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Story Time Part 8

I did it! I hope you enjoy! Second to last part for story time! Things came up, but that’s no excuse for posting this late. I hope the few of you who like this enjoy! Next part still in the works, well just need to revise, so I should upload it after this campaign. Thanks for being patient. :heart: 

                   Rebels With A Cause

“Look Xomubs. I'm not doubting you, it's just that I was a guard here in Jaringa, and I could've sworn that the vault would be on the left ten minutes ago.” Maws says walking through the sewer, glad she wore boots, and her owl Vindicator glad they can rest on her shoulder.

“Trust me. If you wanna get through the back, you go here.” Xomubs says walking happily through the sewers.

“Besides. This can be a bonding exercise for us!” Gizridge says holding his skeleton companion’s skull that keeps trying to catch up with him.

“I ain't much of a bonding type… unless it's with Charlez. That hunk.” Suzy says under her breath.

“Speaking of. Isn't Charlez worried about you?” Maws says.

“Yeah, he was at first… but the big guy knows I can handle myself.” Suzy says chuckling.

“Alright folks. This should be it.” Xomubs says coming up to a large grate.

Suzy creates electrical tethers and rips the grate off by pulling the tethers.

“We're in.” Suzy says as if it's easy money.

The others eagerly follow. They are greeted by beams up in the rafters. When they look down they see guards patrolling the dimly lit halls with torches, and some using a small flare spell to illuminate as well.

“Alright. We travel on the rafters until we find a attic storage room. One of the boxes there covers a tunnel that leads back to the vault.” Xomubs says as it's easy money.

Maws and her owl Vindicator look at each other. The owl flaps its wings and a huge gust of wind blows everyone and moves them like a levitate spell across the rafters. Maws stretches out her arm, and Vindicator lands.

“Now. Where's this box?” Maws says as if it's easy money.

Xomubs moves the box and a tunnel that's very dark is revealed.

“Here. Follow me. I got sunglasses.” Gizridge says going first… almost as if… it's easy money.

They all hold hands so they don't get separated, and once they reach the exit they all fall 20 feet down to the ground in a dog pile, and Vindicator landing gracefully right on top.

“Forgot to say. Make sure you watch the drop!” Xomubs says from the opening as she drops down on her feet, and the others get up from their dog pile. 

Following their plan, Vindicator flaps it's wings causing all the gold to go into Gizridge’s sombrero of holding, this does take some time as Vindicator has to rest it's wings a few times. When the last gold pile is sucked up, underneath are four kobolds with magical revolvers.

“Ah shoot! It's the guardians of the gold! Fee, Fii, Fow, and Fum!” Xomubs says shocked.

“Why I auta! Come on boys! The boss needs that gold!” Fow says.

                     Combat Has Started

The four kobolds load up their revolvers with flame shots and arcane shots, then shoot everyone once, then go all in. Maws yodels so loud, that Fee and Fum go deaf, but they're still all in. With her nobleborn blood rushing through her, she yodels three more times, and her last yodel causes Fii and Fow to go deaf. To stop her from doing anymore damage. The four kobolds call a showdown. They all unload a volley of flame shots but Maws dodges all of them and throws her woodcutter's axe and decapitates Fum. Vindicator flaps his wings again and the flying axe goes back like a boomerang into her hands. The kobolds, like the swine that they serve, go all in ahead of time, but don't fire at Maws, being scared of her. The three fire thirteen arcane beam flame shots, killing Gizridge, Xomubs, and even shoot the skeletons head that was in Gizridge’s bag, killing them as well. The last shot goes through Suzy’s heart, making her fall to the ground. Seeing Maws as their last target, Fow shoots a shot at Maws, who again ducks just in the nick of time. Vindicator flaps once more and the revolver Gizridge had flies into Maws’ hand. She shoots a bullet, and the shoots the spell iceblast and freezes Fow. Suzy gets up, as the bullet didn't penetrate from her thane abilities, and slams her shield into Fee, knocking him down. Fii, the last one up, shoots a flame shot at Suzy, actually penetrating the shield. Maws takes the revolver, spins the cylinder, and shoots a pyroblast, killing Fee, Fii, and Fow.

                         Combat Is Over

Maws holsters the revolver in her belt. Vindicator digs through Xomubs’ dead corpse, and takes out a paintbrush, and holds it in it's beak. Maws goes over to Suzy as Vindicator lands on her shoulder.

