember 5th (That I could find) and 2 weeks later Rob just so happened to stream a let's play of a game, which is the first time he did that in months (Minus drunk hunt which I don't consider a Let's Play), and he just so happened to make a character named Sallazar Sintour. I feel if anything that strengthens the theory.
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    Well, in that case, Sallazhar Sintour could be..
    Also, I thought I was the only one to actually subscribe to this theory and jump headass-first into the Urealms Meta Pit, but I guess I was wrong ~_~
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this. It doesn't sound too outlandish a theory. Almost wish there was a specific speculation/theory crafting section of the fourms. I quite like arm chair musings.
  • Actually, the painting might be the crux of it. The donation event talks about forgeries, right? And Sallazhar talks about traveling through paintings. The donation event also says that the game he plays will be with the "Players and Fans," implying that the spotting forgeries will require meta-level knowledge. What if, bear with me here...Sallazhar Sintour and SIntour Sallazhar are the same person, but the order in which he puts his name depends on which 'side' of the paintings he's on? When he's on our side, the meta, 'real world' side, he calls himself Sintour Sallazhar. But when in URealms, in the 'fake world,' he's Sallazhar Sintour.
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    @Arkanite What form would he even take on 'our' side? Just..text?
    My shin hurts from thinking about it.
  • I really like this theory, I'd love to see characters from Rob's other series enter Urealms. The only thing I see that's probably wrong (it's really small) is the Urealms forums being a "grand hall". Sintour says that he looks forward to the days we wear his face, in our grand hauls. Hauls are typically what you'd say after you steal or take something. Like if you pull a heist and get a lot of money, you'd say "We got a great haul". Considering Sintour is an art thief, I guess it implies it means we'll steal paintings? I guess? We still need more information

    Or you know Rob- I mean Sintour- misspelled halls. 
  • @Henraye I mean, he also says
    "Your haul this week was grand indeed Old Gods."
    so I think the whole 'hall' thing is rendered moot.
  • @Henraye ;
    Why thank you! And you are 100% right I can't believe I confused the two spellings. I removed it on the post above, nice catch.

    Oh dang I actually like that more I think you might be on to something there.
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    So if he refers to himself as sintour sallazhar he is letting us know that we can communicate with him. 

    If he calls himself sallazhar sintour then he is playing the character. As if we're not real

    Or he had multiple personality disorder. 
  • I still think he just had to come up with a second false identity at some point and was an idiot. :evilsmile: 
  • @Maris
    Well, he is the most famous art theif in all the land
  • @PoppyrusRose Maybe it's that he's only able to see our meta-world via the profile images, but only able to hear things when typed out in text. As in, his updates about the Blood Tears are him simply speaking to us, unable to know whether we heard him or not. But once we "wear his face," he will be able to see through our eyes what we Old Gods are up to, and anything we type in the forums while using his avatar he will speak without controlling his own words. It'd certainly match up with those last two lines from every Blood Tear update.
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