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If you won the next Divine decision, what would you post in the Order of Chaos forum?



  • I would tell them that Gwenith must be saved, and to tell them that the old gods are at war, some wish for them to prosper, some to suffer.
  • "Galen the only way to save your sister is to kill lyn azveltara"
  • That or some other way to create the equivalent of an eleven civil war
  • "Galen the only way to save your sister is to kiss lyn azveltara"
  • ok and you think there is a chance in hell that galin will believe that?
  • Well I don't know but it would be entertaining if it worked.
  • I would send Lunk on an epic quest to gather the sun keys in order to gain the power to defeat a rising evil. He'd gather a party of noteworthy and strong individuals, leading to a multi campaign adventure that would hopefully cultivate in a Kaiju style battle between the Sun dragon Maelstrom and the massive devil-beast Lunk. 
  • i would tell maelstrom to hurry up, and kill all the people on the mana arc.
  • You know what I'd do?

    Well I'd certainly start writing Unbalance again.
    And I'd start posting it.
    In the Order Of Chaos catagory.
    It'd be a lot more narration
    And I'd see if I could make it canon.
  • I would put a bounty on Bopen, telling Maelstrom that if he destroys the Ageless King, I will answer any one question of his. 
  • Make a list of characters with a blurred out title and leave them to think about what the list is.
  • Probably a hit list along with some cryptic poetry. The irony of the hit list is that if they follow it, the last person on it is themselves.  
    I thought about this response for less than a minute, if it was real I'd probably spend a good portion of time figuring out something I consider to be better... something dark. 
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    I'd probably do something stupid like say "hi bitches, it's me, ya boy, animus, and you're probably not going to be ok" or something i dont know, it'd have to do with the divine decision i suppose, but i can't be that ominous like the current two. i'm not one of those who like to watch things suffer, but i love seeing confusion.
  • I wonder how everyone would react if I just posted useless spam, or some kind of chain-letter bullshit:

    "Hello URealms characters, here's a link to some product you don't care about that totally won't do nasty stuff to your computer, have fun!"
    "Hello, fellow Old Gods, if you are reading this you have inflicted a curse on your favorite character. They will die in the next campaign they appear unless you copy this exact message, and post it to 15 other threads. The Order of Chaos will be watching your every move."
  • Just put "I'm sorry."
  • @Maris
    Do a thing like the numbers where you apologize every day.
  • @Maris Same! :D
    Mainly to the sunsword twins, explaining to them that while omnipotents, we aren't omnicsients and that we don't know all of the consequences to our choices.

    Or a message to Rokesh, if he is the opposite of QL, to come out of hiding and bring a little order into this world. (After the living vs. ageless war, why not a DRAGON war ?)
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    Probably try to awaken Yvander. Two aspects isn't running around isn't enough chaos
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    I'd give them fun riddles about future events. Riddles are always fun, with rhymes obviously
  • Post the pictures of that bee race and height chart from the Lore Building streams.
  • @flamingrubys
    I posted what you suggested, with the picture and no text, but it was removed.
  • "Ian Bates is the one you all can blame."
  • "You are a god, unkillable, divine, impossible to defeat in any aspect. From this point on, so it shall be. By my blessing and that of Kallisto, may you ascend at once!"
    I'd like to see what Rawb does with that one.
  • i probably wouldn't actually do this but;

    Give them a surmised copy of an SCP file. let Urelms deal with SCP 173 or something. or maybe make your own pseudo scp-type thing.
  • @Caprikel it got taken down cus copyright XD
  • "Which one of you bitches did that just now!?" Send it to nobody in particular.
  • this: Gunpowder, also called black powder, is a simple mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. The trickiest part of making black powder is sourcing these three supplies. Once you find them, you mix them together and create an explosive black meal. It is very explosive.
  • @Revoltman

    guns already exist in urelms.
  • I would do would be a bit of role-playing to bend a character to our will if there is something that we could leverage. This could be something like I try to drive a character insane using something that they did (ie lyn and Beenus) and then have another old god act as the "savior" to hold me off from their mind on the condition that they follow what the "savior" tells them. This would have the benefit of both punishing the character for what they did in the past and bending them to the will of the old gods.
    I also find that spelling quirk interesting @Grimshade
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