“Phew. It looked like he shot you good. You're good though right?” Maws says looking at Suzy.

Suzy laughs but the laugh is cut off when she clenches her heart and falls to the ground. Blood going through the leather of her patchwork armor.

“Oh Phanto! Come on Vindicator. We need to bring her back… she's still breathing. Barely.” Maws says lifting Suzy over her shoulder.

She also picks up the sombrero of holding and puts it on, not forgetting all the gold they got.


“Barry. We can’t get into the city. The only entrance is the main gate and that’s locked down for good! We’ve been at it for weeks!” Kegabr the large hobgoblin says laying on his back by the fire.

“That’s quitter talk!” MInci the gnome says sipping a cup of tea while on her bullogre.

“I don’t know ma’am. It seems pretty impossible for me… and I’m a highbear that wields magical revolvers!” BamBam says concerned.

“Don’t listen to them Barry. We’ll save your friends.” Athida says trying to comfort him.

Barry, leaning on a log with his lower half of his body in Athida’s backpack. Flipping his coin while staring into the fire. Starts to doubt his abilities.

“Maybe they’re right. We’ve tried everything. So far we almost die every time. There are too many guards, and they are all too strong. We should just head home. I’d rather live with regret than die a failure that didn’t even make it close.” Barry says catching his bent coin.

“Now you listen here young man. We’re gonna try until we die, because otherwise everyone is gonna die. What kind of man are you? I’m surprised Athida has taken a liken to a coward like you!” Minci says in one breath.

“Miss. There is no way in Vlaurunga’s den, that we will make it past that gate.” Barry says sternly.

“Well. I didn’t want to say nothing, but you haven’t tried the most obvious way yet.” Minci says nonchalantly.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” Barry asks trying to prove a point.


“I am not bribing them. I have no money! The last bribe I did ended terribly!” Barry says in Athida’s backpack as they walk towards the gate.

“Oh luv. We have a fifty fifty chance! Everybody has heard your story about your lucky silver coin!” Athida says smiling.

“Yeah, I got in a submarine race back a few cycles ago when I was a captain!” Barry says thinking about the past.

“Just give it a chance Barry.” BamBam says.

The group walks up to the gate, and Barry pokes his head around Athida. The guards on the wall look down.

“For crying out loud! Mate! This is the fifth time you have tried to fight through this gate! You ain’t getting past!” One of the guards says as the others chuckle.

“We’re not here to fight. I’m here to make a deal. How much to get in?” Barry asks.

“Well. What have you got?” The guard asks intrigued.

“Information on the rebels.” Barry says as he flips his lucky silver coin behind him. He can’t see what it lands on though.

All the guards start whispering amongst themselves. The guard captain silences the others.

“I… accept. I will tell the Professor personally. You will wait within the city, and we will contact you. You will not leave the city once you enter.” The guard says as he motions to a lever.

The gate opens with a loud screeching noise, signifying how much the gate is actually used. The group enters, and it’s not pretty. The streets haven’t been cleaned, dead animals and corpses litter the alleyways and sidewalks, mothers, children, babies crying out, whilst the guards sit upon the wall and watch.

“Best not to stare for long. Take a right Athida” Barry says as he’s fazed the least.

The group follows Barry’s directions, staring at the horrific scenes in front of them, until they reach a bar in a more dirty part of the city.

“Home sweet home. Go on in, they don’t bite.” Barry says looking in the bar.

As the group goin, the bar's occupants are a bit shocked, and give the group dirty looks. A dwarf with a gnome in her backpack, an old lady with a bullogre out front, a huge hobgoblin, and a highbear with revolvers… I mean, they weren’t trying to blend in. Barry motions to the front bar, and Athida takes a bar stool. Barry, leans over and rings a bell. A ruff and tough porc climbs up from underneath the bar.

“Hey Gully.” Barry says sternly.

The porc didn’t notice Barry, but he leans over to see Barry in Athida’s backpack.

“Barry! Whats going on man! Haven’t seen you in a month, your room is still paid in advance so you’re good.” The porc says striking up a conversation.

“Gully, please. Nows not the time. I need information.” Barry says bringing his voice down.

