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If you won the next Divine decision, what would you post in the Order of Chaos forum?



  • literally this with no text whatsoever 
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    i would send some type of order or command. basically telling them to do something. most likely something they would expect a old god to want them to do. maybe something big and grand something like kill a dragon or build me a city of gold, do this and you will be reworded for your devotion with powers that is out of this world, as a god i want to be worshiped and as such i want them to show their worshiped through action.
  • @flamingrubys ; hahahaahhahaha   I would love to see Nader react to this coming into his home
  • "Recruit more goblins!"
  • I would have Nader gather a group of powerful warriors and order them to overthrow his brothers throne while the army is away fighting Bopen
  • I doubt that Nader is an Active Member of the Order of Chaos.

    He seems more like he is just their Historian.
    Like he doesn't actively do things for them.
    He is just a Record Keeper 
  • I'd write the Song of Dragons and send it to gwenyth, it feels rather lorey and is pretty applicable "advice".
  • I'd post this thread, to make this somehow even more meta.
  • maris that is pure genius

  • @flamingrubys lmao i died laughing at that.

    I'd tell Phineas to leave Bopen crew and start his path to ascension.
  • I'd probably describe our world to them. Perhaps not always truthfully. For example, "I have a rabbit. Imagine a hat rat without magic or a hat. A little stupider. Fluffy with long ears and a short stubby tail. Hopping around instead of walking normally. That is how a rabbit do."
    I would also establish a God above the Old Gods called... Freeman. 
  • Put a wiki page with a lot of important information, but replace every 3rd word with Elvish saying "Every 4th word" and just let whoever sees it go crazy with it.
  • I'd explain the internet to them using only memes.
  • I'd remind them that "it's not racist if it's right" 
  • I would start trying to cast reverso memorino's on the main npc's for the next campaign if i could
  • I'd tell Ida that she has successfuly found her destiny. And it's to seek out the members of the guild of explorers in the realm of holding.
  • Oh god @Caprikel ; what have you done
  • omg he actually did it did he send it to everyone?
  • I would tell the order that Gwenyth Sunsword must live. She cannot fall. 

    Pages translated say she dies, so what happens when an old god tells the order to save her? A sun god and it's followers protecting the new grand paladin? Who knows. Maybe it could beat fate itself.
  • @Caprikel Excellent shitposting, I commend you.
  • @Caprikel ;
    Tell someone to go to the Elven council so we can know if it works
  • @Caprikel what happened? Your post got deleted
  • @Grimshade
    I guess memes are going too far for it.
  • @bl1ndn3rd
    Heh, I just realized your idea would have Maelstrom eat everyone--almost all of Puppet Pals has a blue palette lmao
  • I think you can still meme it, you just gotta make it hot.

    It's confirmed now that Galen has a sin, or at least participated in one.

    Take the picture. Address it to Galen, but make it new. Change the foreign boy to Quintara, or Salazahar. Subtitle it with something funny, but subtly foreboding. Be just, and make it on your behalf alone.

    Do this in time, and we shall feast on the Chaos to come.
  • Tell 2 completely unrelated (and probably don't know each other) characters that their future child is crucial to saving the world and see them scramble.
  • I mainly would spew facts about Canada 
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