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If you won the next Divine decision, what would you post in the Order of Chaos forum?



  • I'd give someone the recipe for Pizza. Anyone has an Italian/Elvish dictionary to help me? 
  • <---- I'd propose to my waifu
  • I could translate lol @Chingoro
  • @Snarky
    Ahem I could too now!
  • I don't want to spoil it in case I ever do win but lets just say I would probably be doing crazy stuff that would push what Rawb would allow. I would 100% try to convert the order of chaos into followers of Team Phijkchu. Possibly put out an Order of Chaos hit list on characters especially hero ones like Lance, Gwyneth, Rohbear, even Nader.
  • I would post facts that may be true or false 
  • This most recent campaign has certainly opened up my eyes to the potential of the Order of Chaos. I'd try to see if I could get Maelstrom to talk in rhymes again, although I understand that there are constraints when switching from a scripted work to a live medium. Would be a fun nod to see, even for a short period of time.
  • I'd ask everyone the most awkward and random questions possible, like "what's you're favorite kind of bagel?" or "Have you ever looked up at the stars and thought, 'that's a lot of dragons up there'?"
  • I would probably say very little. While it might be funny to just post things that mess with characters, I'd be much more interested in looking over the stretch of the story so far and then inserting just a few little ideas into characters' minds that I think could yield tangible results somewhere down the line. Sowing doubt or encouraging them, seeing if I can make one little thing cause something larger down the line. This is to say, I think that this is an ability that I wouldn't take lightly at all.
  • @Galeden Do it. See what happens.
  • Come to think of it I'd probably project some Jethro Tull songs into a character's head, maybe Yes, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, depends on what characters have a thematic link to the songs.
  • @Rob oh, I thought I could only try if I had won a divine decision. 
  • Did a check after writing something up. Only members of the order of chaos can post, saves the havoc I imagine.
  • @Galeden It seems to me that what Rob is saying is less "You can try right now" to "I really would not want you to do this".

    New idea: What would your Avatar be if you got the DD?

    Mine would be a Gobolf of some kind. I don't know how I'd make him look cool, but I certainly know he'd be a Gobolf. :P
  • @friskyBrisky fair point, tone is difficult to interpret over text.
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    @friskyBrisky you should start a new thread about avatar if you won a DD.
  • I think my entry would be fairly obvious. Its also very fitting that our most devoted Maelstrom happens to be a kobold.
  • @Rob are you implying that our boy Maelstrom wouldn't like it? I thought his entire character is now just a devotee whose existence is meant for the whims and wishes of the old gods; I think he wouldn't mind it. Or perhaps we haven't seen his true nature towards the old gods.
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    I'd basically try and become a Monotheistic deity by painting all the other old gods they hear as 'false-idols' and that they shall try to deceive them and drive them to ruin. If they are to only bask in the glory of my countenance and do only as I say they shall be delivered unto salvation. 
  • I would try to see if I could get the order of chaos in on the big battle between the ageless and living. Or just try to make other interesting crazy things happen. The only thing I would be scared of is the community backlash if I do something "wrong".
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    Ask on the forums for 10 random characters and 25 random words and fill this in, then post this on the order of chaos.

  • @Maris That is evil
  • was thinkking about this earlier after learning the numbers Galen was hearing came from the order of chaos board.

    i'd probably start writing out poems with warnings and prophecy. Subtly hinting that the old gods are fluid and not to be trusted, that some may desire bloodshed and violence, but others desire merely to watch, but are kept in silence.

    things like that i guess.
  • Tell them that the next post on the Order of Chaos is a lie.
  • I would take requests from others 
  • Now I'm thinking I would post one of these two, if the forum roleplay doesn't work out for whatever reason:
    -A Billy Mays style ad for the Steelbeak. Believe me, they have more uses than you might've thought.
    -A story about a valedictorian witch. What many see as her fall from grace is actually her greatest peak in life, as she murders her way to the top of the assassin's ladder with the help of her two loyal sidekicks, Pigshit and Dogshit. (The races are obvious, and the names are from some Asian movie I don't remember the name of.)

    Hmm maybe I just do the roleplay instead.
  • I'd probably try to make an apology. A lot of the choices presented are not 'solutions' but limited. Take the decision this week, and how it played out (I was watching on youtube, I couldn't make it to the stream).  The decision was not if there was a traitor, but simply which one was it? More over, the decision on the Grand Paladin was one of 'which of these two characters'. I would want to convey to these creatures, be they fictional or not, that we are bound in certain ways as well. I'd like to try to share occasionally some friendly things with them, because let's be honest, so far all of those characters are pretty hurt. And angry. With a lot of right to be, in fact. 
    There are a lot of things that I don't fully grasp with the Order, so maybe they know all of this stuff and just don't care. Or maybe they do know this stuff, and care extremely deeply. I'm also pretty worried about what the later curses grow to become. This knowledge seems to break people who receive it. Are they seeking to break down that wall entirely, throwing the whole of their world into that confusion? Lots of questions.
    But basically, I'd try to be gentle with them. But the only way that you could even get to that point, is by being able to participate in a divine decision, and even then that tends to hurt them. Tricky.
  • Apologize for every other Divine Decision except my own.
  • I would tell the kobalds that they still have two wishes left from Thor 

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