“Things’ve changed here Barry, it’ll be harder to get some information now. Some of my informants are dead now.” Gully says wiping a glass.

“I need information on my friends. I don’t know where they are. They’re either dead or fugitives.” Barry says in a gravelly voice.

Barry takes a few minutes to describe a few of his friends. A kobold magician, a green kobold, etc.

“You mean the rebels? Oh, well… I know where they’re at. I’m their porc if they need any info.” Gully says leaning in.

“Yeah. Look, if I go there, the guards know where I am, so, just tell them I’m alright. I’d relay a message about something I’ve learned, but… it’s too dangerous for them to know. I have to go meet the Doctor.” Barry says stressfully.

“Got it Barry. Least I can do for a friend. Just be safe.” Gully says making a drink.

“Thanks Gully, and I will. Let's go Athida.” Barry says motioning for them to leave.

“Wait Barry! Would you mind?” Gully says pouring a drink.

Barry groans and makes Athida go back. Barry takes the drink Gully prepared and downs it, then the group leaves.  A bunch of people in the bar moan, as they start forking over money to Gully.

“Thanks pal!” Gully says counting his gold.

When they leave the bar four goblins follow them out.

“I think we hit the jackpot boys. Let's get ourselves a bounty!” One of the goblins says while preparing a spell.

“We got this far, we ain't losing to dipsticks like you!” Barry says flintlock and sword out.

               Combat Has Started

One goblin sends out two funks that spray BamBam and Kegabr, making them hallucinate. Another goblin reaches into a top hat and casts a dream bolt that hits Minci and her bullogre, and their skin melts off, and they fall to the ground as bones with acid on them.

“Son of a. Looks like it's me and you Barry!” Athida says determined as ever.

“Then let's not keep them waiting!” Barry says losding his flintlock.

Barry takes out a orange gun that looks like a squirt gun, aims it at a goblin, and wires shoot out, and stick into the goblins skin. The goblin proceeds to punch himself in the gut. Athida goes to shoot an arrow but she slips and falls, having Barry fall out of her backpack. The goblin with the hat ignores the dwarf and gnome that have done nothing so far that they notice, and shoots another dream bolt at Kegabr, causing him to hallucinate even more than he was. Barry tries to move over to grab his flintlock, and manages to hit one of the goblins. Athida shoots one powerful arrow and three arrows in quick succession, killing one of the goblins. BamBam manages to snap out of the funk induced hallucinations, and showdown time! BamBam goes to shoot his revolvers, but misses and is shot with a flare spell. The goblins again shoot a massive dream bolt at Kegabr, who is screaming in horror from the dreams and hallucinations he is suffering, until he just punched himself to death, ending the pain. BamBam looks at the three goblins, and it's high noon. He shoots the three goblins, and head shots one, the bullet going right between the eyes. Athida picks up Barry, and puts her backpack on, while Barry shoots another goblin right in the throat, gagging on blood as he falls to the ground. The last goblin makes a run for it but BamBam shoots him in the back, then blows the smoke from the barrel of his gun and holsters them.

                    Combat Is Over

“Should've know this was going to happen. It's been so long since we've fought... we were rusty. Didn't stand a chance.” BamBam says looking at Minci’s and Kegabr’s bodies.

He walks over to Kegabr, and takes his bronze axe, to remember him. Athida goes to Minci and takes a pocket mirror off her.

“Now what?” Athida says looking at herself in the mirror.

“We wait. We stand strong, we fight together.” Barry says looking over the scene before him.


“How is she Jerry? Will she make it?” Charlez says hands clasped together.

“Yeah. Is my sis gonna live?” Carey says tearing up.

Jerry gets up from the bed where Suzy is laying, bandage over her heart.

“She'll live Charlez. That bullet went straight through her heart. Be glad it wasn't lodged in there. She will heal, but until then, she can't have a fast heart rate. The hole in her heart is still there. If her blood pumps too fast, all the blood will spill out. She won't go on any missions.” Jerry says closing a bag with medical supplies.

Jerry walks out the room to leave Charlez, Carey and Suzy.


“We are ready to strike at the town hall. Though we should take one precaution before we attack. The town hall is a trap. The layout has changed dramatically. We will get lost before we come close to the Doctor. Gully, our contact, has come to the conclusion that a floor plan for the town hall is stored in the guards barracks. Any takers?” Dyn says to the fugitives while she rocks her baby as it sleeps.

