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Help for making Custom Cards for custom Monster Hunter Campaign.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone would have some advice for how to both create and balance cards/classes. I am currently designing a campaign that takes place in the Monster Hunter World universe and I am having trouble with implementing some of the weapons like the insect glaive and the switch axe. I also am having trouble with some of the balacing between classes like the lance and gunlance. If anyone has suggestions for how to implement the weapons it would be much appreciated.  


  • Here's a gunlance
    custom card
  • I don’t have many tips.
    youll just get better with balancing the more cards you make.
    I’d go through and make all the cards once, then put those in a doc, then wait a day or two and make all the cards again, and compare the two and make a third set looking at them.
  • First thing I would say is too not make the campaign super difficult. Monster Hunter games arent about minmaxing for everyone and some people just want to look cool, but I would take a look at actual gear and implement that and then look at monster attacks and have those be attacks for enemies.
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