“Humph. I shall go. I've been cooped up here for too long.” Maude says getting on her feet.

“Same here. Time to do something.” Moon says polishing her armor.

“Me and Charlez don't want to stay here and watch Suzy in pain. We’ll go.” Carey says with Charlez and his elemech behind her.

“Some people should stay here in case we get attacked… good luck.” Jerry says to the brave men and women… and robot, and bear... as they walk out and the rest stay to keep watch.


“Say Moon. You were a guard here right?” Carey asks as they sneak through the alleyways of Jaringa.

“I was. Leader of Quebec squad. Only me and Maws now… well, her owl is an honorary member but we're all that's left is what I'm saying. Was a colonel too.” Moon says peeking over a corner to see if the coast is clear.

“Why quit? Guard duty, is honourable, yes?” Maude says trying not to stomp around as much.

“You all should know. Didn't exactly choose to quit. I thought it was suspicious Ogriv called in an entire group to take care of two kobolds. It was weird. The closest place here that has dangerous kobolds are the Silverflats, and that's not even remotely close. We're on an island.” Moon says as if she's proving a point.

The group reaches the backside of a building.

“Here. This is it. The key hasn't changed in years, I doubt it has now.” Moon says.

Moon inserts a old rusty key into the keyhole and opens the door. When it's opened, Moon is shocked.

“Howdy Colonel Moun.” The sheriff of Jaringa says.

“Sheriff Hsawh! I thought you would be dead!” Moon says surprised.

”What kind name is Hsawh? How a man named Hsawh become sheriff... is dumb.” Maude whispers.

“And I thought you would obey the law.” Sheriff Hsawh says.

“What you're doing, not honorable! You are acting above the law!” Maude says growling.

“Coming from a low bear, I'd have to disagree there partner.” The sheriff says.

“I'd have to disagree with the person serving a corrupt evil leader.” Charlez says taking his two waraxes out.

“Well… I think we should take this outside. I'll get my deputies. I know what you want. It'll be on one of my deputies.” Hsawh says going outside.


Charlez, his elemech, Moon, Carey, and Maude meet outside. The sheriff and three deputies, a gnome, porc, and a dwarf stare down the rebels.

“This city doesn't have room for vigilantes such as yourself, and we don't have any cells open, so it's time to die!” The sheriff says.

“I'll be happy killing corrupt folks such as yourselves.” Moon says.

“Then what are we waiting for? Draw!” The sheriff shouts.

                Combat Has Started

Moon casts a spell making everyone feel incredibly weak and strong at the same time. Carey feels invigorated, casts a huge ice blast, destructive fireball, and eighty arcane missiles, bombarding the gnome with the spells, burning him to a crisp. Carey goes to shoot her bow, but going to pull back the bolt, pokes her eye. Charlez goes to bearserk but just yells and nothing happens. Maude shoots eighty arcane missiles out of her mouth, knocking the porc back. She then goes to shoot a fireball out her mouth, but coughs when she casts, giving her heartburn. The porc goes to cast arcane missiles, but he casts it wrong and eighty more arcane missiles smack into him, burning his skull off. The dwarf also goes to shoot arcane missiles, and shoots eighty arcane missiles at Carey, but with dwelf blood running through her, she negates the eighty arcane missiles, and shoots eighty arcane missiles back at the dwarf. The sheriff goes to aim his flintlock but falls over shooting the gun in the air. Everyone feels the effects of the spell Moon casted wear off. Moon shoots a large blue sunbolt, knocking the sheriff back. Carey shoots seventeen arcane missiles at the dwarf. Charlez goes to cross his axes on the dwarf but misses, throwing his axes accidentally. Maude shoots a blizzard, ice blast and an arcane beam in one large spell, killing the dwarf. Moon walks over to the sheriff and takes his flintlock, a flintlock with a spyglass on it as a scope.

“C’mon Moon! We go way back! Please. Let me go!” The sheriff pleads.

Moon aims the gun at his head.

“I'm not letting a criminal walk away. Goodbye sheriff Hsawh.” Moon says.

Moon pulls the trigger, and the sheriff's brains go all over the street. She digs through his body, finds the floor plans to the town hall, holsters the flintlock, then motions everyone to get going.

                   Combat Is Over


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